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Most Indian women okay with wife beating

Posted by 498A_Crusader on December 12, 2007

New Delhi Dec 12: Over a year has passed since the law against domestic violence came into effect in India, but a new UNICEF report has found that over 50 per cent of Indian women still justify the beating of a wife by her husband.

Fifty-four per cent Indian girls and women aged between 15 and 49 said that a husband or partner is justified in hitting or beating his wife under certain circumstances.

The findings of the survey show a marginal change in the attitude as a similar survey in 2000 showed that 56 per cent of Indian women justified wife bashing.

In contrast, only 23 per cent Nepalese women and 25 per cent Indonesian women justified wife bashing by their male partners.

“In the context of gender inequality, women’s response to abuse reflects their relatively fewer options to change or leave the relationship and their assessment of how best to protect themselves and their children,” the UNICEF report titled ‘Progress for Children’ stated.

India ranks 25 in the list of 57 countries where such surveys were conducted and Mali tops the list with 89 per cent of the country’s women folk justifying the beating of a wife by her male partners under certain circumstances.

The circumstances enlisted in the UNICEF report are: Wife neglects the children, wife goes out without telling her husband, wife argues with her husband, wife refuses sex with husband, and wife burns the food.

While 50 per cent of the respondents in the 57 countries surveyed said a husband is justified in hitting his wife for at least one of the above reasons, 36 per cent of women said that if a wife neglects the children, he is justified in beating her.

Only, 19 per cent of the respondents said that if a wife refuses to have sex with her husband and burns food, he could beat his wife.

However, it was also found in the survey that 56 per cent of girls aged between 15 and 19 years responded that wife beating is justified, while 49 percent of older women above 45 years of age justified it.

“Ending domestic violence requires changing attitudes that permit such abuse, developing legal and policy frameworks to prohibit and reject it, and improving women’s access to economic resources and girls’ access to education,” the report concluded.


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19 Responses to “Most Indian women okay with wife beating”

  1. Well if it is ok with them, who are we to judge? The West always wants to impose its democractic views on government and morality on other sovereign nations.

  2. youngfemaleandpissed said

    it`s “okay” with about 60% of them because they`ve been abused and justifiably TORTURED their entire lives you ASS! it you grew up learning that your worth is about equal to that of the family donkey you`d be fucked up to!

  3. Saveme said

    They deserved to get the shit beaten out of them if they neglected their children. Maybe just a slap on the head for burning my food.

  4. [...] is another report that most women them self defend agree, Most Indian women okay with wife beating[] and these media never count, what these more than half pc women say. and these circumstances [...]

  5. AJG said

    Let us not make a good old fashion -bare bottom –spanking a monster. Discipline of wifes is sometimes most required! AJG

  6. Hypocrite said

    Wife neglects the children, wife goes out without telling her husband, wife argues with her husband, wife refuses sex with husband, and wife burns the food.
    What if -
    A husband neglects the children, squanders money on liquor, goes without telling his wife, argues with his wife, refuses sex with wife, forces sex on her wife, and does not help the wife with housework during pregnancies.

    Should he be also punished?

    • anupam said

      Your judgement is correct except one….Either of partner has the right to refuse sex. No body can force sex on you or else it will be treated as RAPE… think about this and then reply.

  7. I’m glad I am not one of their women!
    I can’t cook!

  8. robert said

    I feel adult corporal punishment or corporal discipline should be something shared and agreed upon by both adults;that it is consensual. I feel that if it is consensual then it is fully acceptable by both partners and becomes a mutually shared concept.To me if one person requires it and one does not..that it is not acceptable because it is no longer mutually felt or looked upon with equal interest.It is reasonable for others to disagree with this opinion however this is what I am comfortable with and what makes perfect sense to me.

  9. mangie said

    I agree with rober but if the required/agreed upon discipline or correction is physical then not the face, back or such, hands, feet and buttocks are ok as long as it hurts but does not harm.


  10. mangie said

    Robert* sorry

  11. Marie said

    Wow I can’t believe how many people here are even saying that punishment between husband and wife is ok. You people have some serious issues. I guess you miss your parents spanking you. We will never have personal responsibility when anyone is hit, and yes I mean children too. Let’s stop hitting everyone and see if the world is a bit less violent!

    • Harper said

      Thank you, Marie. I’m in shock here—what is wrong with people? Why is it acceptable for men to beat their wives, but wives have no say over their husband’s behaviour?

  12. kris said

    there is nothing wrong with a spanking but a beating is differnt

  13. roopa said

    wife beating is justified according to me wife goes out without telling her husband, wife argues with her husband, wife refuses sex with husband, and wife burns the food.But less violent one,what mangie said,

  14. sajida said

    I agree with roopa .what she told is right.It is the husband’s right to discipline a disobedient wife.It can’t harm

  15. Judith Samsen said

    In Muslim countries the men routinely beat the heck out of the women … goes far beyond spanking or mere “beating” to the point of major injury and even death. Severe corporal punishment of children is also routine in the Muslim schools (“Madras”) even in the Muslim communities in the west. For example, in Holland, corporal punishment is completely illegal, but the authorities are intimidated by the Muslims and turn a blind eye toward the severe beatings of small children in the Muslim religious schools. The children are usually beaten with sticks or heavy rods, and it is not rare for it to be so severe as to require hospital treatment, so the matter is no secret.

  16. Flights To Chennai…

    [...]Most Indian women okay with wife beating « MyNation Foundation – News[...]…

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