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Donation Please – Late Mr. Pushkar Singh’s family – Lucknow

Posted by 498A_Crusader on February 11, 2008

Pushkar SinghPushkar Singh Mother
Life is precious and one cannot bring back Pushkar Singh from dead.
However, we can do our bit to help his family survive this crisis as their only son and the source of their lively hood is taken away. We can save them from the state of near starvation they are found today. Members of Save Family Delhi have conducted a “Shok Sabha” (Mourning Meet) for him on February 10 near his home and have donated about 15,000/- to cover their immediate needs of livelihood.

You can offer your condolences or directly help Late Mr. Pushkar Singh’s family which is in dire financial situation, in any way you see fit. The account details of Mrs. Parvati Devi (Mother of Late Pushkar Singh) are listed below.

A/c No.: 1853000300052904
Bank branch: Punjab National Bank, 80, Indira Nagar, Lucknow.PIN Code: 226021
A/c holder: Parvati Devi, 10/374, Indira nagar, Lucknow.
Shishupal: Pushkar’s elder brother-in-law: 9956831376.
Arjun: Pushkar’s younger brother-in-law: 9956289966

If you know anyone who is facing similar abuse, please direct them to contact us[CLICK HERE] which has an all India network of volunteers providing free counseling and legal advice to victims and help them get Justice.

Do not forget to congratlate Vineeta: Brave wife of Late Mr. Pushkar Singh on: 05322-695777

God knows,still how many innocent life these women organisation want, and others who support such biased laws

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Posted by 498A_Crusader on February 11, 2008


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Posted by 498A_Crusader on January 21, 2008


I have traveled across the length and breadth of India and I have not seen one person who is a beggar, who is a thief. Such wealth I have seen in this country, such high moral values, people of such calibre, that I do not think we would ever conquer this country, unless we break the very backbone of this nation, which is her spiritual and cultural heritage, and, therefore, I propose that we replace her old and ancient education system, her culture, for if the Indians think that all that is foreign and English is good and greater than their own, they will lose their self-esteem, their native culture and they will become what we want them, a truly dominated nation

The quote is usually referenced as “Macaulay, British Parliament, 1835″. In that year, Macaulay was actually in India, though other oft-quoted speeches by him on the same subject had indeed been delivered in Parliament, but in 1833.

Macaulay’s 1835 speech in British Parliament,

I do not think we would ever conquer this country (India), unless we break the very backbone of this nation, which is her spiritual and cultural heritage, and, therefore, I propose that we replace her old and ancient education system, her culture, for if the Indians think that all that is foreign and English is good and greater than their own, they will lose their self-esteem, their native self-culture and they will become what we want them, a truly dominated nation.

At that time British were rulers and they wanted to rule India at any cost, and they found out the way

unless we break the very backbone of this nation, which is her spiritual and cultural heritage

and they succeeded. They made us enemies of our own people, culture and states. Divide and rule was their policy they adapted.

But now they are gone, gone for Good, Still we have not learnt from our own mistakes, for the last 50 Plus years. unfortunatly we followed their foot steps.

Macaulay’s 1835 speech in British Parliament,

if the Indians think that all that is foreign and English is good and greater than their own, they will lose their self-esteem.

As per my knowledge, India, on its own, never had, in at least our known history, the notion of the ‘Independence from foreign Rule’, ‘Rule of Law’, or ‘Every one Equal before Law’. India’s indigenous system of education never dealt with sciences, the sciences that we possess today. It would probably never have been possible to understand modern sciences in Sanskrit, Arabic or Persian. It is true we learn things, modern things at what cost? we ignored our own spiritual and cultural heritage.

Today we follow laws made by British, In todays world, Indians are branded as most knowledgable and learned people, still we failed to make our own judiciary laws effective. Some of our laws are made centuries ago, still they are in practice, no wonder, as the latest report states there are 32 Million cases pending in India, some are as old as 1948.

From the Britishers our Great Indians Learned same Policies, how to rule india.

Even the Britishers were Rulers, they have done so many good things, during their time there was Law, and a system in place. But today India politicians (Governments) have made it as a money making business.

Who is Responsible to divide India ?

It is Gandhi and Nehru.
It is the Congress who divided society between the rich and the poor,
Land lord and tenent’s then later to divide both, they said the tenent is the owner of his land
Have and have not Brahmin and Shudras
High caste and low caste.
Hindhu and Muslim.
Mandhit and Masjid

Because of this divide, the so called Protector of Indian culture and heritage, notorious saffron brigade, in turn took control of india, but never attempted to restore what we lost. They never even protested or stopped when other political parties were damaging the culture and heritage.

so they are also equally blamed for this Destruction.

As per the latest trend, congress used all their trump cards to Rule India, sorry Divide and Rule, other opposition parties gain control. so congress now imported latest tool to stay in power, that’s feminism, in the name of “empower women” they have divided every family. Now they want to divide Indian Society on gender

Man and women,
Husband and wife.
Making and proposing laws to revolt against parents,
wife against husband,
children against parents.

We all know who made laws like Dowry law, reservation, quota system and Domestic violence Act.

what was india in 1835

I have not seen one person who is a beggar, who is a thief. Such wealth I have seen in this country, such high moral values, people of such calibre

You can see Beggers everywhere,
Even childrens are begging, and 200 Crore of government grant goes to Politician swiss bank account.

No need to point fingers at any particular political party, all parties have their own share on this “British made policies”. when one political party is making some law to fulfill their own personal interest, but the opposition party will not stop or object, because all believe in Divide and Rule and the new law will surely benefit the politician.

In Todays India, these political parties motto is

Live and let others live

at the cost of ordinary people life.

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Marital Rape a Sabotage of Institute of Marriage



Indian Mens Legal Torture

Indias Legal Tools of Extortion


Narcissists Modern Indian Woman

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Harassed husbands now take to the streets

Posted by 498A_Crusader on January 21, 2008

They want Domestic Violence Act amended to include provisions for men

BANGALORE: The tables have turned. Husbands harassed by their wives have finally realised the futility of taking things lying down.

Beginning with Bangalore on Saturday, they are taking to the streets under the banner of Save Indian Family Foundation (SIFF).

The largest group in India, SIFF was formed in 2000 and has 8,000 members who have been accused of harassing their wives and have been slapped with cases under Domestic Violence Act, 2005, and anti-dowry law (of 498a). According to the group, the Act is being misused by their wives and in-laws.

The group, comprising mainly software engineers, is urging the central government to
make the Act neutral by including in its ambit provisions related to domestic violence against men. The members are holding protests in Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai, Mumbai and Kolkata for this purpose.

Over 200 members gathered in front of Mahatma Gandhi’s statue near Cubbon Park in Bangalore on Saturday. Armed with placards espousing their cause, they made motivating speeches and narrated to passers-by their plight.

“Men are being portrayed negatively by exaggerated statistics on dowry harassment or domestic violence cases. Women often use the Act to separate from the husbands in lieu of an attractive alimony,” said Binoe, a SIFF member.

According to Pandurang Katti, one of the 12 SIFF founders and a senior software professional, men face a host of issues due to lack of protection from the law.

“The current Domestic Violence Act suffers from gender bias as it is only made for protection of women,” he said.

Uma Challa, director of the US-based Protect Indian Family Foundation which has opened a branch in Hyderabad, said:

“Women call me up just to ask if they can use the Act to bring around their husbands or to separate them from their parents. They do not understand the seriousness of the law. This is predominantly an urban phenomenon,” she said.

“We have websites and helplines that reach out to only internet-savvy people. But we want to create awareness among those who do not have access to the net,” she added.

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Protest against “Legal Terrorism” on 19th January,2008 at Bangalore.

Posted by 498A_Crusader on January 14, 2008


Protest against “Legal Terrorism” on 19th January,2008 at Bangalore.

Even an Animal has a Ministry and Welfare Division. Why not Men?

An appeal to Indian Government to Form Ministry of Men’s Well Fare.

As per Crime Bureau of India more then 72000 men commit suicide every year.

LOCATION: In front of Gandhi Statue, on MG Road, Bangalore

TIMING: 11 A.M to 2 PM, 19th January, 2008.


Contact: Mr. Katti-09342853272, Mr. Anil-09845143724, Mr.Binoe-9886934853

Let rise your voice and Join the Protest to “Stop the Legal Terrorism of India” by our LAW Makers and their radical support groups to Promote the Father less Child society in India.

Please Watch Indian TV Debates by Save Indian Family Activists.

To save yourself and your family, you must read, “A Survivor’s Guide to 498a” .


“Parivar Bachao Desh Bachao, Save the Indian Family”

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Men to talk at domestic violence table

Posted by 498A_Crusader on October 31, 2007

Men cannot be treated like a problem. They have to be part of the solution… And we would consult them Renuka Chowdhury, Women and Child Development Minister

RENUKA CHOWDHURY has decided to consult men over domestic violence, which, she feels, will help get their side of the story and understand why it takes place.
The Women and Child Development minister took the decision after male rights organisations termed the Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act as the worst law.

“Men cannot be treated like a problem. They have to be part of the solution. And, we would consult them on how they can be part of the solution,” Renuka said.

The ministry would interact with organisations early next year to bring men on board and resolve their issues. “We would consult them on all women’s issues and try to make them part of the measures to end domestic violence.”

She, however, claimed that no case of misuse of the law has been reported from any state. In all, 7,913 cases have been registered in a year since the law came into force with Rajasthan registering the highest at 3,440.

Male rights groups like Save the Family Foundation had launched a campaign against the law citing examples of West Bengal and Orissa, where such cases have been reported.

The minister also said they are considering inclusion of children in the purview of the law after a recommendation by Lawyer’s Collective.

“Children who face direct impact of domestic violence should be protected under this civil law,” said Indira Jaisingh of Lawyer’s Collective. Law for surrogate business The minister said the Centre was preparing a law to regulate the business of surrogate mothers. India, in the absence of regulation, has witnessed a boom in the business of renting the womb with large number of NRIs and foreigners coming here.

She said most developed nations have a law for sperm donation and renting a womb but in India, no one knows who all are in this business. “We are studying laws of different countries to prepare a regulation for the Indian market. Our aim is to ensure that women are not cheated.”

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Woman held for murdering husband

Posted by 498A_Crusader on October 29, 2007

New Delhi, Oct 29: Delhi Police Sunday arrested a 28-year-old woman for allegedly murdering her husband in collusion with her paramour.

Police also arrested Parminder Kaur’s 24-year-old paramour Mandeep Singh, a taxi driver, who allegedly battered Harbhajan Singh to death in his sleep Saturday night at the victim’s home in Sadiq Nagar of South Delhi.

Police said the victim’s landlord found bloodstains on the staircase of his house Sunday morning, and went upstairs to the first-floor quarters of the couple, where he found Harbhajan’s body wrapped in a bed sheet and his wife asleep in another room.

The landlord then informed police to whom the woman confessed her role in the murder.

She told police that Mandeep had family relations with her but later both grew intimate.

She told police that her husband had began suspecting her extra-marital relation and that she planned to marry with Mandeep, leaving her husband and four kids.

Source : IANS

//Editor Note :
Poor husband did not know, this is india, and wife can sleep with her lover,and husband should not object her extra marital affair.
It is his mistake that he found out,and she has right to KILL him for stoping her;because she is a Victim as per Prostitutes of NCW, and women organisations.

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INVITATION- International Men’s Day : 19th November

Posted by 498A_Crusader on October 28, 2007

INVITATION- International Men’s Day : 19th November

PPT Presentation on STOP Legal TERRORISM

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A year on, domestic violence act sees 7,913 cases

Posted by 498A_Crusader on October 26, 2007

As many as 7,913 cases have been filed since a law to protect women from domestic violence came into force a year ago, according to a national report released Friday.

‘Staying Alive’, as the report is titled, is the first monitoring and evaluation report of the Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act (PWDVA) 2005.

The report states that the primary users of the law are married women. There are also a number of cases wherein relief has been granted to widows and daughters.

Compiled by the Lawyers Collective (Women’s Rights Initiatives) (LCWRI), the report analyses data collected from the office of the Chief Justice of India, the ministry of women and child development and from organisations specifically working on the issue of domestic violence across the country.

“The compilation of the report and the conference is to be regarded as a first step towards evaluation and monitoring which should become an integral component in the implementation of this law,” Indira Jaisingh, director of LCWRI, said at the release of the report.

While the most commonly granted relief is for maintenance, the second most commonly granted are residence orders and protection orders.

“There is an urgent need for adequate budgetary allocations to be made by the central and state governments to ensure the effective implementation of the PWDVA,” Jaisingh said.

“There is also a need for coordination among different government departments, particularly the departments of women and child development, social welfare, home and law and legislative affairs.

“This is required in order to build a multi-agency response that is uniform across the country in the manner in which it offers relief to women facing domestic violence,” she added.

Jaisingh also stressed that the police needed to be trained on providing information about the Act to women who approached them with complaints of domestic violence.

Source :(IANS)

// Editor Note:
I`m sure out of 7913 cases all ended thier marriage in Divorce. this is fast way to divorce;single parent system and Legal prostitution. These Prostitute women association, specificaly Indira Jaisingh,Ranjan kumari and girija vyas ( I reserv the rights to call them PROSTITUTE) All supporter of extra marital Affair and legal terrorist supporter are Prostitutes.

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Patna schoolboy dies after being thrashed by teacher

Posted by 498A_Crusader on October 26, 2007

A 17-year-old class 12 student in Bihar’s Bhagalpur town died Friday afternoon after he was reportedly thrashed by his school teacher.

Ashish Anand of the St. Joseph School here collapsed and died after his teacher, M. Idris, hit him.

According to Anand’s relatives, the boy was healthy when he went to school in the morning.

“It was unbelievable for us that he was killed after being thrashed by school teacher,” one of his relatives said.

Anand’s father Ashwani Jha, a lawyer, was informed over the phone, by the school authorities, that his son is seriously ill and is admitted in a private nursing home. But when he reached the nursing home he found that his son was dead.

The school principal, Father Verghese, is also admitted in a nursing home after reportedly being in a shock over the incident.

Till Friday evening, police had not lodged any case against the teacher.

Source :(IANS)

// Whats wrong with these teachers; why they hate only Boy students.

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Family against woman

Posted by 498A_Crusader on October 26, 2007

It should women against Family // Editor note

A year after the law to protect women from domestic violence was enacted, it continues to be defeated by social prejudice and blindspots

October 26 marks the first anniversary of the Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act. The law was conceived as a civil law as distinct from the existing criminal law: Section 498A IPC. It was often said that criminal law had no space for settlement of disputes and could give no relief beyond a conviction. It was to meet this need that the new law was passed.

It provided for the right to residence in the shared household, the right to protection orders, gave power to courts to restrain alienation of assets, mandated return of stridhan and other significant reliefs. It defines violence in all its dimensions, from the physical to the sexual and economic. This definition was taken from the UN Model Code on domestic violence and from the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Violence Against Women, to which India is a party. It applies not only to married women but also women in live-in relationships, daughters/mothers facing violence in domestic relationships.

One year is an appropriate time to evaluate the functioning of a law. However, there are no systems to do this on a systematic basis since there are no computerised data bases of orders and judgments. Given this, the Lawyers Collective, which was largely involved with this law in its formative stages, undertook the task of evaluating enforcement, using available data. The chief justice of India facilitated the collection of data from different high courts. Our report, ‘Staying Alive’, is based on this.

The report shows that the law’s main users are women in matrimonial relationships. A few widows have been able to prevent dispossession by using the law, and some young girls have prevented forcible marriages by fathers. The major breakthrough the law achieved was the declaration of the right to reside in the shared household. Surprisingly, it took independent India 60 years to ensure this right. The law makes a clear distinction between the ownership of the shared household and the right to reside in it. What the law does is to grant the right to reside and not to be dispossessed, except by authority of law. It thus prevents forcible dispossession.

This provision suffered a major setback at the hands of the judiciary. The Supreme Court, even before the ink on the Act was dry, declared in a judgment that a woman could claim this right only in relation to a household owned/ rented by her husband. This means that even if her husband lives with his parents and she has her matrimonial residence there, she cannot claim right to residence there. The judgment not only overlooks the law itself, it also overlooks the existing social reality of the joint family, which continues to be the predominant pattern. The report documents how several courts have been refusing relief to women based on this judgment. It demonstrates that in India women have lesser protection than tenants, who cannot be evicted except by procedure established by law.

There have been major protests around this law. Organisations to ‘Save the Indian Family’ have been formed; women who campaign for the law are being told that they are ‘frustrated’ and are ‘home breakers’. It is obvious that respect for human rights of women in domestic relationships — the premise on which the law is based — is not something intrinsic to the ‘Indian Family’. The right to live with dignity is not conceded to women in the private domain. These attitudes predominate at all levels, particularly in the upper classes, among bureaucrats and decision-makers. They have determined the terms of this debate ignoring the Constitution’s egalitarian values. It is therefore not surprising that the law is not implemented, even when the conferment of rights is explicit in letter and spirit. One of the major recommendations of the ‘Staying Alive’ report is that the Supreme Court judgment be reviewed, to restore the right to residence.

The number of cases filed in different states varies greatly. If 3,440 cases were filed in Rajasthan, Haryana had only 235 cases till July 2007. Manipur, Meghalaya, Nagaland and Arunachal Pradesh have none in the same period. Some states have figures varying from 5 to 65. These figures may or may not reflect levels of violence in the state against women. They may reflect a combination of higher levels of violence combined with greater awareness of the law. Certainly, in Rajasthan, that seems to be the case. The Northeast continues to use tribal customary forums and has not used the law. No data is available for UP, since the high court there did not send the information.

The law envisages the appointment of protection officers on a full-time basis to record incidents and support women in distress. Interestingly Rajasthan, which has the highest number of cases, has not made such appointments and continues to rely on the police to perform this function, defeating, to a large extent, the need for a multi-agency response to stop violence. Other states have simply designated health workers as protection officers. Most states have appointed protection officers only at the district level, leaving a big gap between the users of the law and the courts. When asked to explain this shortcoming, states have claimed there is no budget for this.

Middle and upper class women continue to be the main users of the law. Working class women are not using it or are unable to access privatised services or lawyers. Also, every state has reported dowry as a major factor in the breakdown of relationships.

By far the most interesting example comes from Andhra which, early on, put in place multiple agencies to activate the law. The police have been sensitised to inform women of their rights. Protection officers work full-time to record complaints of violence and file applications. Legal aid is being given invariably. Why has this not happened in other states? Difficult to say, but clearly Andhra has a better system of management of case work and documents.

All said and done, freedom from violence in the private domain still remains a distant dream for women in domestic relationships, a year after this revolutionary law came into the statute books.

The writer is director, Lawyers Collective, Womens’ Rights Initiative and a Prostitute.

Source :>>

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Forced Marriage Drives Indian Woman to Suicide

Posted by 498A_Crusader on October 26, 2007

London, Oct 26: An Indian woman from Punjab set herself ablaze after her parents allegedly forced her into a violent marriage, an international conference was told here.

Jasvinder Sanghera of Derby said her sister Robina was driven to suicide after she was told she could not leave her husband because her family would be ashamed.

When her sister killed herself, Sanghera was on the run because she had refused to marry a man her parents had lined up for her from the age of eight.

She told the EU Forced Marriages Conference in central London on Wednesday October 24, that she still held people accountable for the death of Robina. The two-day conference, hosted by the Foreign Office and the European Commission’s Daphne Fund, is to allow the UK’s Forced Marriage Unit to share its experience with other countries.

Robina was taken out of school at the age of 15, forced to marry, and then to move to Germany with her husband. But at the age of 24 she sought help, Sanghera said.

She told delegates at Lancaster House: “She suffered horrific abuse in her marriage – physical, mental abuse. “I begged her to leave her partner but she said to me: ‘It’s ok for you to say that but you don’t have the authority because you are disowned’.”

“She was right. The people who could make the difference were my parents, family and community leaders. That’s where she went and they sent her back, saying she should make the marriage work.

“Was she driven to commit suicide? I would say so. She set herself on fire and suffered 80 per cent burns. I still hold people accountable for her death.”

Sanghera, 42, whose family is originally from Punjab, told the conference that South Asian women in Britain had a suicide rate two to three times above average.


Editor Note.//Her parents forced her to marry someone else, other than whom she was in love, and she was acting weird at husband home; she was not clever enough to file false dowry case on her husband than commit suicide. now who is responsible for that innocent husband, and his ruined marriage. These indian girls have Pre marital affairs,but are not bold enought o face thier parents.

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UNI News : Harassed men to celebrate first Barsi of Domestic Violence Act

Posted by 498A_Crusader on October 25, 2007

This October 26, as the much touted Domestic Violence (DV)Act completes one year in force, Men cell, supported by Save Family Foundation and MyNation, will stage an all India protest at Jantar Mantar against the biased women laws in the country.

It took 10 years for the DV Act to come into existence on October 26, 2006. Celebrating the first barsi of this Act, these organisations will raise their voices against the abuse of the pro-women DV Act and Section 498-A of the Indian Penal Code(IPC) in marital discord.

Interestingly, unlike Section 498-A IPC, which provides wives with the right to move court against any act of cruelty for dowry, the DV Act covers not only wives and live-in-partners, but also sisters, mothers, mothers-in-law or any other female relative living with a violent man, who can be jailed for a year for beating, threatening and even shouting at them.

While the DV Act provides yet another provision for a woman with ulterior motives to initiate criminal proceedings against the husband, a major loophole in the Act is its Section 14(5). The section reads that the respondents shall not be allowed to plead any counter justification for the alleged act of domestic violence, a clear flouting of Human Rights.

”This world-wide first barsi of the DV Act is being celebrated by the harassed husbands and their relatives, tortured, blackmailed and implicated in false DV and anti-dowry cases all over India and abroad by their unscrupulous wives and daughter-in-laws for ulterior motives,” said R P Chugh, Supreme Court advocate and President of Men Cell.

”These so called women laws are entirely biased and unconstitutional. More than 90 per cent dowry complaints are false.

As observed, they are verdict before trial, laws of legal extortion and violative of basic human right of equality before law. In fact, men are the victims of domestic violence,” he said.

The state women commission of Orissa had said that men were being harassed under these laws, he added.

The members associated with these organisations and victims of these Acts (the NRIs) in the US, Canada, UK, Australia. Japan, Norway, Germany, UAE, Russia and New Zealand will protest at their respective High Commissions.

”We are not against women but these dowry prohibition laws have become more like legal terrorism,” Swarup Sarkar of the Save Family Foundation said.

Various demands on the agenda of these groups are that Section 498-A be made bailable and non-cognizable and it, along with DV Act, be made gender neutral as domestic violence is not gender specific and those misusing these provisions should be penalised. ”These men groups came into existence due to the growing abuse of section 498-A IPC and the DV Act has just given them another reason to continue their fight for justice and amendment in the women laws,” says Mr Chugh.

Source :>>

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Parents nabbed for keeping boy child chained

Posted by 498A_Crusader on October 21, 2007

Idukki (Kerala), Oct 21: Two people who claimed to be parents of a three-year-old child kept chained at home were charged with attempt to murder and also under juvenile justice laws and were sent to judicial custody here Saturday.

The ‘parents’, Benny, 35, and Manju, 34, and Benny’s father Antony, 65, were arrested after a relative of theirs brought the matter to light.

Visiting the home, the relative found the child, Araomal, chained along side the family’s pet dog.

The neighbours were alerted and the police arrived along with local church vicar Father Markose and freed the boy.

Police said that Benny, a hotel employee, and Manju, a home nurse, were living together for the nine months. They used to keep the boy chained from eight in the morning till six in the evening everyday.

According to police, Manju told them that Araomal was their child.

Reji, a neighbour, said there was a lot of trouble in the family since the two started living together.

“The boy was being harassed and we had told them several times that if they have any problem with the child they should see to it that he is put up elsewhere and not be punished like this,” said Reji.

Father Markose said he had talked to Benny and told him not to treat the child in this manner and if they are unable to take care of the child, he should be entrusted to a convent.

The boy is now at a state-run orphanage.

Source : IANS

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Men Vs Women (some subtle and some not so) differences

Posted by amitabhohms on October 18, 2007


Men: To their credit, men do not decorate their penmanship. They just chicken-scratch.

Women: Women use scented, colored stationery and they dot the “i” with circles or hearts. Women use ridiculously large loops in the “b” and “g”. It is a pain to read a note from a woman. Even when she’s dumping you, she will put a smiley face at the end of the note.


Women: A woman makes a list of things she needs, then goes out to the store and buys those things.

Men: A man waits till the only items left in his fridge are half a lime and a beer. Then he goes grocery shopping. He buys everything that looks good. By the time a man reaches the checkout counter, his cart is packed tighter than the Clampett’s car on Beverly Hillbillies. Of course, this will not stop him from going to the express lane.


Women: When a relationship ends, a woman will cry and pour her heart out to her girlfriends, and she will write a poem titled “All Men Are Idiots”. Then she will get on with her life.

Men: A man has a little more trouble letting go. Six months after the break-up, at 3:00 a.m. on a Saturday night, he will call and say, “I just wanted to let you know you ruined my life, and I’ll never forgive you, and I hate you, and you’re a total floozy. But I want you to know that there’s always a chance for us.” This is known as the “I Hate You / I Love You” drunken phone call, that 99% of all men have made at least once. There are community colleges that offer courses to help men get over this need.


Women: They prefer 30-40 minutes of foreplay.

Men: They prefer 30-40 seconds of foreplay. Men consider driving back to her place part of the foreplay.


Women: They mature much faster than men. Most 17-year old females can function as adults.

Men: Most 17-year old males are still trading baseball cards and giving each other wedgies after gym class. This is why high school romances rarely work out.


Men: Men’s magazines often feature pictures of naked women. Men are turned on at the sight of a naked woman’s body.

Women: Women’s magazines also feature pictures of naked women. This is because the female body is a beautiful work of art, while the male body is lumpy and hairy and should not be seen by the light of day. Most naked men elicit laughter from women.


Men: A man has six items in his bathroom — a toothbrush, shaving cream, razor, a bar of Dial soap, and a towel from the Holiday Inn.

Women: The average number of items in the typical woman’s bathroom is 437. A man cannot identify most of these items.


Women: When preparing for work, a woman will put on a wool suit, then slip on Reebok sneakers. She will carry her dress shoes in a plastic bag from Saks. When a woman gets to work, she will put on her dress shoes. Five minutes later, she will kick them off because her feet are under the desk.

Men: A man will wear the same pair of shoes all day. Let’s not talk about how many days he’ll wear the same socks.


Women: Women love cats.

Men: Men say they love cats, but when women aren’t looking, men kick cats.


Women: A woman knows all about her children. She knows about dentist appointments and soccer games and romances and best friends and favorite foods and secret fears and hopes and dreams.

Men: A man is vaguely aware of some short people living in the house.

Dressing Up:

Women: A woman will dress up to: go shopping, water the plants, empty the garbage, answer the phone, read a book, get the mail.

Men: A man will dress up for: weddings, funerals.


Women: Women do laundry every couple of days.

Men: A man will wear every article of clothing he owns, including his surgical pants (the ones that were hip about eight years ago) before he will do his laundry. When he is finally out of clothes, he will wear a dirty sweatshirt inside out, rent a U-Haul and take his mountain of clothes to the Laundromat. Men always expect to meet beautiful women at the Laundromat. This is a myth perpetuated by reruns of old episodes of “Love American Style.”

Eating Out:

Men: When the check comes, each man will each throw in $20 bills, even though it’s only for $22.50. None of them will have anything smaller, and none will actually admit they want change back.

Women: When the girls get their check, out come the pocket calculators.


Men: Men are vain and will check themselves out in a mirror.

Women: They are ridiculous; they will check out their reflections in any shiny surface: mirrors, spoons, store windows, bald guys’ heads.


Women: When a woman reaches menopause, she goes through a variety of complicated emotional, psychological, and biological changes. The nature and degree of these changes varies with the individual.

Men: Menopause in a man provokes a uniform reaction – he buys aviator glasses, a snazzy French cap and leather driving gloves, and goes shopping for a Porsche.

The Phone:

Men: Men see the telephone as a communication tool. They use the telephone to send short messages to other people.

Women: A woman can visit her girlfriend for two weeks, and upon returning home, she will call the same friend and they will talk for three hours.

Richard Gere:

Women: Women like Richard Gere because he is sexy in a dangerous way.

Men: Men hate Richard Gere because he reminds them of that slick guy who works at the health club and dates only married women.


Same as above, but reversed. Same reason.


Women: Little girls love to play with toys. Then when they reach the age of 11 or 12, they lose interest.

Men: Men never grow out of their toy obsession. As they get older, their toys simply become more expensive, silly and impractical. Examples of men’s toys: little miniature TVs. Car phones. Complicated juicers and blenders. Graphic equalizers. Small robots that serve cocktails on command. Video games. Anything that blinks, beeps, and requires at least 6 “D” batteries to operate.


Men: Men take photography very seriously. They’ll shell out $4000 for state of the art equipment, and build dark rooms and take photography classes.

Women: Women purchase Kodak Instamatics. Of course, women always end up taking better pictures.

Locker Rooms:

Men: In the locker room men talk about three things: money, football, and women. They exaggerate about money, they don’t know football nearly as well as they think they do, and they fabricate stories about women.

Women: They talk about one thing in the locker room – sex. And not in abstract terms, either. They are extremely graphic and technical, and they never lie.


Women: Every actress in the history of movies has had to do a nude scene. This is because every movie in the history of movies has been produced by a man.

Men: The only actor who has ever appeared nude in the movies is Richard Gere. This is another reason why men hate him.


Women: Women look nice when they wear jewelry.

Men: A man can get away with wearing one ring and that’s it. Any more than that and he will look like a lounge singer named Vic.


Men: Men need a good disagreement to get talking. For instance, “Wow, great movie.” or “What are you, nuts? No REAL cop would have an Uzi that size.”

Women: Women, not having this problem, try to initiate conversations with men by saying something agreeable: “That garden by the roadside looks lovely.” “Mm hmm.” Pause. “That was a good restaurant last night, wasn’t it?” “Yeah.” Pause. And so on.

Leg Warmers:

Women: Leg warmers are sexy. A woman, even if she’s walking the dog or doing the dishes, is allowed to wear leg warmers. She can wear them any time she wants.

Men: A man can only wear leg warmers if he is auditioning for the “Gimme the Ball” number in “A Chorus Line.”


Women: Women on a girls’ night out talk the whole time.

Men: Men on a boy’s night out say about twenty words all night, most of which are “Pass the Doritos” or “got any more beer?”


Women: Women use restrooms as social lounges. Women who’ve never met will leave a restroom giggling together like old friends. Women also go to the restroom in packs, at least two women at a time excuse themselves to use the restroom.

Men: Men use restrooms for purely biological reasons. Men in a restrooms will never speak a word to each other. And never in the history of the world has a man excused himself from a restaurant table by saying, “Hey, Tom, I was just about to take a leak. Do you want to join me?”

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children have to cope with the trauma of divorce

Posted by amitabhohms on October 7, 2007

Over the past 15 years the number of divorces in the Czech Republic has increased by a third. The Statistics Office predicts that this year the Czech Republic’s divorce rate should climb to a staggering 50 percent. The vast majority of marriages that break up, do so between their third and sixth year – usually at a time when small children are involved. Socially, the stigma of divorce is long gone but for the children caught up in it, the pain and confusion is as strong as ever.

Every fourth child in the Czech Republic comes from a divorced family. The vast majority of them live with their mothers, because in 90 percent of cases it is the mother who is awarded custody. Dr. Alena Cerna works at a family counselling clinic. She says that there are two main reasons why this is so – social stereotypes and economic pressure:

“Partly this is due to social stereotypes which say that the mother should take care of the children and the father should be the bread-winner. But the truth is that a father who would like to take care of two small children would have very little possibility of finding an appropriate job and making a living. Economical factors play a big role. But it is not just that. It is the whole arrangement of the society where it is expected that the mother will keep the kids.”

As a result, half a million children in the Czech Republic only get to see their father a few hours a week – if that. There is no conceivable reason why fathers should not ask to get custody of their children, or agree on joint custody with the children’s mother. However few of them are in a situation where they are able to provide full-time care. Although the concept of paternity leave is slowly catching on – employers do not have much patience with the demands placed on working single fathers. And while children over 10 are increasingly consulted about whom they wish to be with, these practicalities often limit the space for manoeuvre and the final court settlement. Dr. Cerna says that in such cases the best kids can hope for is an amicable divorce – where the divorced parents can spend time together or at least agree on an optimal holiday schedule.

From the children’s point of view it is ideal that they do not lose contact with either parent. I would be glad if I could say that joint custody is the best solution but it also has its problems. If the children are spending alternately one week here and the next somewhere else then you could say that they have no real home. For a child a home is not just their parents it is the whole place – their toys, their friends, the house – which give them a feeling of stability and safety.”

A survey conducted among children aged 11 to 15 suggests that although they are unhappy about their parents divorcing, they see no reason why they should stay in a dysfunctional marriage. Although many of the answers appeared to be exceptionally mature, Dr. Cerna says that deep down the pain and uncertainty remains – to surface when they themselves enter into a serious relationship. So is the Czech Republic caught in a vicious circle – where parents pre-determine their children’s future happiness or unhappiness in married life? Dr. Cerna again:

“I always ask people / who are getting divorce counselling/ whether they are from a family where the parents divorced and very often it is so. Of course, some divorcees grew up in families which were complete and happy so there is no rule to say that such a child’s future is pre-determined. But I would say that children from divorced families have a more difficult start in life.”

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Harassed Husbands

Posted by 498A_Crusader on October 7, 2007

Vinod K Shukla & Ashutosh Mishra

* Dilip Kumar Kar’s life turned into a tragedy following constant ill treatment at the hands of his wife. While he suffers in isolation, his wife now prefers to stay in her paternal house with their only son.
* 42-year-old Sheikh Moiuddin was driven out of his house by his spouse. The man is presently living alone in a rented house at Golarhat under Derabish block of Orissa.
* Madho Singh Chauhan – a 55-year-old automobile businessman – is forced to live in a solitary room of his own house as he is threatened and victimised under the provisions of 498A – the Dowry Act.
* Vikash Tuteja (name changed) who is in his late 30s had to pay his wife a hefty Rs 12 lakh as the settlement amount in his marriage dispute. It is 498A again that has spoiled his life as his in-laws have been using it quite frequently to extract money from him.

It’s a role reversal of sorts. After being at the receiving end of male oppression and repression for a long time, women seem to be hitting back with a vengeance. And it is now the turn of the men to cry foul and seek protection from their marauding wives. In Orissa, there is even a demand for setting up a commission for men on the lines of the women’s commission which already exists.
Significantly, the latest debate on male persecution was sparked off following a newspaper report which quoted the Orissa women’s commission chairperson, Namita Panda, as saying that the number of cases of atrocities against men by women was rising in the state and the commission had registered 38 such cases since May 2007. However, with her statement drawing the ire of women activists Panda has clammed up, refusing to be drawn further into the controversy.
It is not Orissa alone. The better half seems to be turning into the bitter half across the country. Police officials admit that with dowry prohibition laws heavily tilted in favour of women, the chances of their misuse cannot be ruled out. The misuse is most pronounced with regard to sections 498A and 406 of the IPC, a fact that even some women activists admit albeit grudgingly. Nonetheless, Tapasi Praharaj, a well-known campaigner for women’s rights, says that it is wrong to project women as wicked and the torturers of their spouses because given the traditional structure of Indian society they still remain at the receiving end of atrocities perpetrated by men.
In Bangalore, there are over 300 such cases registered with an NGO, Asha Kirana, which also runs a helpline for harassed husbands. Activist Girish who is also a victim, says that there are hundreds of husbands who are silently putting up with cruel wives. Says he: “Our various laws including the recent Domestic Violence Act also support the wife even when she is in the wrong. Even before the case is investigated, the police and the judiciary sympathise with the wife. Precisely for this very reason women who are bent on punishing men use the laws very convincingly. There are several instances where even though the husband is the real victim of harassment from his in-laws and relatives, he loses out heavily on money and property.”
Why is it that suddenly cases of harassed husbands are on the rise? Activists are o

f the opinion that the increase in economic independence, materialism, promiscuity, incompatibility and social acceptance to name only a few trends are encouraging women to constantly invoke IPC 498A along with the Dowry Prohibition Act and the recent Domestic Violence Act to get out of a marriage. Earlier, once married, a woman had no choice but to stay put with the husband. But with society taking an increasingly lenient view of divorce, second marriages and live-in couples – at least in the urban areas – matrimonial relations have become strained.
Several networking groups have urged the government to review Section 498A and the Domestic Violence Act. To start with, the activists want the sub-clause of taking the aged parents and the wards of the husband into custody to be scrapped immediately so that they are not unnecessarily harassed for no fault of theirs. However, Bangalore NGOs, which are actively involved in marriage counseling, just want totally unbiased laws which view men and women on an equal footing.
Quite often, cases under Sec 498 A turn out to be false as repeatedly acknowledged by the high courts and the Supreme Court. The Act is often used as a tool for blackmailing husbands or their close relatives in a strained marriage. In most of the cases under 498A, the complaint is followed by the demand for a huge amount of money (extortion) to settle the case out of court. There have been instances where, without any investigation, the police have arrested elderly parents, unmarried sisters, pregnant women and even children. In these cases the husband’s family has to go through a lot of mental torture and harassment. A typical case goes on for years (at least 5 to 7 years) and the conviction rate is only around 2%. Some of the accused even commit suicide inside the jail, said one of the volunteers of the – a website providing help to victims of this law.
A Supreme Court bench comprising justice Arijit Pasayat and justice HK Sema in the case of Sushil Kumar Sharma Vs. Union of India (UOI) and Ors – July 19, 2005-said that many instances have come to light where the complaints are not bonafide and have been filed with an ulterior motive. “The question, therefore, is what remedial measures can be taken to prevent abuse of the well-intentioned provision. Merely because the provision is constitutional and intra vires, does not give a licence to unscrupulous persons to wreak personal vendetta or unleash harassment. It may, therefore, become necessary for the legislature to find out ways how the makers of frivolous complaints or allegations can be appropriately dealt with. Till then the courts have to take care of the situation within the existing framework. As noted above the objective is to strike at the roots of the dowry menace. But by misuse of the provision a new legal terrorism can be unleashed. The provision is intended to be used as a shield and not as an assassin’s weapon.”
Around 60,000 cases get registered every year under the dowry law. “There are provisions at certain places including Delhi that the matter is first referred to the women’s cell and on its recommendation the case is registered,” Awanish Sinha, a Supreme Court lawyer, s

complaint by the aggrieved party. Direct FIRs are being registered by disobeying the law. Even if a false complaint of harassment is registered, the husband’s parents and relatives are immediately arrested without sufficient investigation and put behind bars on non-bailable terms. You shall be presumed guilty until you prove that you are innocent,” Sharma adds.
The controversy notwithstanding, there is no denying the fact that men have been complaining of harassment from their spouses in increasing numbers. In Orissa, quite a large number of such complaints have been coming from the coastal Kendrapara district, which is equally notorious for dowry-related crimes. Sources said the district has reported as many as 19 such cases with most of them being referred to the police.
The dowry law claims to provide safety and security to women in Indian society. However, it seems to be working the other way around by widening the chasm in matrimonial relationships. “I know several cases where the women are targeting their in-laws through this draconian law by alleging that such and such persons in the family are demanding dowry,” said R P Chugh of the Crime Against Men Cell.
“There are several cases where the husbands were earning a handsome salary and a case of dowry was slapped against them. The women are misguided by the family and sometimes by the lawyers to extract money,”said Gurubaksh Singh, secretary, Save Family Foundation.
“If a case of harassment is there on grounds of dowry then the demand should be for punishment. But there are two interesting phenomenon to this: One, there are very few convictions and the other is that most of these cases are settled by paying money to the woman,” Chugh said.
“The dowry law is not read properly. The police cannot immediately register 498A, as they have to satisfy the magistrate. The police register 498A along with other cases such as 406, Sec 3 and 4 of dowry prohibition with 155 (4) of the CrPC. This makes the case cognizable and the police can make arrests. The arrest is one-sided, however. Sec 3 is for giving dowry and the person who abets it,” says Sharma.
“Like a law can be broken or mended to suit oneself, so are the laws regarding women broken at times,” says Shaila Mehta, president, Maharashtra State Women’s Council. According to Mehta it is very rare that the women accuse the family on false grounds just to harass them, though she does not deny that such cases do come up sometimes.
Mahesh Parekh, a practicing lawyer at the Family Court says, “One out of 12 cases is a vindictive case. It’s not as though there is no truth, but yes at times it is blown out of proportion to make the husband and the in-laws look criminal and thus fetch them punishment accordingly.”
National Commission for Women chairperson Girja Vyas says, “The NCW has the mandate to review all existing provisions of the Constitution and other laws affecting women, and to recommend changes, if any.” And according to Rashmi Verma, an IAS officer dealing with issues related to gender equality, “Many of the Acts that still continue are very old and need to be updated keeping in mind the recent changes in society.”

With Soni Sinha, Pragya Bharati and B Shekhar

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Indian Judge Ordered Back to Law School

Posted by 498A_Crusader on October 7, 2007

NEW DELHI — New Delhi’s High Court justices, annoyed with lower court judges who issue problematic rulings, have decided to send one of them back to law school.

In an order issued late Friday, Judge R. K. Tiwari was told to return for a three-month refresher course after issuing an arrest warrant in defiance of a previous High Court ruling.

“Since Tiwari does not have even elementary knowledge of the criminal law and procedure it would be appropriate that he undergoes a refresher course at Delhi Judicial Academy,” Justice V. B. Gupta wrote.

The move comes after a series of high-profile cases that have been overturned by the High Court or the national Supreme Court, citing lack of legal understanding by lower court judges.

Tiwari had ordered police to detain a landlord in a case where his tenant had failed to pay the power company, despite a previous High Court ruling that the landlord could not be held responsible. Tiwari could not immediately be reached for comment.

Gupta ordered that the head of the law school personally submit a report on Tiwari’s progress after three months. And, to ensure that others in lower courts got the message, Gupta ordered copies of his order sent to all New Delhi judges

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Govt says nobody to be held without specific allegation

Posted by 498A_Crusader on October 1, 2007

Law enforcers sued 60,700 unknown people for their alleged involvement in the violent protests following the Monday incidents of Dhaka University (DU) campus while a home ministry press release yesterday said nobody would be arrested or harassed without specific allegations or evidence.
The government yesterday formed a one-member judicial inquiry committee to probe incidents on DU premises. The committee led by retired High Court Judge Justice Mohammad Habibur Rahman Khan is supposed to submit its report within 15 working days.
Although thousands of people were implicated in 28 cases filed with eleven police stations for their involvement in the protests in different parts of the city, only 18 people were named in the first information report and 17 were arrested, said sources.
The matter of filing the cases against a large number of people was discussed in the advisory council meeting and consequently the home ministry in a press release yesterday said, “The government wants to categorically mention that nobody will be arrested or harassed without specific allegation and evidence.”
“If allegation against anyone is not proved, he will surely be released,” it said.
The press release said that the government regrets the unwanted incidents that newspersons had to endure in different places after enforcement of the curfew. The government also pledges to take necessary steps to stop their recurrence, it said.
Of the cases, six were filed with
Shabagh Police Station, four with Dhanmondi, four with New Market, four with Kotwali, two with Gulshan, two with Ramna, two with Sutrapur, one each with Mohammadpur, Paltan, Mirpur and Motijheel police stations.
Investigating officers of different police stations told journalists that they would identify the protesters with the help of photographs published in different newspapers and the television footages. They will also consider the accounts of eyewitnesses of the incidents.
Other than the students, several politicians acted as instigators of the incidents, they said, adding that they would identify those instigators and seek help from intelligence agencies.
Makbul Hossain Tipu, commissioner of ward No 76, was arrested at his Narinda residence on charge of instigating the protesters in different areas of the city.
Dhaka Metropolitan Police Commissioner Nayeem Ahmed told The Daily Star that the actual number of accused would be much lower. The number is a bit inflated as one person was implicated in more than one case in different police stations, he said.
Our Khulna correspondent adds: Six hundred unidentified people were sued with Daulatpur Police Station for their involvement in assaulting law enforcers and damaging private and public properties.
A police press release yesterday said: In the backdrop of the unwarranted incident that took place on the Dhaka University playground, some unruly people broke the Emergency Power Rules on August 20, 21 and 22 and resorted to widespread vandalism, looting and arson. The unruly elements attacked the law enforcers and prevented them from performing their official duty. They bashed vehicles at Shahbag and set fire to a military car in front of Aziz Supermarket and assaulted drivers. They randomly damaged vehicles in front of Jagannath University and set them on fire. They also damaged vehicles at Gulistan and Fulbaria areas and torched a BRTC bus. The mob threw stones at the offices of DC and SP of Dhaka and vandalised the police club. They also attacked the Nilkhet police outpost and tried to set it on fire, threw petrol bombs on police and set fire to Science Laboratory police box. They set fire to the electricity office at English Road. They also damaged vehicles in front of Titumir College at Mohakhali, attacked Square Building and tried to attack New Market Police Station. They attacked Sergeant Ahad Police Box and set fire to a house on Dhanmondi Road 27. They also attacked the residence of an adviser and caused extensive damage to government and private offices and created panic among people. When the police tried to control the mob, they attacked the law enforcers leaving four DCs, 3 ACs and 74 other policemen injured.

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Three-year RI for Inspector

Posted by 498A_Crusader on September 30, 2007

New Delhi: A court here on Wednesday sentenced a suspended Delhi Police inspector to three-year rigorous imprisonment for seeking illegal gratification from a man eight years ago.

“Public servants indulge in corruption because it is low-risk and high-gain venture. Unless a message is given to reverse this feeling, it will be difficult to contain corruption in society,” Special Judge G.P. Mittal said, rejecting convict Madhu Sankha’s plea for leniency. The court also imposed a fine of Rs 50,000 on Sankha, who, working with Crime Against Women Cell, had demanded money from a complainant in September, 1999 for filing chargesheet in a dowry harassment case.

The inspector has been booked under various provisions of the Prevention of Corruption Act.
Source — PTI

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Woman jailed for terrorist links

Posted by 498A_Crusader on September 30, 2007

NEW DELHI: A city court on Friday sentenced a woman to five years’ imprisonment for acting as a conduit for terrorist organisations. The woman, identified as Anjum Zamarooda, was arrested by the Delhi police from outside the Pakistan high commission here on February 6, 2003.

Additional Sessions Judge Ravinder Kaur sentenced Anjum, a resident of Kashmir, after finding her guilty under Section 22(3) of Prevention of Terrorism Act (POTA) for providing money to be used for the purpose of terrorism.

According to the prosecution, Anjum was arrested on a tip-off that she would be visiting the Pakistan high commission to collect money to be used for funding terrorist organisations in India.

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Women be Warned: “Get Rich or Die Trying”

Posted by amitabhohms on September 26, 2007

More independent the modern day woman becomes, more she becomes thoughtless of the culture of the society. There has been a sharp rise in the number of divorce cases being filed in the Indian Courts month after month. The point to ponder upon is that most of the couples fall under the age group of 28 to 34.

To add to the despair, greed has taken up a big space in the plot of Law. When the 498a was being drafted, I don’t think that the learned people must have had the slightest of notion that this tool to protect women in India would turn out to be a sharp weapon to satisfy a woman’s greed to grow rich overnight. We will talk about it a little later, meanwhile…..

Let’s look at some of the possible reasons for the people falling under the age group of 28 to 34, opting for divorce:


1.                  High profile Career aspirations: There has been a massive economic growth in India over the past 20 years or so. The globalization of markets and the invasion of foreign brands have seen India Rise, rise and rise. This complemented with innumerable opening up of uncountable career options and opportunities. When a simple graduate today can earn more than what he or she had ever dreamt off, at the mere age of 20 something, he or she starts aspiring for more and more. One starts building a virtual road map of becoming a millionaire from a pauper in the least possible time. The desire of owning a Bungalow at 25 and a BMW at 28, drives one crazy at an immature age. In midst of all these thoughts, taking responsibility of a family bites the road map out. Hence the thought of divorce.

 2.                  Financial Insecurity: Taking point 1 into consideration, there is always a financial insecurity that surrounds the “High Aspirer”. What if I loose my job? What if I loose all my money? I won’t spend money on my spouse. All these thoughts crop up and lead to the wild thought of being independent. 

3.                  A Stage between immaturity and maturity: 28 to 34 are an age, which is a stage of transition from immaturity to maturity. It is during these years that one starts feeling bigger than what others are. During this period there are a lot of immature decisions taken thinking that they are mature.

4.                  Over confidence: A thought that one can lead one’s own way, leads to self-destruction. When one thinks that one can win the world without a weapon, one is wrong. Over confidence has crept in the attitudes of the Gen X today. This takes us back to point number 1.

 5.                  Non-compromising nature: People become self reliant and a feeling of “I know all” comes in. This feeling gives birth to another feeling, “I can do without you”. When it comes to a husband wife relationship, separation is inevitable. There are a lot of instances in life where one has to compromise with the spouse. But this has been invaded by the feeling of “why should I?

6.                  Independence: Our Generation has a willingness to live alone and independent. If not alone then with a partner who would be there for a relationship with no strings attached. You so your own stuff and I do mine. Independence is a result of nuclear families. Joint families, in this context, used to develop a supportive nature amongst co dwellers.


Coming back to where we had left…. The greed…. Yes we were taking about the greed that has crept into the minds of the modern day woman. “Women have always been oppressed” that is what the feminists Scream to the top of their voices “and its time that the men should pay back the debts”… Which Men are we talking about?

If the feminazis can prove that all the women of India have been suppressed or oppressed in the past, then I shall say that all men today should pay their debts. Was Rani Laxmi Bai ever oppressed?? I don’t think so. Anyways, lets leave it on them to decide.


I have but a question here: fine agreed that the women were oppressed till yesterday, but are the women today, really getting help out of the 498a and the DV?


Yesterday, I saw a slum dwelling man beating up his wife on the road. And there was no one to stop him until I did. Now when I tried stopping him, his wife pounced on me as if I was the culprit and I was trying to get in their family matters. I looked around to search for our great Feminazis but no one was there. Where was the DV Act then ?


Then in the evening I heard that a feminist NGO, had invaded the house of a businessman in one of the posh localities of my town, and had beaten up the husband because he came drunk the precious night and had abused his wife. I was zapped. I am sure the feminazis must have then suggested the wife to file a DV against the husband.


Now this woman will approach a lawyer suggested by the feminazis and will file a 498a against the husband. Then the businessman husband, fearing a fall in reputation, will pay a huge ransom to the wife. The wife will then distribute the promised share to the Police and the Feminazis.


One minute, I forgot to mention that the father of the wife will play a big role in fixing the amount of money to be extorted from the businessman son(a)-in-law. “remember, he will pay less if his parents are not convicted. So what if they do not stay with him. Who cares to investigate?” 


Another minute please, I also forgot to mention that all this time the little 4-year-old daughter of the couple was going through a trance seeing her parents fight and the feminazis attack. During this extortion race, the little girl will slowly stride towards oblivion, I guess.

So this is where the Desire to Become Rich Overnight is leading the society. Broken families, lost and spoilt children, unethical practices, and the list goes on….


Yes, you guessed it right. The above is a stolen story from every home. There is nothing creative or new in it. People, I am not an author and why should I be? I don’t want to become modern Salman Rushdie or become infamous like Tasleema Nasreen.


Have you seen that movie ? “Get Rich or Die Trying”… NO!!! watch it today.


Editors, Please don’t publish this article. I don’t want to face shoot at sight orders, nor do I have time to receive hate mails.


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Content Couples are Positive Parents, but…..

Posted by amitabhohms on September 25, 2007

Parents want children to grow up to be happy, healthy and well adjusted. Most children in various types of families grow up without problems. But children thrive best when raised by their married parents in low-conflict relationships. A happy marriage is a great source of emotional stability and good physical health for children. Benefits to children include:

Better school performance, lower truancy and dropout rates
Better relationship skills
Fewer emotional and behavioral problems
Lower rates of substance abuse, criminal activity and delinquent behaviors
Fewer sleep and health problems
Lower rates of teen births
Adults in healthy marriages also benefit from better physical and mental health, greater wealth and satisfying intimate relationships. How can adults create and maintain healthy relationships?

Regular Relationship Maintenance

Ups and Downs Are Normal. Relationships vary over time. Sometimes things are great and other times a relationship might need a tune-up to keep running smoothly. Becoming parents and raising children are often stressful for couples. Many couples find their conversations decline and conflicts increase when children arrive. It can be helpful to know that changes are normal and don’t necessarily mean your relationship is in trouble.

Effort pays off. The tools for a healthy relationship can be learned. When couples are interested and motivated they can make their relationship better. It’s a bonus that building your skills can benefit your couple relationship and also help your children thrive.

4-C’s for Content Couples
Although there are many ingredients in a happy relationship, four are especially important: commitment, contentment, communication and conflict resolution. Here are information and tools to strengthen the four C’s in your relationship.

· Commitment–Ties That Bind
A strong relationship includes a commitment to the children in the family, as well as to the couple. There is a sense of “we” instead of “me.” Committed couples feel like “we are in this together, and I can count on you.” When couples plan to be together for a lifetime, they are more likely to take care of the other person and the relationship.
Develop Rituals or Traditions. Doing things over and over again in the same way starts a tradition. These build a feeling of closeness

and belonging. It doesn’t have to be a major

event, but you will know “This is how we do things.” Ideas include goodbye and welcome back hugs and kisses, sharing a cup of coffee on Saturday mornings, or writing down and talking about the special things that have happened each year on your anniversary.

Keep a Long Term View. Remember when you first got together. What attracted you? Think about how you felt? Talk about your plans for the future. What fun things do you want to do together when you are retired?

· Contentment–It Feels Good
When asked what they want most from their relationship, many people answer “a best friend,” or a “safe haven”. People want partners who will listen, give comfort and emotional support, and lend a helping hand with all the chores and responsibilities.

Show your appreciation. Think about the things you appreciate about your spouse and tell him or her. Start your conversation with:

“I really feel loved when you…You really helped me get through…One thing about you that makes me proud is…”

Have fun together. It may be true that the couple that plays together, stays together. Pick activities that are fun for both of you–so the

time is really positive for each of you.

· Communication–Let’s Talk
Make the time to talk. Not just about who is paying the electric bill or picking up the kids after school–but discuss something you care about, your dreams, joys, or frustrations. It’s not the sheer amount of communication that is important, but the quality or nature of the communication. Positive communication is respectful and involves compromise and humor.

Don’t give advice, just listen. Listen without trying to solve the problem. Look at him or her and respond so your partner knows you have heard what’s been said.

Respect his or her opinion, even if you disagree. Listen with the intention of understanding their viewpoint without blame.

· Conflict Resolution–Acceptance
People disagree and face problems. According to John Gottman, a leader in marriage research, most marriage conflicts never get resolved. Conflicts generally occur because of basic personality or lifestyle differences between the couple so they are unsolvable. He suggests learning to cope with many problems by talking about them, and accepting your partner’s faults and limitations. That will free you to work on problems that have solutions.

Arguments don’t have to drive couples apart–it’s how you argue that makes a difference.

Have a time-out rule. Stop fights before the conflicts escalate out of control. When one partner does not want to continue the discussion say, “Time out.” Knowing this option is available will keep you from feeling trapped.

Set another time to continue the discussion so the issue isn’t left hanging indefinitely. It gives you a cooling off time before things get too hot, then you can come back and resume the conversation calmly. Don’t completely avoid dealing with a tough problem before it gets out of hand.

Healthy couple relationships require work but are a worthwhile investment for children and for adults.

Ironically though: most of the parents in the modern day society, avoid all the above natural rules. The reason for it is the desire for a high profile career and independance. Child care is rapidly taking a back seat in the midst of the clash of opinions of high aspiring parents. And this difference of opinion is leading to the increasing numbers of divorce. We need to stop and think for a while, what justice are we doing to the innocent children. Don’t they have a career waiting ? Don’t they need to taste the fruit of culture and values?


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Spouse abuse: It’s the husband’s turn now

Posted by 498A_Crusader on September 21, 2007

NEW DELHI: Women have for long complained of being abused by men, which the law takes very seriously. Now it’s the men who claim to be at the receiving end.

A new survey has found that no less than 98% of Indian urban husbands say they have faced domestic violence in one form or the other during married life.

NEW DELHI: Women have for long complained of being abused by men, which the law takes very seriously. Now it’s the men who claim to be at the receiving end.

A new survey has found that no less than 98% of Indian urban husbands say they have faced domestic violence in one form or the other during married life.

Close to 43% of husbands said they contemplated suicide due to humiliation, harassment and frustration and 14% accepted they that had wanted to kill the woman and her family members for instigating her.  Turn to DNA Nation, p13
The study, conducted by doctors and IT engineers for these NGOs, covered husbands from various socio-economic strata but the bulk of the respondents came from the middle class and upper middle class backgrounds. A high proportion of husbands who had experienced domestic violence were either well educated and/or earned good salaries.

This study corresponds with a similar survey conducted by Orissa’s State Women Commission recently where it was found that women are increasingly using dowry related laws like 498A and the Domestic Violence Act to harass husbands.

According to its chairperson Namita Panda, women were found to be filing false cases in order to harass their husbands and settle scores with them.

“Section 498A is a great weapon for women. It is being used for both getting justice and settling scores. We always tell police to first inquire into the matter before arresting a man and his parents because in many cases it may turn out to be a hoax,” Panda said over phone from Bhubaneswar.

However, the National Commission for Women (NCW) differs. “Women are generally in a more dependent position. There may be a few stray cases of women harassing men but that doesn’t change the basic situation,” said Malini Bhattacharya of NCW.

As per the National Crime Record Bureau’s statistics, 4,450 men in the age group of 15-29 and 5,876 between 30-44 committed suicide in 2005 due to family problems which included matrimonial discord.

During the study these organisations received more than one lakh mails across the country. However, only 1,650 husbands aged between 15-49 years selected through random sampling were specifically interviewed using a schedule adapted from the WHO multi-country study on domestic violence.

An interesting finding was that the probability of violence increased significantly with the duration of marriage particularly if it was more than seven years old.

“As the marriage gets older the wives get stronger and more intolerant towards spouses and their families,” said Dr Grover, one of the researchers. “The interviews showed that Indian husband who had experienced some form of violence during the first year of marriage, continued to do so for the rest of their lives. It is not something that just goes away.”

Gaurav Nigam, a software engineer with the Bangalore-based IT giant Wipro, recently accused his wife, Tripti, of physical abuse. He claimed his wife was pressuring him to transfer ownership of the house and the car in her name. When he refused, she would beat him up.

He alleged that on one occasion, Tripti had left him and gone back to her parents’ house from where she filed a dowry complaint against him, after which his parents were arrested and sent to jail for three days ‘for no fault of theirs’.

source : DNA NEWS

ORIGINAL Report >>

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National Level Protest – Our Demands

Posted by 498A_Crusader on August 22, 2007






  1. Make Section 498A of IPC Bailable & Compoundable
  2. Make Section 498A of IPC non-cognizable to prevent arrests of innocent citizens based on mere complaints unsubstantiated by evidence or investigation.
  3. Make IPC 498A and Domestic Violence Law gender neutral, and provide equal protection for men and women from domestic violence
  4. Impose heavy penalties on people misusing IPC 498A and Domestic Violence Law as weapons for settling personal scores in marital disputes
  5. Equal protection of the law for everyone without any Gender discrimination

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