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I Do not want Dowry.?

Posted by 498A_Crusader on March 15, 2008

If you  are a poor man, it’s not your fault
        But if your father-in-Law is a poor man,
it’s definitely your fault  

    Here is a clever man
Javed Miandad’s son and Dawood Ibrahim’s Daughter
            All that Glitters is Definitely Gold

Dawood Ibrahim’s DaughterNo Alimony
EMpower Women with FeminISM
Marital Rape a Sabotage of Institute of Marriage
Indian Mens Legal Torture

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8 Responses to “I Do not want Dowry.?”

  1. Sanjana said

    I am going to get my son married to Renukas Daughter to get half of Andhra Pardesh that she owns and the Gold!!

  2. chunnumunnu said

    i wish i had taken dowry.

  3. habanunazulu said

    Dowry is a remnant of the caste systems that keeps this country’s level of development low. Dowry is a remnant that couses women to be treated like things, secondary to money. I live where men and women build their future together. And I’m not Chineese, none at all, quite the contrary to communism, in fact. And I do respect my wife and she is more to me than any dowry could be.

    If you are a poor man,
    that’s surely the fault of rich ass indians
    (and the social system)
    that did that on purpose
    (not responsible enough to educate you well).

    But if your father-in-law is a poor man,
    your wife must be precious…
    and that may in fact be a good choice.

  4. singisking said

    All this gold by killing innocent people.

    Shame on the lady

  5. Ravi Patel said

    After getting his son married to Dawood’s daughter Javed Miandad is made Director General of Pakistan Cricket Board… I guess connections works, its more then getting any money or wealth in dowry….. Dawood Ibhraim is son-in-law of Pakistan and Miandad is Dawood’s Daughters Father-in-Law.. what a combination!

  6. Ahmed said

    Hello Sir / Madam

    My name is Ahmed 33 years old working as software professional belong to Bangalore but working in Saudi Arabia in Riyadh city from last 6 years. I am married from last 4 years it was arrange marriage. After wedding I notice that she talk and react very un-matured or can say there is no mental stability restless at one day I can see 3 to 4 different modes and due to this our marriage has been always wedlock . But the problem is with my 3 year kid Danish he is most sufferer in between us. she never stay at one place always figths at home , nabour also at with her mother,brother etc I called her here to riyadh twice but the max she can or will stay is 3 months but due to her restless nature she is not staying any were and also she is not taking proper care of my kid.. If I send money for monthly expenses she spends whole money within 2 weeks or week on her dresses and cosmetics or eating junk good and again she demands for money using my son expenses. I am gone fedup and too much worried .She is not ready to handover our son to me.. I don’t care about our marriage it is almost at end but I don’t want to spoil my son life he should go for good school and I want to bring up him in better and healthy atmosphere and want to give him normal life like other kids,But it is not possible with her. I came to know she wake up at 12 noon and make my son to sleep and eat and he is not going to school . I don’t know what to do…. please help me how to get my child custody. I have all proofs of acts she has done during her stay with me.

    Please advise me and let me know if anyone from your org based in Bangalore city can help me latest they can visit and see in what condition my son is right now I am too much worried.

    Kindly email me at

    Thanks and Best Regards,

    Haris Ahmed

  7. farina said

    @haris ahmed

    Yaar bhai simple si baat hai uski supari dedo

  8. i am a Sri Lankan girl and my father didn’t give me a single cent as dowry to my husband. As same as he refuse the dowry. I am try to say dowry is the main thing its value than than a human life or dowry makes love between husband and wife??? I love my country culture. Our parents lives happy after marriage of their daughters and sons. They don’t have stress on their heads. Actually I’m very sad about Indian girls and their parents.

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