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House wife slept with 18 yr old,still accused him with rape

Posted by 498A_Crusader on March 10, 2008

A homemaker accused her 18-year-old servant of rape and stabbed him to death, but a narco test now reveals the shocking truth that she had been sleeping with him for five years

Rajni (name changed) stabbed her 18-year-old servant with a kitchen knife, claiming he was trying to rape her.

When the 36-year-old Mumbai homemaker was brought to Bangalore for a narco test, she stunned investigators by revealing that she had been sleeping with the boy for five years, since he was 13.

Rajni is the wife of a bar owner, and had developed physical intimacy with Anand (18), who hails from Bihar.

Anand had worked in Rajni’s house as a domestic help for 10 years, and also used to help out in the bar. He had been given a room in the couple’s apartment.

In April 2007, Rajni was sleeping in her room with her two-and-a-half-year-old child.
Her story was that Anand had barged in and tried to rape her after threatening her with a knife.

“Fearing he would injure my child, I snatched the knife and stabbed him,” she first told the police.
She said she had shouted for help to her husband and her brother-in-law. The latter lives on the second floor of the apartment.

They dragged Anand to the corridor and thrashed him. A profusely bleeding Anand was taken to hospital where he was declared brought dead, she said. Neighbours who witnessed the beating turned hostile in court.

Though Rajni pleaded that she had killed Anand in self-defence, the court directed the police to subject her to a narco test.

During the test, Rajni not only explained how she had stabbed Anand, but also gave details of their illicit relationship.

She confessed she had lost interest after a while, and and had started turning down his pleas for sex.
On the fateful day, Anand went to her for sex, but she refused since she was trying to put the baby to sleep.

Anand got agitated and threatened her with a table knife, she said during the narco. “I had no option but to defend myself and my child and jumped on him to snatch the knife,” she explained. “I stabbed him thrice on his abdomen and later dragged his body to the corridor and informed my husband and brother-in-law.”

Rajini also admitted she had to concoct the story of a rape attempt to conceal her relationship with him.
“I started beating him. My husband and brother-in-law joined me. They were so angry they beat Anand who was already profusely bleeding,” she said.

I have no option but to defend myself and my child from him and jumped on him to snatch the knife, she explained. I stabbed him thrice on his abdomen and later dragged his body to the corridor and informed my husband and brother-in-law, she said.
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16 Responses to “House wife slept with 18 yr old,still accused him with rape”

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  2. anil said

    I dont think , a life imprisonment, if not a death penalty ,would be out of order.

  3. niceguy said

    We see rape news in the front pages, not not this type of news. Some how we have to popularize our mouthpiece to bring such incidents in to public. Only then can the law change.

  4. Sanjana said

    She probably had some blood injected form the Cheif of Terrorism – Renuka Choudary who are sponsered by the Gandhi Family.

  5. Monu said

    Now here we can see how house wives can fool, these kind of house wives shud punished now India needs to change. require correction in adultery law.

  6. Angryman said

    What is shocking is the neighbours turning hostile . Why ? Are they afraid of the bar owner husband ? All of them should be shot to death. Here it is a question of child abuse . The boy nust have been 13 when he was abused by this house wife.

  7. raj said

    I am sure she will never be punished in india because the indian laws favour home prostitution!!

  8. alex said

    i to make like a gigolo how thx

  9. hiiiii

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    i am waiting for your massg.

  10. Naveen said

    After all story and comments read i also want to comment on this matter. My openion is somehow differ and somehow agree with others.

    1. The story stats that the both had made physical relation with their own consent. But as you see at the time of first relation the age of male servent is only 13 yrs. Is it lawfull to make relation with a under adult age guy ???

    2. Secondly that what was that situation that a guy become so cruel that he threatened her by a knife for making physical relation if female partner deny his proposal for sex with her even thay both had regularly sex earlier ???

    3. Is that possible that a servent done such things where all the members of family were present also a women were also not try to do such things that other members comes to know about her relation (Thats a different things that the know or not)and may compromise in such situation.

    4. In last after all a crime is crime, a murder is murder and every accused should bear a reasonable punishment as per law.

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    [...]House wife slept with 18 yr old,still accused him with rape « MyNation Foundation – News[...]…

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