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Reality of dowry case

Posted by westtune4u on December 6, 2007



I am a regular viewer of IBN7. I appreciate the channel for its content. But i have one grudge. On dowry issues the channel is always biased against groom. it always projects the groom side as dowry seekers and criminals and that is why the public opionion is that all such guys are criminals and this is the reason why ther is lot of misuse of 498a and dowry related laws.

The fact in the case was the girls showed before marrige and after marrige is different and it was a forced marriage.

Before marrige they show some two beautifull girls for thier marriage.
At the time of marriage they change the girls and the poor guy came to know after marrige , it was a forced marrige and then they put false dowry case, beat them ,make them murga, make the face black and even tried to burn alive .

was it not cheating with the boys??? Why media has such a biased view??? You urself filmed Zinadagi live show depicting how poor guys are cheated by misuse of such laws. I as a viwer requests you to have a unbiased views on such controversial issues.

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