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India passes law to punish children who abandon elderly parents

Posted by 498A_Crusader on December 7, 2007

// India is the only country where people live in joint family system, where children look after thier old parents, without any Government support, as every country in the world has senior support system than INDIA.
These western funded ideas and system trying to jail children if they do not support parents;
do our law maker think or they do not have that much capacity to think if they jailed who will look after them…?
Same applies in Alimony too, when wife abondon husband, our GREAT law force man to pay his wife, if failed they jail him, what is the use jailing him, who will pay if jailed, these FemiNAZI funded and influenced law makers do not think beyond this, thats Pathetic situation of GREAT india (myfoot) — Editor

NEW DELHI (AFP) – Indians who neglect ageing parents could be jailed under a new law passed by parliament Thursday amid growing elderly mistreatment in a country long known for revering the old.

Elderly people are increasingly being regarded in India as a burden as nuclear families become the norm against the backdrop of rapid economic development that is fast breaking down traditions.

“With the joint family system withering away, the elderly are being abandoned,” Meira Kumar, social justice minister in the Congress party-led government, told parliament.

The legislation provides for a three months’ jail term if children do not look after old parents, Kumar said, who added “the penal provision is meant to act as a deterrent.”

India is a young country with a massive 51 percent of its 1.1 billion population younger than 25, and two-thirds below the age of 35.

But the number of elderly people is also growing with 113 million Indians expected to be older than 60 by 2016, up from 81 million now.

That figure is seen swelling to 179 million by 2026.

There are frequent reports in the Indian media of the elderly being abandoned or mistreated by their grown-up offspring.

The legislation stated “that old age has become a major social challenge and there is need to give more attention to care and protection of older persons.”

“Many older persons… are now forced to spend their twilight years all alone and are exposed to emotional neglect and lack of physical and financial support,” the bill said.

The new law, which provides for the setting up of many tribunals to provide speedy help to the old in distress, contains no room for appeal.

“This has been done deliberately as they (the children) have a lot of resources which the old people do not have,” Kumar said.

The legislation also provides for the state to set up old age homes that the minister said should be the “last resort for the poor and the childless.”

The bill applies to adult children with parents over the age of 60.

Legislators lamented the need for the legislation.

“Things have come to such a pass now that the old have to petition the government for care and help. What kind of a life is that?” said Gyan Prakash Pilania, a member of the opposition Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party.

Reports about mistreatment of the elderly range from the macabre to the tragic.

Earlier this month, the Calcutta Telegraph said police caught a man striking a deal with doctors and an organ-transplant broker to sell his aged and unsuspecting father’s kidney, first taking him to hospital for a “check-up” and then telling him he needed an operation.

Doctors were quoted as saying such a practice was commonplace.

Earlier this year in the southern city of Hyderabad, the well-off family of a 75-year-old cancer patient decided to burn her alive at a crematorium because they did not want to pay for further treatment.

She was saved when the crematorium staff noticed her stir and called police.

At the other end of the spectrum, many elderly are abandoned at railway stations and crematoriums by poor offspring who can’t afford their care.

In New Delhi alone, non-governmental organisation HelpAge India receives 300 complaints a month of bad treatment, including from parents whose children have taken their property but won’t care for them.

HelpAge has welcomed the legislation but has also said it may have little practical effect.

Most parents are too demoralised, destitute or frail — or all three — to begin a battle to get a ruling, HelpAge’s chief executive Matthew Cherian told AFP recently.

Also “very few people will want to wash their problems in public,” he said.

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51 Responses to “India passes law to punish children who abandon elderly parents”

  1. escapefromindia said

    That will definitely help the alienated people to an extend

  2. vikas said

    I agree that children have to take good care of their ageing parents. I am sur that it is the norm in 99.9 of the cases. But does the government not have any responsibility in this regard. or do they believe that everything will be made okay by passing laws. and if that was the case, the country with the most number of laws would be the happiest. isn’t it?

  3. vikas said

    please remove my above comment

  4. vikas said

    actually what I wanted to say in the top post did not come out as I wanted it stated. {Blame the english laguage} What I wanted to say was that most if not all ,people in India revere their parents. They do anything for them, and it is the children who look after their partents when they are old< unlike western countries where they are thrown into old age shelters. Thus what I waNTED TO SAY WAS THAT THE GOVERNMENT WAS TRYING to do was to collect brownie points by passing this act, and trying to show to the masses that it is them which cares for the elderly, and not the children, HOW IRONICAL? What I wanted to say was that if the government was really concerned about the elderly, they would rather bring in scemes and programs for their benefit, apart from the love of the children they already recieve

  5. vikas said

    actually what I wanted to say in the top post did not come out as I wanted it stated. {Blame the english laguage} What I wanted to say was that most if not all ,people in India revere their parents. They do anything for them, and it is the children who look after their partents when they are old< unlike western countries where they are thrown into old age shelters. Thus what I waNTED TO SAY WAS THAT THE GOVERNMENT WAS TRYING to do was to collect brownie points by passing this act, and trying to show to the masses that it is them which cares for the elderly, and not the children, HOW IRONICAL? What I wanted to say was that if the government was really concerned about the elderly, they would rather bring in scemes and programs for their benefit, apart from the love of the children they already recieve

    please cancel all of the last three comments.

    • nEAL kLUGE said

      “Things have come to such a pass now that the old have to petition the government for care and help. What kind of a life is that?” said Gyan Prakash Pilania, a member of the opposition Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party.


  6. OldCare said

    What about elderly people in India with children living in other countries? How do immigrants that have lived away from India for many years and are citizens of a different country deal with taking care of elderly parents that are very old and weak, not sick but can’t take care of themselves? How are weak, incredibly old parents in India going to be taken care of if all of their children are in a foreign country such as in Europe or the U.S.?

    • NEAL KLUGE said

      Children in US etc. have to monitor their parents in India, arrange and pay for all reasonable care. I am in such a situation and the main problem is that my father’s sister is trying to steal his house and my father’s daughter in India is trying to steal his money. Most of us in USA cannot buy a house in India as it will be illegally taken over by family members in India itself. Speak to your NRI relations and the truth will be evident.

  7. rgopi30 said

    How about the following cases.

    1. Where the mother is a bitch puts on the sacred garb of motherhood.

    2. The father is a sodomist.

    3. Severe instances of child battery.

    4. Children are abused mentally, physically financially by the so called psychopaths

    5. Parents who all their lives have been investing time and money for their retirement and screwed their childrend out of their health, education and happiness.

    6. Where the daughterinlaw is abused no end and genuine cases of severe harrasment.

    The same elders who screw youngsters when they are frail and hapless in the most reckless fashion have no claim on a offspring’s care and concern when they themselves are frail.

    I suppose the stupid government has not heard of the proverb.

    Does it apply to parents who commit adultery and endless divorces and subject their children to endless psychological tortures.

    Children have every right to get back at their parents at a later stage.

    Give your children your maturity and care when they are hapless, they shall give their youth when you are confined to a armchair.

    Let the government take care of the corruption and the financial mess of the country than putting its foot into people’s personal affairs.

    How do you define neglect. If you need to fill the potholes in the law it may even imply the the youngster not sucking up to his parents and pampering the ego.

    Belive me there are so many instances of incestuous fathers.

    Elderly neglect can be explained with facts and figures, child neglect and abuse cannot be, simply because children lack a lucid expression.

    • Priya said

      Totally agree. This is a personal domain and should be kept as such. But one need not worry on this a/c as most laws in India are never implemented. There are a million laws, people get away with anything in this country. This is just one more addition to it. A country where there is protection and safety for normal adults, women, children or anyone as such, the aged is a far fetched idea. Let them keep making laws.

      Also how are the millions of NRIs whose children live lavishly in foreign countries going to be punished for abandoning their parents? These people call their parents conveniently when they have work and then leave them to harass their siblings back here in India. The parents constantly compare the achievements of their great NRI children to the poor one’s who could not make it abroad. All the time living here. They harass their daughter in law and make their son and his wives life miserable. Such parents practicing such double standards and hypocrisy deserve to be abandoned. It is a two way street after all.

      • Mohti said

        Do all these woman respond here have their own parents ? Will they allow them to be treated like their husband’s parents.? I wonder how they can think superior compared to Americans , where many of them really love trheir parents and family.

        Indian Woman are getting cruel day by day espesially after their marriage. There are not many MEN respond here who could be put in jail but their wives respond. Many parents do not complain about their children.There is no joint family or any kind of bull shit in India nowadays so as soon as the marriage the daughter in law wants to live seperately and screw up one by one.At last the husband will be seperate from all relatives.

        These same woman go to temple, church or mosque to find peace or complain and get whatever needed. I do not see which religion tells like you completely neglect your parents and I will richly bless you ? It is getting very ugly in almost every home when the responsibility comes towards their husband parents. Woman can take care of theirown parents if they want at any extent? Can any woman answer if they don’t?
        There is only one joy in marriage is the children, as long as they are innocent, otherwise it is SCRAP with all imagination and lies.

        So the new law should become like scrap the whole marriage system and you can have children. And wife and husband should bring them up seperately at their own home until their parents die. This way the parents are also taken care and young woman will become mature woman by the TIME and will relaize what is LIFE when staying alone and bringing up child?

      • Gaurav said

        I also have to say, my father in India – who never earned a penny in his life – left home when i was 5. My mother brought us kids up – totally independently. Now I have moved to the UK and have a decent job – my father is now threatening to take me to court unless I pay a percentage of my salary. My father never earned a penny in his life – never owned a house, use to hit my mother and take her salary till he left home. Now what does law say in such cases? I’m almost scared to visit India if my father turn me to police (as he’s threatening) – and knowing him for 30 years, I know he can and will do that.
        I must note here, for last 9 years I have been paying him 4000 rupees every month, he wants a lot more and i cant afford that!

    • Sonny said

      My case is #1 and She is treatening me now because of this law. Even after I give her money for monthly expenses(including car) and built a house for her.
      I am helpless.

  8. Abcxyz said

    How about fathers who have not cared for their families when they had to provide but beating up their wife and children and did not provide for them anything but misery, low self esteem, tore apart their life of dignity, gave them shame, pain, agony, filled his tummies but never bothered if their family had the next meal, left home whenever they want and never came home for days, grabbed all that they can from their children and finally left home and married again. children had to work hard from their childhood and stood on their own feet (still struggling though) and going thru the after effects of such a wretched childhood still – Went thru all that one had to go thru a life time. Is it fair for such fathers….to continue to be a burden for their children to suck their blood till the end……??????

  9. Bessy said

    i love to see people taking care of their elderly! I am doing a history fair project on “death and aging in modern american history” and we are trying to figure out some facts about the elderly. such as how do people take care of their elderly? we know that the indians would leave them with a couple of days worth of food and go! but how else? what other ways do people take care of their elderly? we also know they can take them into their own homes or put them in a nursing home. if you know where i can find some info comment here and tell me! thank you!!!!

  10. Kumar said

    Rather a sad state of affairs when the citizens of a nation abandon their senior citizens, and the state has to take responsibility for them.

    Let us avoid being hypocritical and state once and for all, that we are no different from the supposed west…we are equally cruel, actually more so, considering there is at least a safety net in the west for the elderly.

    We live in a hard country that imagines itself to be on the verge of take off!! Quite simply a sad day when our elders are sidelined for the sake of the future!!

    Well its the Indian way!! Take care of your own lot!! To hell with the rest of us including family!!

  11. Rajni said

    How about those parents who fight non stop all there lives, and produce childern too and continue fighting until they they makes there childern’s life living hell. are those kind of parents are not subjected to any kind of punishment, they also torture there kids and leave them with low self esteem.

    • nEAL kLUGE said

      Parents should keep all their money,home,property etc. while they are alive. If the confused elderly parents ‘voluntarily’ give up large amounts of money to a child: it should be labelled theft and the law should be enforced.

  12. Amrita said

    I actually agree with the sentiment that not ALL parents are deserving of their childrens support in old age and it is WRONG for the government to make such demands and play as justice for the old people. I live in the USA and some Indian parents are so horrid and never took appropriate care of their children when they were young and now forget all this and play “poor me” game. I believe many get what they deserve when they were not the type of parents one would want to supprt

  13. vinita said

    Genuine son r harrrassed by a parents who fought all the time ,who just provided shelter ,food and basic education to son ,No love ,affection or any care. A son who is feeding his family (parents and sisters too)and studying since class 10th. Who was not allowed to buy a single thing for himself bcoz he was brother of 3 sis and whose father earnings r not enuff.who bought house for his parents .who got married acc to parents choice and tried to made his wife to do all things which make his parents happy .And she tried best still they thrown out of house when she deliverd(cysearian) ist boy child at 8pm in night with one week old baby.who still tried hard for make them happy. till 11yrs of his marriage .And after 11 yrs.when he said i cant allow u to control my physical,financial and emotional life they starts blackmailing him that they will file case of maintainance .when they already have very good bank balance and Son is ready to pay very decent amount too.And they filed 4 false cases against there daughter in law and son. and wants 50k as a maintainance and perks .when they have not given a single penny to his only son.when son was earning they kept full control of finance so everything was on there name and with them. h they tortured ,controled ,and harrassed everywhere .infact sometimes i just want to know is this is justified .One more kind of Harrassment for reasonable obedient and caring son and his wife.who have given his golden years of life to parents and sisters support.And unfortunately my husband is a son and i m his unlucky wife.
    we tried best to make them happy with in our means gave them house,money, physical and emotional support.But we were not ready to give them our life control so they r dragging us in false cases in court.Wants to wash dirty linens in public.
    We both feel really sad about our luck .Now they have filed case in Act CRPC 125 for maintainance too.This is really Disheartning and killing for me and my husband.
    PLss tell me some way out of it as now we tired and loosing all hopes.

    • nEAL kLUGE said


      Write a letter stating the above with names and mobile numbers of witnesses and mail to the parents with copy to your lawyer and the courts. Shame them as they have triedd toshameyou. Be prepared to testify in court and if you are able to prove your side of the case ask the court to try them foe false complaint and send them to jail. Hope this helps.

  14. buldog said

    “law makers do not think beyond this, thats Pathetic situation of GREAT india (myfoot) — Editor”
    it is not them who do not think or do not have mind.
    open ur eyes and look into the society. u will find 1000s of cases where children are rich enough to lookafter their parents and still ingnore to take the responsibility. nowadays only theose parents who are strong and healthy enough to take their grand children are being entertained by their children. when one is if not rich atleast have enough money to feed their parents and are not doing so should be punished. ” who will look after them if they are jailed” does not hold good. who will look after the families of a murdered who is hanged or jailed. same holds good with the alimony. if the situation is genuine and still alimony is not paid, punishment should be there. apply resonability. ur an editor. open ur eyes and c the world.

  15. buldog said

    amrutha u live in u.s. ur born there or migrated. do not fill ur self with western ideas. u will end up in a old age home. have some human instincts. how will u decide and find those “some parents”. govt makes rules for every body and not for some. u have better option come with that. i have seen 100 of families in u.s who call their parents to baby sit their children in summer.when educated people like u in u.s behave like this, think of the situation of those poor parents who brought up their children and were not being attended in the old age.
    bapu once said when invited to open an old age home ” i will not come for this i do not want to see any old age home in india”
    live amrutha live like a human being. not like a selfish “only me type one”

  16. Sidra said

    My grandfather’s brother lived in joint family and the last ten years of his life were really bad. My aunts used to have to bathe him, put him to sleep, wake up all night with him, but he was completely deteriorated–he would say madar**** to houseguests, smear his feces on the walls, and even drop his shalwar in front of his grandchildren. he had a really horrible case of dementia, and did not even recognize his children. I think he would have been better in a nursing home with daily visits. Not everything is so black and white.

  17. Sheela said

    This is definitely not an issue with one simple single solution like enacting the law and washing one’s hands away which the normal government response to most problems. There are both sides to the issue where there are genuinely elderly citizens who are neglected there are the over smart not at all innocent (scheming and shrewd) so called senior citizens who would give most youngster a run for things. Hence the mandatory part should not be included in the law. Any law can be fair only if it has heard and assessed the facts and realities of a case. Just as one shoe size doesn’t fit all this law will be more abused than appropriately used. While there should be provision for the elderly (in terms of social security and care support) a part of the responsibility also lies with the state for providing the same. Why is the law getting into a personal domain instead of directing the state to have policies for the care and protection of the elderly. I this law (which includes punishment and a jail terms for neglect) without further investigation is implemented perhaps atleast 50 per cent of our population may have to be jailed without proof not to mention the lakhs of NRIs who lead an extremely selfish and individualized lifestyle remembering parents only when its convenient and enjoying all the benefits of a developed world. How will the law catch up with them. Let there be rationality and sense in solutions and not a wish list of forced laws which will only further compound the situation. Family counseling centers and other measures will help families understand and get along better than laws.

  18. sukanta said

    pls do respect your parents.they r the one who tought us how to walk , fullful our dreams but why childrens hesitate to take care of there parents when they become old. but the childrens r forgeting one thing that one day they r going to be in their stage and their children is going to do the same thing with them.parents r god. never make them cry.

  19. zindgi said

    my father was a doctor and was never there for my grandmother. he ripped her off and settled in other city. when i grew up and strated earning my mother ripped me off and after my marriage my parents crossed the boundary and started harassing my wife to get money-they didn’t even bothered i have a duaghter and just doing hand to mouth. i went abrod to do better but there also they started blackmailing. my father took everything what me and my wife owned-even POA of my property and my wife’s jewellery, car, cash and now this crap about the law. is there anybody to listen to kids who are hardly earning anything and parents having his monthly pensio,his own home and lot of property

  20. [...] Re: China consider law which forces youngsters to look after elderly parents or face china should follow India's example where we have made such law years ago. Though its not a big problem in India as people traditionally look after their parents but as there are some increase in cases where youngsters don't look after their parents. For it, Govt. of India have enacted a law years ago where its mandatory for the childrens to look after their parents and their needs. Otherwise elderly parents can contact court and get the allowance and compensation there is also a provision for the jail term in the act. India Together: Legislative Brief on the Parents and Senior Citizens' Bill – 06 July 2007 India passes law to punish children who abandon elderly parents MyNation Foundation – News [...]

  21. NEAL KLUGE said

    The scope of the law is limited. If the child steals his/her parents’ money,home etc. then the child should go to jail. Nothing else need be said, as there are a lot of human relationships and emotions involved and every case is ( at leat slightly) different

  22. Hello,

    “FemiNAZI”!? LOL LOL I am not much fan of feminists myself, but come on!

    Anyway, it is a shame that governments have to come to this point. Children who abandon their parents do not have my sympathy (yes, because even those who are forced to seek jobs away from their parents, must find a way to be there for them even if absent).

    The Family Institution is under threat!


  23. Deepak Sharma said


    If a son don’t want to stay with parents, any law for the in Mumbai

  24. Madi said

    Children not give hospitality to parents then send to jail means? who give that? The judge or goverment. Who take this responsiblity? Same thing in maintainance case by wife. Male and female or equal mean. Why ask to your husband? Or u agree female is always below then male.

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  29. Kamala Shankar Pathak said

    i am a most unlucky father, my case is as follows :

    I have three sons, all married it is all about my elder son Raju Pathak whom i have leased my property free of cost which he had demanded me for helping him as his condition at that time was not good and he needed a loan of Rs 7 lacs to cater his business needs. I had also become the guarantor of his loan with ” Canara Bank, M.d. Road Branch kolkata.”

    As above 2 years has passed. I demanded him for my title deeds, he has denied me and is life threatening me & my other two sons. when i contacted the bank authorities they are turning deaf ears to my pain .

    I am also shocked that the value of my land & building is 40 lacs but the bank has paid him 3.5 crores, how is it possible without exchanging bribes.

    He has also filed a case against me & my other sons for eviction from my own land which I had leased him free of cost for helping him . I am in a dilemma as I have cheated my other sons who look after me as my wife has died in 2004 due to brain haemmorage caused due to mental tension given to her by my this elder son RAJU PATHAK .

    I dont know what magic Raju did upon me & CHEATED me. I am unhappy and at this age of 68 years awaitin death, I feel lonely and am running for help and Justice.

    Please advice

  30. parsuram behera said

    if son denied to look after his parents and capture the property than what is the law against hm

  31. ckpal said

    Dear Sir

    My self Mr. CK Pal, I am working in Udaipur and my problem,one my elder brother live in my native place Aligarh UP in his separate family and my old parent live in the village and time to time he torture the parent for the property but many time i have tried to resolve his problem but he do not understand and not care the old parent. Could you give the suggestion about the solution of this problem and can he legaly eligible for his current properties with care the parent. Please give your suggestion.

  32. Siddharth said

    I think this issue is quite controversial and needs a detailed assessment. There are 2 sides of the coin here. Indian parents generally bring up their kids with lot of love and care and sometimes become overprotective. This causes most Indian children to grow up and be adults but still remain kids within. This is quite opposite in case when compared to the west. In the west, Children are left to fend for themselves by 16 and are expected to work and earn for their own education and livelihood.

    Therefore Kids in the west grow up to be more individualistic and stuff like going after fathers property etc is unthinkable there. But again this is a double edged sword. Some Indian adults DO take care of their elderly parents with lots of love and care but if you look closely there you will find an air of selfishness in this care too.

    For example my elder brother who stays in my fathers house takes care of my parents only because my parents take care of baby care of their grand kids. And as far as I know my brother, the love for my parents is only because he gets to stay in my Dads huge home.

    It basically comes down to give and take.

    As far as I have seen Indian society closely, Selfless love hardly exists. It is always give and take. If Indian kids take care of their elderly parents it is only because they are expecting something in return(like their fathers property etc).

    Someone can argue with me if im wrong.

    • ckpal said

      Dear Siddharth

      Thanks your mail and I am agree to your thinks but my elder brother using my fathers properties and day to day torture and wants the more properties. I am not understanding, can he take the properties with wrangle and I am lot of problem with his behave. Could you suggest the suitable solution to control his wrangle forever. Actually we are four brother and all three working in out side of state and he is the single man that live in my village. I think his thinking is to capture the all properties.



    • Shawn said

      Well , i take care of my folks
      They dont have any property , Everything is already in my name , does that mean i throw then out ?

      This is a very sensitive topic , and each case has a different take . Its all boils down to morals of a person .

      But i feel parents should plan for retirement and not be dependant . Similarly parents should not keep kids with them once they are Adults . and let them fed for themselves.

  33. hi i am nishant vyas,my uncle and aunty has many problem with them son.he is drinker and he had throw away my uncle and aunt out of uncle and aunt suffer many problem due to them son. can u pls tell me that what i can do for both my uncle and aunt? i can use human right for this? reply me on my id :-…………pls

  34. Vincent said

    Many things depend on the daughter in law. If she is good, the house remains peaceful and intact. Now a days, good daughters in law are rare. They want only husband, and none of his relatives. The parents should not feel helpless, but fight for their rights under the law. The sons also should be firm and leave the wife, if she is not found suitable afterwards.

  35. ranju said

    hi…editor you are asking whats the use of jailing because he cant pay if he is jailed for either wife or parent.then whats the use of jailing a person who commit murder.the person died will not come back,and whats the use of jailing a person who commit theft,the money he looted will not come back.punishments are also given to deter others frm doing the same crime again.

  36. V said

    Hi.. My parents have been facing lot of problem at home with my sister. My parents are in there 70´s , mother was not feeling well had to undergo an operation. For operation they required money, so my father transferred his house on her name, so she could take loan and help them.. but just as a security! But after that things have really changed , my sister is harassing my parents now and then and asking them to leave the house. I am so far from them, that I feel so blank and pissed off I don´t know how to help them.. They live in Sonipat , haryana! Please give me some suggestions , How can I help them? are there any organizations who can stand up with them and help them to get back their house?

  37. It’s remarkable to pay a visit this web site and reading the views of all friends concerning this paragraph, while I am also eager of getting know-how.

  38. vijay said

    I want to ask one question, I got married 2 yrs back and have 1 yr child, due to company reason I shifted to other city, which is 4 hrs long… I provide 9K every month to my parents, I have younger brother, recently he get married (love marrige), My mother ask for more money by saying this amount is not enough for us, she is leaving with my brother who is financially weak than me (not so much) , I’m leaving on rent, and from few days she torcher me to take me in court if I will not give more money… she use very abuse words to me and my wife… I want to know is money is only way to solve the problems….?? I told this to my father but he also take my moms side… by saying we are old now and u should take care of us…. Recently they ask for rent from me for the room where they live, and this room is owned by my father so no way to pay a rent…
    I also have family now,
    Previously 3 members are there now 4 after my bro marriage…. my mom said your monthly money is not enough for us…
    I ask question to my bro and he said he give 4K monthly in home… Now I confused 13K is not enough for monthly…..

  39. vijay said

    Please modify leaving as living…. 3rd line 6th word

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