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Men to talk at domestic violence table

Posted by 498A_Crusader on October 31, 2007

Men cannot be treated like a problem. They have to be part of the solution… And we would consult them Renuka Chowdhury, Women and Child Development Minister

RENUKA CHOWDHURY has decided to consult men over domestic violence, which, she feels, will help get their side of the story and understand why it takes place.
The Women and Child Development minister took the decision after male rights organisations termed the Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act as the worst law.

“Men cannot be treated like a problem. They have to be part of the solution. And, we would consult them on how they can be part of the solution,” Renuka said.

The ministry would interact with organisations early next year to bring men on board and resolve their issues. “We would consult them on all women’s issues and try to make them part of the measures to end domestic violence.”

She, however, claimed that no case of misuse of the law has been reported from any state. In all, 7,913 cases have been registered in a year since the law came into force with Rajasthan registering the highest at 3,440.

Male rights groups like Save the Family Foundation had launched a campaign against the law citing examples of West Bengal and Orissa, where such cases have been reported.

The minister also said they are considering inclusion of children in the purview of the law after a recommendation by Lawyer’s Collective.

“Children who face direct impact of domestic violence should be protected under this civil law,” said Indira Jaisingh of Lawyer’s Collective. Law for surrogate business The minister said the Centre was preparing a law to regulate the business of surrogate mothers. India, in the absence of regulation, has witnessed a boom in the business of renting the womb with large number of NRIs and foreigners coming here.

She said most developed nations have a law for sperm donation and renting a womb but in India, no one knows who all are in this business. “We are studying laws of different countries to prepare a regulation for the Indian market. Our aim is to ensure that women are not cheated.”

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Men should participate in empowering women: Chowdhury

Posted by 498A_Crusader on October 29, 2007

Men should be involved in the process of improving the imbalanced sex ratio in the Asia Pacific region and help empower women, said Minister for Women and Child Development Renuka Chowdhury Monday.

Addressing the 4th Asia Pacific Conference on Reproductive and Sexual Health and Rights (APCRSH) here, Chowdhury said: “We must start looking at the issue of imbalanced sex ratio holistically and get the men, especially the younger lot, involved in improving the condition.

“It is important to make the men realise that empowering women doesn’t mean dis-empowering them. I think that it’s time we listen to the men’s point of view and use that to improve the situation,” Chowdhury said.

India’s population, according to the last census in 2001, was 1.03 billion, becoming the second country in the world after China to cross the one billion mark.

However, the sex ratio continues to be dismal. Between 1991-2001, 70 districts in 16 states and union territories in India recorded more than a 50-point decline in the child sex ratio.

In places like Haryana, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh and Gujarat, the sex ratio is less than 900 girls to every 1,000 boys.

According to the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), with an increase in pre-natal son selection, which is rampant in most of the Asian countries, there is bound to be dire consequences.

“To begin with, this will lead to enormous pressure on the female population which will be heavily outnumbered by males.

“A growing number of men will be unable to find wives, which in turn will lead to rise in sexual violence and trafficking in women,” Purnima Mane, deputy executive director of UNFPA, told IANS.

If the sex ratio remains the same by 2040-50, there will be a 28 million surplus male population in India.

Although it is believed that the preference for a male child in India and in many other Asian countries is because of cultural and economic reasons, Chowdhury said that she doesn’t believe that this is the case.

“Look at China. It attracts the world’s largest amount of foreign direct investments (FDI), yet its sex ratio is not ideal. Many prosperous families in India still prefer a son to a daughter.

“And as far as culture as concerned, I think it is simply a convenient excuse for people to oppress a gender,” she said.

“At the end I think that in treating the imbalanced sex ratio, men should be made equal participants. Only then can the problem be solved,” Chowdhury added.

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Wife eloped with her LOVER – Husband commit suicide

Posted by 498A_Crusader on October 29, 2007

Mumbai, Oct 29: A man strangled his two minor children to death and then hanged himself after his wife eloped with his friend here Friday.
Neighbours, in Satara Camp at Kandivli, called the police after the stench from decomposed bodies started coming from the house.

Samata Nagar senior police inspector Maruti Sakpal told IANS that police broke open the door and found Uttam Patel, 35, hanging from the ceiling. The bodies of his two children Rahul, 4, and Archana, 6, lay on the floor.

A suicide note left by Uttam, a labourer, said he deeply loved his wife Anita and decided to take the extreme step as she had betrayed him.

Earlier this week, Anita left Uttam’s house taking with her their third child Aarti, 2, and Shilpa, 8, born from her previous marriage.

Sakpal said police nabbed Anita and her companion from a nearby colony and were interrogating them for further leads.

Source : IANS

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Woman held for murdering husband

Posted by 498A_Crusader on October 29, 2007

New Delhi, Oct 29: Delhi Police Sunday arrested a 28-year-old woman for allegedly murdering her husband in collusion with her paramour.

Police also arrested Parminder Kaur’s 24-year-old paramour Mandeep Singh, a taxi driver, who allegedly battered Harbhajan Singh to death in his sleep Saturday night at the victim’s home in Sadiq Nagar of South Delhi.

Police said the victim’s landlord found bloodstains on the staircase of his house Sunday morning, and went upstairs to the first-floor quarters of the couple, where he found Harbhajan’s body wrapped in a bed sheet and his wife asleep in another room.

The landlord then informed police to whom the woman confessed her role in the murder.

She told police that Mandeep had family relations with her but later both grew intimate.

She told police that her husband had began suspecting her extra-marital relation and that she planned to marry with Mandeep, leaving her husband and four kids.

Source : IANS

//Editor Note :
Poor husband did not know, this is india, and wife can sleep with her lover,and husband should not object her extra marital affair.
It is his mistake that he found out,and she has right to KILL him for stoping her;because she is a Victim as per Prostitutes of NCW, and women organisations.

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Triple talaq not valid in some cases: court

Posted by 498A_Crusader on October 29, 2007

New Delhi, Oct 29 (IANS) In a judgement with far-reaching consequences, the Delhi High Court has said the triple talaq pronounced by a husband in anger or not communicated to the wife within a certain period would not be valid.

“If a talaq is pronounced in extreme anger where the husband has lost control of himself it would not be effective or valid. And if the pronouncement is not communicated to the wife, who is not present on the spot, it would also not take effect,” Justice B.D. Ahmed said in a recent judgement.

The court was hearing a plea from Masroor Ahmed, an accounts professional, seeking the quashing of a criminal complaint of rape his wife Aisha Anjum had filed against him in the Preet Vihar police station here.

The husband, in a fit of anger, had pronounced talaq in her absence in October 2005, but the two had come to live together again after that.

Aisha had filed a first information report (FIR) with the police under the Muslim Personal Law alleging that Masroor had raped her during April 13-19, 2006, the period she was in her matrimonial home.

The court said, “The purported talaq of October 2005 was invalid as the essential ingredients of pronouncement, communication and attempt at reconciliation, are absent. The petitioner and the complainant continued as husband and wife during the relevant period (i.e., 13.04.2006 to 19.04.2006).”

The court held that since the couple’s divorce was invalid, the husband’s physical relationship with his legally wedded wife, subsequent to his pronouncement of a talaq, would not amount to rape.

In October 2005, Masroor, who works in Bangalore, reached Delhi but his wife, complaining dowry harassment from the parents-in-law, had moved out and was staying with her daughter in a rented place.

When Masroor came to know about the situation he pronounced triple talaq in anger though she was not present there and the pronouncement was not communicated to her.

She came to know about it from her brother-in-law who was present on the spot at the time of pronouncement.

Justice Ahmed said, “There was no attempt at reconciliation in the manner suggested in the Quran either before or after the purported pronouncement of talaq in October 2005. Consequently, the marital ties of the petitioner and the complainant subsisted during the relevant period. Therefore, the offence of rape is not made out even on the basis of allegations contained in the complaint.

“It (triple talaq) is an innovation which may have served a purpose at a particular point of time in history but if it is rooted out such a move would not be contrary to any basic tenets of Islam or the Quran or any ruling of the Prophet Muhammad,” said Justice Ahmed.

The court said the “harsh abruptness” of triple talaq has brought about extreme misery to women and even the men who are left with no chance to undo the wrong or any scope to bring about reconciliation.

The judgement will have a bearing on cases of triple talaqs pronounced by husbands in anger or in an inebriated state.

Source : IANS

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Consensual sex with a minor amounts to rape: SC

Posted by 498A_Crusader on October 29, 2007

NEW DELHI Oct 29: Consensual sex with a minor amounts to rape, the Supreme Court has ruled holding that a person who induces or procures a minor for rape by another person, and not by himself, can only be held guilty under IPC sections dealing with ‘procuration of minor girl’.

The Supreme Court said an offence under IPC section 366A will be made out only if the procuration of a minor is done by the accused for the benefit of a third person and not for himself.

Saying that even consensual sex with a minor girl who is below the age of 16 years is deemed to be ‘rape’, the Supreme Court upheld conviction of a man from Kerala for rape but acquitted him of charges of procuring the minor girl even though he had induced the victim to accompany him to a neighboring state.

Under Section 366 A ‘whoever, by any means whatsoever, induces any minor girl under the age of eighteen years to go from any place or to do any act with intent such girl may be, or knowing that it is likely that she will be, forced or seduced to illicit intercourse with another person, shall be punishable with imprisonment which may extend to ten years, and shall also be liable to fine.’

Convict Iqbal was sentenced to three years imprisonment by a sessions court in Kerala for committing the rape of a minor girl, whom he had allegedly taken away from Thrissur district with her consent to Coimbatore in the neighboring Tamil Nadu.

Besides, convicting the accused to three years for rape, the sessions court convicted him to two years for the offence under Section 366A, procurement of minor.

Iqbal filed an appeal before the apex court after the Kerala High Court upheld his conviction for rape and offence under Section 366A.

A bench of Justices Arijit Pasayat and P Sathasivam noted that in this case the prosecution was able to establish that the girl who was less than 14 years had left in the company of the accused on her own will and she was not forced into a sexual intercourse with any person other than the accused.

“Since the essential ingredient that the intercourse must be with a person other than the accused has not been established, Section 366A has no application,” the apex court said.

However, the bench upheld the conviction of Iqbal for the offence under Section 376 IPC (rape) as even consensual sex with a minor is deemed to be rape for which a person can be convicted.

Source : PTI

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Open Letter to the United States Congress – From China.

Posted by 498A_Crusader on October 28, 2007

PLEASE SIGN PETITION Here  [ I Support the Human Rights Torch Relay ]

For : Human Rights Torch

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen in the United States Senate and House of Representatives,

Most respectful greetings from Gao Zhisheng! Allow me to express my sincere gratitude for your kind consideration and support in the past year to me and the values I am pursuing.

In the past two months, I have twice read the Debates in the Federal Convention of 1787 by James Madison, and admired the freedom and democratic constitution that China has not been able to enjoy.

There is a saying in China, “a bite when hungry is better appreciated than a feast when full.” Likewise, your persistence is especially precious given the almost total silence, or even subservience, of the mainstream international world in the past few years to the tyranny of the Chinese communist regime, a parvenu government that stops at no evil.
Your persistence is a symbol of the light of humanity. The persistence you and many others show in refusing to collaborate with this fascist government is a strong wall that the overbearing communist regime cannot stride over. This persistence is a buoy that keeps the oppressed from being completely drowned by darkness, and it is the hope and source of strength for the downtrodden Chinese people who are struggling for human rights. It will keep us going with our peaceful protest. You and other people of conscience are an important force that makes it possible for Chinese people to peacefully abandon the tyranny and to establish a free, democratic, and civilized new China.

I am not a politician. I promise that you won’t see any rhetoric, distortion, or pretence in this letter. Experience teaches us that though the world can be very critical, people often favor counterfeited virtues. This rule is brought to extremes in my country by those who vilify the good and glorify evil. In the past two years, the Chinese communist regime has demonstrated every vile act one can and cannot imagine during their efforts to silence me. As if to prove their determination to destroy human feelings and conscience at all costs, the regime ordered at least four secret police to maintain continuous, intimate man-to-man surveillance on my 3-year-old son. My 12-year-old daughter was “privileged” to an even higher level of treatment with six to ten male and female secret police at her heels day and night, month after month, even when she was in the classroom. All my family members have been followed around by secret police and have been illegally detained many times.
During this period, my wife and children suffered repeated brutal assaults. The regime is determined to stop at nothing to persecute me, only because I stick to my conscience and responsibility as a human being.
Behavior that is commonly considered to be too degrading for human beings is enforced in my country as political tasks.

Today, as we approach the Beijing Olympic Games, I ask you to pay attention to the ongoing human rights disaster in China, and wish you to forward my appeal to the whole world. I ask to you to seriously consider the true value of morality, justice, and humanity, as well as to what extent such values are undermined in China. More and more Chinese people are speaking out against the coming Olympic Games in China, which they often refer to as “the bloody Olympics” and “the handcuff Olympics.” They are protesting the need for human rights, not the Olympic Games. Recently Mr. Jacques Rogge expressed to the Chinese media that he would not be moved by these “desperate and indignant” voices.
Meanwhile, Mr. Rogge asked people not to politicize the Olympic Games.
Though I have very positive feelings about the Olympic Games, I am not willing to rebuke Mr. Rogge for his dereliction of duty to defend the ethical values of the Olympics. But it is necessary to remind Mr. Rogge that the Chinese communist regime treated the application and hosting of the Olympic Games exactly as an important political task.

Everything related to the Olympics is regarded as a political issue.
Liu Qi, China’s key person in charge of these Olympics, himself said that it is a “supreme political task” to ensure that every need of the Olympic Games is met. This is a simple and commonly recognized fact in China. What the Chinese authorities failed to predict is how wildly the corrupted officials are taking advantage of the Olympics. Under the name of securing the success of the Olympic Games, all kinds of evils have been committed in broad daylight, including forced eviction, illegal arrests and persecution of people who petition to the authorities, and suppression of religious people. It is plain as day to all Chinese people that, with success in hosting the Olympic Games, the communist regime is trying to achieve two goals. First, it tries to prove to Chinese people that the world is still acknowledging the Party as a legal government despite all the tyranny and all the horrible crimes against humanity the Party has committed during the past decades at the cost of at least 80 million Chinese lives. Second, it wants to prove to the world the Party still has power over China and still enjoys people’s full support. As more Chinese people are waking up and rising to demand the end of tyranny, the call for human rights is louder and louder. Under such circumstances, the Chinese communist regime has developed a twisted but fragile mentality and a freakish obsession with maintaining stability and ensuring the Olympic Games at all costs.

A recent incident in Beijing reflects the regime’s fear of the people. An old man persevered in petitioning against forced eviction that robbed him his home until his last breath. At his funeral, Beijing police sent hundreds of policemen and unidentified personnel in 59 police vehicles (mostly buses) to surround the old man’s residence to prevent people from attending the unyielding old man’s funeral that was held there. Such shameful crimes against people of conscience have been going on for decades. A Heilongjiang farmer, Yang Chunlin, was robbed of his land. He was arrested for “inspiring” after he cried out, “We want human rights, not the Olympic Games.” In recent years, the illegal arrests of innocent people have gone beyond limits.

Dear friends, as a Chinese I cherish profound love for my homeland and our suffering people. I also long to see the day when the Olympic Games are held in China. But when I remember the social environment of China, and how the Olympic Games will be used here, my conscience and sense of justice make my heart ache. As you know, today in China those who connect the Olympics with human rights are immediately hunted down by the communist regime and its gang as “the enemy of the state,” “the sinner of the people,” and “the destroyer of social harmony.”

We do not support, nor pretend to support an Olympic Games that are used as a political tool. Nor can we support or pretend to support an Olympic Games that has no consideration for human conscience, justice, and morality. In a world where the mainstream political forces value profit above everything else, where morality is sneered at, we tried in vain to urge the Olympic Games to perform its duties. But still, I choose to voice myself in a way that almost led to the annihilation of my whole family. I choose to present to the international community what is happening in China, things that are totally against the Olympic spirit, though at this moment people are busy congratulating themselves on what they have gained in the coming Olympic Games. I choose to do so despite the danger I may bring to myself, because I consider it my obligation as a human being and a Chinese person.

The Chinese Communist Party is a criminal group that operates under the protection of national political powers. It is essential to realize its criminal nature so that we can make the right decisions. I know clearly that due to the greed for profit not many people would publicly acknowledge this observation, while too many people will just pretend they don’t believe it. It is widely agreed that for any legal government, it is a natural and basic moral standard to carry out the constitutional law. But in China, this rule is publicly abandoned, and the government that has been tirelessly violating the constitutional law has become the obstacle to people’s basic rights. People’s rights by constitutional law have become an eternal catch. The only law that the communist regime treat with any seriousness is “the constitutional law ensures the permanent reign of the Chinese Communist Party in China.”

I. The Ongoing Bloody Religious Persecution
The virtues taught by true beliefs means only disaster to the evil.
Though the freedom of belief is regulated by China’s constitutional law, the communist regime has never stopped fighting people’s right in choosing their own beliefs, a right that is justified by human nature. On the other hand, without a court that can enforce the constitutional law, the law has no effective binding. Even so, the communist regime takes pains to make sure the constitutional law is completely suffocated with numerous orders and regulations (for example the Regulation on Religious Affairs issued by the State Council of China). The bloody persecution of Falun Gong starting from 1999 has surpassed all evils ever done.
In the past eight years, over 3000 Falun Gong practitioners have been confirmed to be killed, and countless injured. Hundreds of thousands of practitioners have been sent to labor camps. Millions were illegally detained in the countless brainwashing camps established in every corner in China by the notorious 610 Office, an agency founded to lead the persecution of Falun Gong. Such brainwashing camps require even simpler admitting procedures while the methods used to “educate” the practitioners are shockingly cruel. Tens of millions have been persecuted in various forms. A large number of children have been expelled from school only because their parents practice Falun Gong. Some of the children were left unattended or even homeless after their parents were arrested.
(Since last August my daughter has met many such children who lingered at the gate of her school. The children, though homeless, came up to my daughter to express their condolences and support. Our hearts ached for these children.) The eight-year long suppression of Falun Gong is so far the most long-lasting and the most serious human disaster in China and in the world. This is why I am emphasizing it early in this letter. As for proof of this persecution, I would like to recommend the investigative report I composed after doing an investigation myself to report legally acceptable evidence that I collected as an attorney. One of the cases in the report involves 28-year-old Liu Boyang, holder of a medical degree, and his mother, who were both Falun Gong practitioners.
The mother and son were tortured to death within less than ten days in the same building. The last nights before their deaths, the two could hear each other’s painful cries during the torture. Before the cries died with them, the police never stopped torturing them. What the Chinese police did to them is a record of shame in human history. By the time I was writing my third open letter to the Chinese leaders, the corpses of the mother and son were still kept by the 610 Office that killed them. Some other victims are still alive to testify about the persecution.

So today I will take the liberty to ask you, and ask all of mankind, the following questions:
1. Are the eight-year long persecution of Falun Gong and the crimes
against humanity committed by the Chinese Communist Party only a problem for the victims? Or are they problems for mankind?
2. Are the CCP (Chinese Communist Party)’s genocide and crimes
against humanity a threat only to the victims, or to the moral values of the entire human society?
3. Is mankind capable of dealing with such state-run crimes against humanity? Here three sub questions may be asked:
1). Does today’s society have the courage and conscience to stand up against the genocide?
2). If yes, do we have the capability to stop it?
3). Judging by the definition of crimes against humanity and genocide given in international laws, a large number of CCP officials meet all the criteria for both crimes, including Jiang Zemin, Luo Gan, Zhou Yongkang, and Liu Jing.

As for evidence, they are nothing but ample. So after all, it is a question of whether the mainstream society around the world has the sense of responsibility and courage to honestly face this evidence. The evidence includes,

A. For each of the over 3000 confirmed cases who were persecuted to death (the number is still growing thanks to our inaction), we have:
1. their full name, date of birth, ID, and address
2. detailed account of how they were tortured to death
3. documents to prove their deaths
4. their corpse, ashes, and tomb
5. testimony from their living families or friends
6. evidence for their arrests in most cases
7. for those whose organs were removed, the sewing stitched on the body and the telephone conversation record with involved hospitals
8. large numbers of photos of the dead bodies
9. the people responsible for the killing are still alive and can be investigated

B. Many Falun Gong practitioners were never heard from since their arrest. Their families can testify.
C. Over 100 thousand survivors who can testify about the torture they suffered, such as electric shock, torture by particularly made tools, and pricking by sharp bamboo sticks.
D. Tens of thousands of surviving Falun Gong practitioners who were detained in labor camps
E. those who are still jailed in labor camps
F. millions who used to be detained in the brainwashing camps
G. those who are still detained in the brainwashing camps
H. a large but unidentified number of children who were expelled from school and left homeless
I. tens of millions who lost their jobs and financial sources, who lost their freedom and were not allowed to leave China
J. people of conscience within the CCP system

4). The issue all of us have to face is whether to pursue punishment [of the criminals]. Is China an exception when it comes to public international law for its crimes against humanity and genocide? We should not the ignore difficulties of starting this process due to the power of the CCP, but it is feasible, possible, and necessary from the perspective of international law to pursue criminal procedural punishment [against the criminals].

I have written a lot about the Falun Gong issue, as the persecution of Falun Gong is the worst disaster to human nature in this era. It does not mean, however, that the rights of other religious groups in China are not violated. The CCP’s continuous suppression of Christian family churches is comparable to the shocking persecution of Falun Gong.
Except for large cities such as Beijing and Shanghai, where people strongly oppose the persecution and force the dictators to lower the level of persecution, the persecution in townships and villages toward family church members are no different from the disaster suffered by Falun Gong practitioners. In my hometown, a small county, the number of arrested, detained, and robbed family church members each year is far beyond persecuted Falun Gong practitioners, and this illegal persecution has been going on for a long time. Based on my research on the persecution toward family church members in Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region, the CCP has trained a group of police to focus on harassing, persecuting, and suppressing family church members. Just recently Mr. Zhou Tong and others in Xinjiang were illegally detained. The CCP’s persecution of Christians is an open secret.

In recent years, the CCP has also escalated the level of brutality and cruelty of its persecution toward Tibetan Buddhists.

II. Brutal Persecution of People’s Freedom and Rights
Freedom is one of the most important spiritual factors of a human being. In addition to physical needs, man also has his equally important spiritual needs, which is a blessing given by God. However, the Chinese people are ruthlessly deprived of this blessing. In China, freedom is not only a luxury item, but it also regarded as a dangerous item by the dictators. The suppression of people’s longing for freedom is against human nature and against heavenly principles.
Freedom of speech and freedom of the press are basic indicators of a civilized society, are the main factors in modern world freedoms, and they are also the basic part of social freedom. For a country without rule by law, freedom of speech and freedom of the press are the only ways to ensure people’s rights and safety. Without this freedom, one can imagine how unabashed the dictators are and how helpless the suppressed groups are. The CCP has always taken the control of media as a key political task. It focuses on using technology to control the media, and ignores the factor of morality. Recently, especially in the past three or four years, along with people waking up to pursue their rights and freedom, the CCP has been paranoid and has tried to use every method to control the media. It has created shocking incidents suppressing people who practice their rights of freedom following the law. In the past two years, Mr. Zheng Yichun, Mr. Yang Tianshui, Mr. Guo Qizhen, Mr. Guo Feixiong, Mr. Yang Zhengxue, Mr. (Wang) Lihong and a large number of other renowned online writers were illegally detained, and more recently, the CCP illegally arrested Mr. Lu Gengsong and harassed his family.

Recently, the CCP’s Ministry of Public Security issued an urgent notice to order LDC to shut down all forums, blogs, and other online information exchange platforms before the 17th National Congress. If one center is found to have more than seven sites of online platforms, it will be shut down and heavily fined. This is another evil campaign to illegally suppress the media.

Freedom of association is regarded as a threat by dictators. In a country without freedom of association, people have no way to defend themselves from the brutal dictatorship. How can a group of people without any connection, as a result of lack of freedom of association, challenge a regime fortified with wealth and weapons? The feeling of fragility and frustration of Chinese people is beyond imagination for those in a democratic country. In China, the whole nation is subdued by a small group of criminals focusing on attacking and persecuting people, one group after another. Even the thought and speech about establishing another political party is regarded as a first-level terrorist event and illegally suppressed.

III. Furious Suppression of the Rights Defense Movement
In recent years, the CCP has furiously suppressed the Chinese peoples’ rights defense movement to the edge of lunacy. A typical example is the case of Chen Guangcheng. When Chen Guangcheng, a blind man and a human rights defender, learned of family planning abuses in Linyi City, Shandong Province through his own investigation, he made public the CCP’s practice of forced abortions and sterilizations. Chen voiced that a human being should be allowed to come out, to the country and the world. However, his single voice caused the whole Chinese communist regime to panic. Their reaction was not to stop the continuation of these crimes committed throughout the entire country, but to exert brutal persecution against the upright and brave hero Chen Guangcheng, along with his innocent wife, young son, and elderly mother in her seventies.

The CCP’s birth control policy is the largest genocide in the history of mankind. Millions of unborn each year have lost of their lives simply because a few dictators made such a policy. (The Chinese regime officially released figures that the birth control policy has helped prevent 400 million births in the last 20 years). Common people who have not obeyed the policy have received extremely harsh punishment. The startling evidence of these excessive crimes by the CCP that blind Chen Guangcheng happened to “witness” and expose to the publicthese are just a small fraction of the long list of the CCP’s countless crimes.

In such cruel and inhuman ways, the CCP suppresses and persecutes the populace. Since Chen helped local villagers in their attempt to sue the local authorities in Linyi city for carrying out an illegal policy of forced abortions and sterilizations that reportedly affected thousands of local women, Chen has suffered severe beatings, illegal detentions, false accusations, and his family has also encountered endless harassment and persecution. The CCP has been criticized as being completely insane and inhumane, which is very true. The CCP has no regard for consequences and commits crimes at all costs. The CCP knows clearly to what an excessive and heinous extent it has committed crimes against humanity, the people, and the country, and that the atrocities are startling. On one hand, they continue to deceive people and commit crimes. On the other hand, the CCP covers its lies and crimes at any cost. The whole Party focuses its effort into covering up its lies and crimes, which is labeled as “political awareness” among all levels of government organizations and CCP committees.

Here I want to remind the ladies and gentlemen of the open letter to Hu Jintao, written by the prominent human rights defender Guo Feixiong’s wife, which contains a detailed account of Guo’s horrifying experience in a year-round prison. Guo is a human rights defender of complete integrity in both personality and conduct. His firm determination and persistence in his human rights work threw the communist regime into panic. In two years, Guo was detained three times, during which he had his first hunger strike for 40 days and second for 59 days. The letter revealed how the communist dictatorial system had blatantly tortured Guo against humanity and civilization:

“According to Guo’s attorney Mo Shaoping, during a prison visit on September 29, 2006, Guo told Mo that he was subjected to around-the-clock interrogation for 13 days. Guo had gone on hunger strike for 15 days in protest against the torture he had received since his detainment on September 14, on suspicion of ‘illegal business activity.’

“During his detention, he was subjected to physical abuse and was handcuffed and shackled to his bed for 42 days. Guo experienced the worst treatment after being transferred to a detention center in Shenyang City, Liaoning Province. There interrogators heavily beat him, shackled his hands behind his back, and sat him on a tiger bench or stool. As a result, overpressure from the torture damaged his shoulder joints. Even more brutally, the police, headed by Tao Zhongge and Yang Naixin, applied a high-voltage electric baton to his genitals. On August 7, Guo told his attorney that this brutality of viciously and continuously striking his genitalia damaged his health and led to incurable injury on his body. “All of this to us is just like nightmares that we cannot get away from. In the past two or three years, the precipitous, cruel reality around us has become the main theme of our lives. How can the world become so absurd, and where on Earth will it drive people to? If we hadn’t personally experience the suffering and pain, we could not believe such incomprehensible things happen around us.

“President Hu Jintao, what I have seen is this: your face looks calm and smiling, shown along the headlines of major newspapers; your manner of statesmanship plays well in domestic and international news; moreover, you are often found to be associated with bright events and warm scenes. But here, at this moment, I have to tell you a story that one cannot bear to listen, as if it had happened in some other world.

“What is actually going on in my life? Why has all of this happened?
Does the harmonious society people dream about and long for exist? How far is it from my life? How far are true human rights away from us? To the wrath and indignity of all, on February 12, 2007, they extorted a confession from Guo after they used electric batons to beat his genitals, but they were not quite satisfied. On the night of March 19, police officers dragged him into the secret place where he was interrogated the last time and reportedly beat him. They tortured him the same way they would treat a death row prisonerwith his face covered up and hands tied, they beat him fiercely; moreover, they reached the electric baton into his pants and struck his genitals for approximately five or six minutes continuously.”

I’m not be able to see your facial expressions after you hear these stories of how Hu’s regime treats people of conscience. Few people in China would be surprised about hearing such things. Indeed, this is because our government has conducted this savage behavior too much and for too long. Among both male and female Falun Gong practitioners I have been in contact with, the majority of them were tortured and humiliated through the assaulting or shocking of their reproductive organs with electric batons.

Since the beginning of this year, there have been large-scale forced abductions of appellants in Beijing, Shanghai, and other cities. The bloody violence occurring in broad daylight is shocking.

IV. Evil Conduct of Stealing People’s Private Property
The Constitution of the Chinese communist regime also regards the protection of private property as a constitutional principle. However, for over half a century, the regime has conducted enormous and indescribable crimes against property owners. As stated by Jean-Jacques Rousseau, to build a country, people “need such a communion, use the group’s strength to protect every member’s life and property.” The United States is fortunate in that legislators came into being after the War of Independence. China’s disaster is that after the civil war, we became ruled under a militant, imperious regime that continues to steal people’s property and whose evil habits have almost become its second nature.

Using property rental as an example, on January 18, 1956, the secretary of the CCP Central Committee stipulated a policy called “Management and Leasing of Properties (by Government)” which ordered private property owners to turn in their properties to the government. The government would then take control over the leasing and management of all these properties, giving a symbolic rent fee to the property owner at a shockingly low rate. This campaign affected 700 thousand households with the government taking over approximately 130 million square meters of private property. In Beijing alone, six thousand households were ordered to turn in their properties, which amounted to 199,147½ houses. It was later revealed that this round of plunder was another massive robbery of private property after the Land Reform and the Socialist Reform. However, this round of robbery was different from the two previous ones in two aspects. First, the constitution was already in place at the time; second, the government had issued a property ownership certificate for all these confiscated properties. Therefore, this very government showed another aspect of itselfbeing a rascal and scoundrel regime. As of now, it still occupies these properties and refuses to return them to their rightful owners. Most of these property owners suffered tremendously from the “Management and Leasing of Properties” policy.

Jinglun Ning’s family used to own 18½ houses in Beijing, which were turned in to the government in 1958. When the official made a mistake when evaluating the rent, Jinglun, who was 17 at the time, voiced his opinion. As a result, he was branded as having “political problems” and was sentenced to four years plus four months’ forced labor. His mother was held in a detention center for five days. During the Cultural Revolution, his father and elder brother were beaten to death, due to the issues arising from government “leasing and managing” of their houses. He himself was labeled as a counter-revolutionary, and was driven out of Beijing with his mother. These houses have not been returned to the family as of today. Lianfu Ma and his sister were two other residents in Beijing. Their parents passed away when they were still at a young age. They depended on the rental income from their inherited 16½ houses to make a living. After the “Management and Leasing of Properties” campaign in 1958, the government only gave them 15.61 yuan per year in rent. As a result, they became homeless. Staff from Tiantanghe Farm forcibly took them to perform labor. It was not until 1992 did they return to Beijing, jobless and houseless. These two elderly people had suffered all kinds of sad plights. Even today, the government periodically puts them under house arrest during major festivals and CCP celebration events. Today, hundreds of thousands of victims of the “Management and Leasing of Properties” policy and their heirs are still struggling with difficulties on their way to appeal year-in and year-out. On December 15, 2006, the CCP’s Construction Administration Department issued a No. [2006]208 document regarding housing, emphasizing that “properties confiscated under the ‘Management and Leasing of Properties’ policy are explicitly owned by the state. Ownership status must not be changed.” The document also instructed local authorities to pay attention to these properties as they are “political” issues and “sensitive” in nature. It reads: “For issues related to these properties, no one is allowed to conduct interviews or report these issues without approval from the Construction Administration Department.” Millions of people’s ownership rights to their properties were thus denied by part of an unconstitutional document.

In today’s China, those who are in power are indeed worthless in terms of virtue and conscience. More horrible than the fact that they are worthless in terms of virtue and conscience is that they gained power precisely due to their lack of virtue and conscience. The rich do not even spare a tiny portion of their wealth to benefit society. They are more concerned about maintaining the status quo than changing it. They colluded with a political clique despised by all and respected by none.
They use the excuse that their parent’s generation had made indescribable accomplishments to justify today’s dictatorship, grasping and protecting their privileges in a die-hard manner. The barrels of guns, police, and prisons are all that account for their “spiritual” wealth.
Without virtue or conscience, they stop at no evil; they do not even have a bottom line when committing evil. They never concern themselves with how negatively people will evaluate them and hate them, because they can resort to the above-mentioned “spiritual” wealth. The massive and common hatred against this political clique constitutes another “possession” in their life, on top of all their existing evilness.

In the last 15 years, this political clique forcibly tore down civilians’ private houses to the extent of being completely irrational. They have forcibly torn down countless houses of the poor; it is no different than stripping the clothes off a person suffering poverty in the cold of winter. Their crimes do not just stop here. For a long time, they have combated the appeals and accusations of the victims relentlessly by means of terror and duress.

Take Shanghai as an example. For over a decade, courageous local
citizens went to Beijing, one group after another, to expose the crimes of Ju Huang, Liangyu Chen, Zheng Han, Yungeng Liu, Zhiming Wu, and others.
Many of them lost their lives in doing so; many endured illegal surveillance, home ransacking, detention, forced labor, imprisonment, being sent to mental hospitals, harassment, having their phones tapped, and all kinds of suppression. Recently, 215 courageous Shanghai citizens, including the renowned human rights lawyer Enchong Zheng, wrote an open letter to the CCP’s chairman Hu Jintao, enumerating the crimes committed by the political clique in Shanghai that had harmed people’s personal rights and property rights to the extreme. They wrote in their open letter: “By hook or by crook, they drove 2.8 million Shanghai citizens from the center of the city to the suburban area, and forcibly confiscated the farm land and tore down the residences originally belonging to one million farmers in the suburbs. For more than a decade, Shanghai has been the origin and center of forceful land appropriation and coercive residence teardowns to force people to move. In the past two years alone, the city government of Shanghai organized 4,000 cadres from the appeals office to serve as a large-scale “blocking” force to prevent victims from appealing; the government also organized a “roughneck team” to commit violence against civilians in order to implement the city’s plan to appropriate land. Civilians’ bodies were brutalized; sometimes their lives were taken away; all channels to appeal were completed blocked. Since 2006, citizens beaten to death include Huimin Duan, Ronglin Du, Rong Dai, Xiaoming Chen, and others. Some were detained in mental hospitals where they suffered severe mental torture. In this two-year period, civilians who have had their homes ransacked include Dahua Zhou, Yalian Ma, and 14 other families, including two anonymous families. Mentally sound individuals who were held in mental hospitals include Xinjuan Liu (detained six times), Chunxiang Lu (detained twice), and Lingling Hong (still detained as of now). So far, in 2007, three people have been beaten to death. They were Huimin Duan, Xiaoming Chen, and Dahua Zhou.

V. The Environmental Disaster Will Block Chinese One Quarter of the World Population’s Future
We do not ignore some of the economic success the Chinese Communist Party has “accomplished” in certain forms, but these “accomplishments” are at the cost of destroying human justice, morals, and conscience. In 2005, the Environmental Bureau Director said, If our environmental protection measures could not closely follow economic developments, our economic miracle would end. The economic miracle is turning into real life disasters. The blue green algae incident in Taihu Lake (located in Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province) proved that the CCP does not care if there is water to drink tomorrow, as long as there is GDP today. The energy consumption for each 10,000 yuan of production in China is seven times higher than that in Japan, and three times higher than in India. A quarter of the land in China has been turned into desert, at a rate of 1,900 square miles more desert per year. According to a Xinhua News Agency report, ninety percent of the underground water is polluted in most cities. Seventy-five percent of the water flowing through the cities is not suitable for drinking, and the fish in it are not suitable for eating. The environmental protection measures are window dressing in form, just like the window dressing style economy. It is even more hopeless that small rivers and lakes covering the whole country are all unbelievably polluted. These small bodies of water are the foundation of the nation’s environment, but they are not included in the protection list.

VI. Farmers
The economic development did not widely benefit the farmers. Most countrysides are still poor and are unimaginably underdeveloped. Even though there is no more farming tax, this tax was merely one of the reasons for the poverty. Its cancellation did not help reduce the degree of poorness. Chinese Law says that the farming fields all belong to the State or the Group, while the group is totally controlled by the State power. The logic is: “The State owns the fields, the CCP rules the State, and the CCP is run by the bureaucrats.” Therefore, the CCP bureaucrats are the biggest landlord, because they own all the fields in China. Millions of farmers in China labor all of their lives on these fields, but do not own any of it. This is extremely unfair.

Currently in China, there are 120 million city laborers who are countryside residents. They are the biggest slave group in human history. They are not treated with dignity. They have to do hard labor in very severe conditions and are only paid $1.50 or less per day. Even with such low salaries, payment is often delayed by employers. Although there are more than 100 million farmers laboring in the cities, they are deprived of the right to form unions and can only face the corrupted government powers individually. Obviously, they form an extremely weak social group in front of the strong government, which is the fundamental reason why they are encroached upon.

After the June 4th massacre happened in 1989, corruption accelerated.
The economic reform, led by corrupted officials, followed a phenomenon of ignoring lower-level people’s benefits everywhere. The majority of Chinese are farmers, farmer city laborers, early retired workers, and other groups that are weak and helpless. During the “Medicare Reform,” seventy percent of Chinese were excluded from the system. Expensive medical costs deprived them of the possibility of visiting a doctor.
Hence, tragedies happened in quite a lot of the countryside. Elderly people would commit suicide to solve their illness problems. The “Enterprise Education” after 1989 also manifested into severely harming the lower-level people’s rights. Even though there was supposed to be nine years of “free” education, there was a lack of State financial support in many regions. High tuition caused middle and higher education to become a nightmare to lower-level people. The increasingly corrupted State Power monopolized the education system and made education into a money machine of the academic bureaucrats. At the same time, in order to pay children’s tuition, the lower-level parents are squeezed out every last penny and down to their last drop of energy, many suicides happened to parents as soon as their children were admitted into a college. The government statistics showed that the bureaucrat group used 400 billion yuan of State funds each year on banquets, another 400 billion yuan on touring, and another 400 billion yuan on public-owned vehicles.

VII. Extremely Unjust Legal System
Today, the unjust, extremely illegal behavior of the corrupted legal agencies and officials is seen, such as issuing documents to block citizens from safeguarding their human rights to echoing State powers to rob the people. The agencies are not allowed to accept cases regarding the forceful destruction of personal housing, not allowed to accept cases of farmers losing their fields, not allowed to accept cases about government-managed private rental housing, not allowed to accept cases for retired military personnel, not allowed to handle early retirement cases, not allowed to process Falun Gong cases… There is no bottom line to safeguard legal matters. Typical examples are happening in Hebei Province and Inner-Mongolia Autonomous Region such as Mr. Nie Shubin’s murder. In order to cover the crime, the legal system refused to chase true killer. The legal personnel’s humanity and morals are lower than the murderer’s.

VIII. Daily Disasters Are Common
People suffer disasters on a daily basis. For instance reported on August 30, 2007, on Nanfang Zhoumo (Southern Weekends): On July 29, flooding in the Sanmenxia Coal mine in Henan Province, trapped 69 miners underground. On August 14, 2007, the Fenghuang Bridge in Hunan Province, which was still under construction, collapsed and killed 64. On August 17, flooding in the Huayuan Coal Mine in Xintai City, Shandong Province, trapped 172 miners underground and they have still not been rescued today, more than 30 days later. They are given no chance to survive. On August 19, 2007, Zouping County Aluminum Factory had an explosion where 16 workers died. On August 30, 2007, a small coal mine in Fangshan District, Beijing City had a collapse, and the local government decided to stop all rescue efforts in less than 48 hours. Shockingly, the local government officials even ordered local people to stop their own rescue efforts. Mr. Liu Guojun and others were locked up to prevent them from conducting their own rescue, until two trapped workers walked out alive. These two survived after 132 hours by drinking each other’s urine. Many people were sarcastic about the incident. It was a good thing that these two workers did not know that the government decided to not allow anyone to rescue them, otherwise, their escape under the “scientifically correct” decision to stop the rescue was illegal.

Dear ladies and gentlemen, the CCP government has deprived my right to speak or write for more than one year using the lowest possible means. I am filled with emotion now that I am finally holding my pen. I have a faith: The above crimes truly exist, and have violated the justice and freedom of the whole human race, including yours. I truly believe you all have the same faith, and believe whoever does nothing in front of such truth has given up human sensibility and responsibility. I truly believe that you all know, like we do, that the western politics and economy are all sacrificing values in exchange for surface benefits. I truly believe you are all like me, longing to work on lifting up human principles, changing the tyranny, stopping the evil, and ending humanity’s embarrassment. I truly believe you all, like myself, recognize the dictatorship and its special inheritance to later generations is equal to passing on Chinese people as their privately-owned livestock. The reason they receive such inheritance is not due to their ability or virtue, but their lack of virtue. If this reality does not change quickly, it is insulting to human rationality. You all must believe, like myself, that to satisfy the evil totalitarian’s request to host the Olympic games is a dark event on the history of the Olympics, and puts shame on the whole human race.

My dear ladies and gentlemen, writing this letter is a heavy thing. If these crimes only happened once or several times, I believe each one of you would be as angry as I am. In today’s China, these inhuman tragedies have become a common situation that is happening all over the country, many people have become used to it, and are indifferent. The reason the CCP can sustain its power, is by purposely attacking our conscience with violence, and numbing our conscience with lies. It is eroding our virtue on a daily basis, to expand passive support from people’s helpless minds. It lowered a portion of people’s moral bottom line to defend its violence, so that its power is stabilized. Today, the CCP is expanding its moral corruption strategy to the whole world. If the Olympics are held by the CCP, it will mean the success of the CCP’s global moral corruption.

My dear ladies and gentlemen, a society has its protection mechanism to avoid huge sin through morals, laws, media, checks and balances, supervision, etc. because everyone wishes to live in peace, and not in terror. When we witness those crimes against humanity happening all over the country, and those evil deeds challenging people’s basic senses in the legal system, media, and the environment, we have no choice but to admit to our selves that our social protection mechanism is completely destroyed. The force destroying the mechanism and keeping it from rebuilding is the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). If you wonder about me, as a lawyer, from the standpoint of the legal system, I must remind you directly, nobody is more eagerly longing for the justice of the system, but every day the CCP exists is a day that is impossible to seeb justice.

Dear ladies and gentlemen, Dr. Martin Luther King said, “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” (Martin Luther King, Jr., Letter From A Birmingham Jail, April 16, 1963)

The CCP’s logic on this subject is backwards. For them, “Justice anywhere is a threat to injustice everywhere.” Even when justice does not want to be hostile to the evil, the evil will take justice as its enemy, because the existence of justice will block the path of evildoers.

Dear ladies and gentlemen, there is both sadness and hope existing in China now. The sad part is, officials work together to rob common people’s fortunes, bribery is from the bottom to the top, and the higher levels are protecting the lower level’s crimes. The Chinese society is in a sick state like an ecological system, tolerating mistakes, self-adjusting, self-tolerating, and self-organizing. This sick, balancing ecological chain has become the support of the CCP doing evil without yet being pushed down by the people. No matter what beautiful wishes Hu Jintao and Wen Jiabao have, they do not have the strength to change as individuals. The hopeful part is whether it is Falun Gong or Christians, they are rebuilding morals through their faith. They are changing the destiny of China through their peaceful protest of the CCP’s tyranny, and becoming the foundation of the future China developing and becoming stable. Anyone who wishes to deal with China should not ignore this force.

Dear ladies and gentlemen, changing China seems very hard, because the CCP is carrying an unbearable debt of 80 million lives killed. It is more unforgivable than the Nazis. Just because it knows this, it killed those students who requested democracy around June 4, 1989. On the other hand, changing China is easy, that is, through the moral awakening in every person. You can do a lot in this regard. If you can use your actions, not just words, to support those free media outlets to expose the CCP’s crimes, support those efforts to break the CCP’s Internet blockade and send the truth to mainland China, support those organizations who peacefully bid farewell to the CCP to regain self conscience, China will change very soon.

My dear ladies and gentlemen, you have the ability to take action now to stop all of the CCP’s crimes against humanity. Just like President Reagan said, “If not us, who? And if not now, when?”

Finally, I want to quote the words from the 32nd President of the United States, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, in his 1941 State Address as the ending of my letter:
“In the future days, which we seek to make secure, we look forward to a world founded upon four essential human freedoms.

The first is freedom of speech and expression every where in the world.
The second is freedom of every person to worship God; in his own way every where in the world.

The third is freedom from want, which, translated into world terms, means economic understandings which will secure to every nation a healthy peacetime life for its inhabitantseverywhere in the world.

The fourth is freedom from fear.”

When I finished this letter, I heard President Bush decided to join the Olympics next year. Pardon my manner here, but I want to shout out, Mr. President, What are you doing? Have you looked at how President Reagan handled the 1988 Seoul Olympics? I want to remind my friends here as well, I hope my friends in the Congress, both the Senate and the House, can establish [democratic] standards for human civilization like those raised during the 1988 Seoul Olympics.

Jesus said, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you !”
Those struggling in the CCP prisons, those crying under the CCP’s torture, those wandering around in desperate plight to avoid mistreatment, need your help. When the CCP welcomes world leaders with gun salutes, the red carpet, and champagne; when you are amazed by the “prosperous” views created by the skyscrapers and brilliant night lights in Beijing and Shanghai, I wish you would think of those suffering people. May God bless America, may God give each person justice, responsibility, and firm determination, may the light of freedom shine upon China proper, let evil have no place to hide, and may the mistreated no longer be in pain.

Wishing ladies and gentlemen peace and health!
Gao Zhisheng

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INVITATION- International Men’s Day : 19th November

Posted by 498A_Crusader on October 28, 2007

INVITATION- International Men’s Day : 19th November

PPT Presentation on STOP Legal TERRORISM

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Mujhe biwi se bachao – MID DAY News

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A married woman gambled herself in a game of dice

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Like the Pandavas in Indian epic “Mahabharata”, a man in a Bihar village staked his wife to another villager after he lost his money, land and possessions in gambling.

Umashankar Choudhary of Chaksaid village in Vaishali district gambled his wife, Sunanina Devi, to Manoj Singh of the same village.

“Umashankar gambled his wife when he lost his money, land, gold chain, motorcycle and even his watch in gambling,” said Mahavir Pal, a local politician.

The incident occurred last week during Durga Puja festivities.

The victorious Singh demanded that Umashankar’s wife be handed over to him.

Soon the news spread in the village and a panchayat meeting was called.

Choudhary was ordered to pay Rs.5,000 to Singh. In turn, “Singh was persuaded by the village elders to forget everything”, Pal said.

In another incident, a married woman gambled herself in a game of dice during Durga Puja festivities in a village in Banka district. The victor took her home. Two days later fellow villagers intervened and took the woman back to her husband’s house.

Source :(IANS)

//Editor note
This is to highlighted news…..
Indian women find odd way, and excuses for their extra marital Affair to sleep with thier lovers;
This news shows, women gamble too.
and after 2 days enjoyment with her lover; her husband has to take her back.and her husband has no right to oppose; Thats great INDIA

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Delhi: Protest against Domestic Violence Act

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October 26, 2007. A year has passed since the introduction of the Domestic Violence Act.

While a large section of women, especially activists, are happy that the act has stood the test of time for a year, there are an equal number of people who feel that this act should be abolished.

Save Family Foundation and My Nation is one such cell, which feels that the act should be abolished.

Video: Protest against Domestic Violence Act

On Friday at the park near Jantar Mantar, Delhi’s own Hyde Park, several members of the Save Family Foundation observed a black day while calling Friday as the first barsi (year) of the draconian Domestic Violence Act.

Sporting placards demanding the abolition of the act, the members who turned up at the venue said that unless and until the act is abolished, they would continue to observe October 26 every year as Black Day.

“A man gets married and later realises that his wife is a eunuch. He seeks divorce and in the bargain ends up getting booked under the provisions of the DV Act. What sense does it make,” the members ask.

If he refuses to keep her at home, then he is threatened with the legal repercussions under this act.

The members say there is no need for this act as there are provisions within the Indian Penal Code, which makes offences against women punishable.

This act is just another tool to harass the men. That being not enough, these women also threaten to book cases against the family, the members point out.

Interestingly this organisation, the members claim, is growing and a large number of their members are from the IT sector.

It is a well known fact that the highest number of divorce cases as of today is reported from the IT sector.

“If a husband and wife are not living together for 7 years, then make the procedure for divorce easy. Why should the agony drag on,” the members ask.

Most of the members who took part in the protest comprised harassed husbands and their relatives, including women.

The orgranisers of the rally say this year they staged the protest only in Delhi, but from next year onwards they would make it an India-wide affair, as the campaign is slowly gaining momentum.

They also intend spreading their message overseas as there are several NRIs who are victims of harassment by their wives.

Among the other demands made by the protestors is that the National Women’s Commission should be headed by a successful grandmother.

The members say that most women who have a failed married life head the commission.

They are sadistic in their approach, the foundation alleges.

Source :>>

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A year on, domestic violence act sees 7,913 cases

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As many as 7,913 cases have been filed since a law to protect women from domestic violence came into force a year ago, according to a national report released Friday.

‘Staying Alive’, as the report is titled, is the first monitoring and evaluation report of the Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act (PWDVA) 2005.

The report states that the primary users of the law are married women. There are also a number of cases wherein relief has been granted to widows and daughters.

Compiled by the Lawyers Collective (Women’s Rights Initiatives) (LCWRI), the report analyses data collected from the office of the Chief Justice of India, the ministry of women and child development and from organisations specifically working on the issue of domestic violence across the country.

“The compilation of the report and the conference is to be regarded as a first step towards evaluation and monitoring which should become an integral component in the implementation of this law,” Indira Jaisingh, director of LCWRI, said at the release of the report.

While the most commonly granted relief is for maintenance, the second most commonly granted are residence orders and protection orders.

“There is an urgent need for adequate budgetary allocations to be made by the central and state governments to ensure the effective implementation of the PWDVA,” Jaisingh said.

“There is also a need for coordination among different government departments, particularly the departments of women and child development, social welfare, home and law and legislative affairs.

“This is required in order to build a multi-agency response that is uniform across the country in the manner in which it offers relief to women facing domestic violence,” she added.

Jaisingh also stressed that the police needed to be trained on providing information about the Act to women who approached them with complaints of domestic violence.

Source :(IANS)

// Editor Note:
I`m sure out of 7913 cases all ended thier marriage in Divorce. this is fast way to divorce;single parent system and Legal prostitution. These Prostitute women association, specificaly Indira Jaisingh,Ranjan kumari and girija vyas ( I reserv the rights to call them PROSTITUTE) All supporter of extra marital Affair and legal terrorist supporter are Prostitutes.

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Patna schoolboy dies after being thrashed by teacher

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A 17-year-old class 12 student in Bihar’s Bhagalpur town died Friday afternoon after he was reportedly thrashed by his school teacher.

Ashish Anand of the St. Joseph School here collapsed and died after his teacher, M. Idris, hit him.

According to Anand’s relatives, the boy was healthy when he went to school in the morning.

“It was unbelievable for us that he was killed after being thrashed by school teacher,” one of his relatives said.

Anand’s father Ashwani Jha, a lawyer, was informed over the phone, by the school authorities, that his son is seriously ill and is admitted in a private nursing home. But when he reached the nursing home he found that his son was dead.

The school principal, Father Verghese, is also admitted in a nursing home after reportedly being in a shock over the incident.

Till Friday evening, police had not lodged any case against the teacher.

Source :(IANS)

// Whats wrong with these teachers; why they hate only Boy students.

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Man wrongfully jailed for 22 years

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ATLANTA, Georgia (CNN) — Willie “Pete” Williams had no idea when he was pulled over by police that the criminal justice system was about to steal away half his life.

Sitting in the flashing glow of Atlanta squad car lights along Georgia State Road 400, the 23-year-old part-time house painter didn’t know police were looking for a rapist who had struck nearby three weeks earlier.

Police questioned — and then arrested Williams, triggering a series of mistaken witness identifications that led to his unjust conviction for rape, kidnapping and aggravated sodomy.

It was 1985 and Williams was sentenced to serve 45 years in prison for a crime he didn’t commit. “I felt betrayed. … I felt like these people had taken my life for something I didn’t do. I felt like I was being treated unfairly. … I felt very, very angry towards everybody,” said Williams last week, a free man after nearly 22 years behind bars.

He said he spent many of those years stoking that anger by fighting guards and inmates, while his childhood friends were developing careers and raising families. Watch Williams offer more details about his prison nightmare »

Earlier this year, after DNA science proved his innocence, the 45-year-old with a graying mustache stood again before a judge — who this time exonerated Williams.

Williams’ troubling story provokes discomfort in a nation that prides itself on a justice system where the accused are innocent until proven guilty. So far, DNA evidence has directly exonerated 208 wrongly convicted people in the United States, according to the Innocence Project. It’s unknown how many prisoners now locked up in American jails could be freed by new testing of DNA evidence.

A jury of Williams’ peers convicted him in the April 5, 1985, rape, kidnapping and aggravated sodomy of a woman in Atlanta’s Sandy Springs neighborhood.

The victim told police her attacker first approached her to ask if she could help him find someone named Paul. Then he produced a gun and forced her into her car, according to police. They then drove to a dead-end street where the assault occurred.

Because the science behind each person’s unique DNA signature was new to police in 1985, the key evidence that sealed Williams’ fate was the testimony of three eyewitnesses who mistakenly said they recognized him.

“Mistaken eyewitness identification has long been the single biggest factor in the conviction of innocents,” said Barry Scheck, co-founder of the Innocence Project.

“That has got to be important to everybody, because if we can reform identification procedures, it will keep more innocent people out of jail and convict criminals who really commit the crimes.”

As a new prisoner Williams said he fought a painful struggle against the raw deal the world had dealt him. When board members denied him parole the first of three times Williams said, “they had to escort me to ‘the hole’ [solitary confinement].”

“I couldn’t function out there around the other inmates,” Williams said. “I was mad, I was bitter. I felt the whole world just gave me up.”

It wasn’t until 1997 — more than a decade after he was locked away — that Williams’ own voice freed him from the grip of his anger. At Valdosta State Prison, a close friend named Charlie Brown helped him join a Christian choir — leading him to accept Jesus.

“Singing was like being out here, in a sense. It freed me from all the things, from all the fights, from the officers who were cruel, prison, stabbings,” said Williams, who especially embraced the hymn “Amazing Grace.”

After singing got a hold of Williams, he said the hardest part of his heart started to dissolve.

“I didn’t feel angry anymore — or any hate.”

To prevent more tragedies like Williams’, innocence projects in many states, including Georgia, have begun pressing lawmakers to adopt special witness ID procedures called sequential double-blind lineups. Such lineups are administrated by officials who don’t know who the suspect is and present each member of a lineup one-by-one instead of simultaneously.

Witnesses who see several potential suspects simultaneously are more likely to choose a person who looks most like the perpetrator — but who may not actually be the perpetrator, according to the Innocence Project. The group also cites research that says misidentification is reduced if the person overseeing the lineup is “blind” to which person in the lineup is the suspect.

Georgia’s Legislature held hearings Monday in Atlanta to study the research and the proposed standards, which have been adopted by New Jersey and jurisdictions in Minnesota, California and elsewhere.

Louis M. Dekmar, vice chair of the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies is skeptical of the research, but said the issue deserves further study.

“I don’t believe the research is so compelling that we need to make swings and changes that don’t bode well for criminal investigations and the criminal justice process,” said Dekmar, a 30-year law enforcement veteran and chief of police for LaGrange, Georgia.

Dekmar argues investigators should be allowed to administer lineups to gauge reaction while they look at witness faces, to see if a witness is “stressed, weeping, nervous — all those reactions that help detectives formulate whether this is a strong identification or a weak identification.”

Williams was convicted on the identification of three witnesses who first singled him out from a photo lineup, according to the Georgia Innocence Project.

More than 20 years later, Georgia Innocence Project attorneys arranged to compare Williams’ DNA with DNA evidence collected from the 1985 rape. It was not a match, proving that Williams was not the attacker and opening the door to his release.

Shortly after Williams’ exoneration, DNA science again played a role in the case when a genetic match resulted in the conviction and imprisonment of Kenneth G. Wicker for the crime that Williams had been wrongly convicted of. Years earlier Wicker had served four years in prison for another rape and two attempted sexual assaults, according to the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

As Scheck’s Innocence Project marks its 15th year, the 1995 O.J. Simpson defense attorney describes it as a movement for criminal justice as well as human rights.

“I think that it’s going to be remembered for getting innocents out of jail, but also for changing the paradigm in the criminal justice system,” said Scheck.

“There is a greater understanding now that sound scientific and critical research can go a long way toward proving injustice and prosecuting the guilty.”

Sometimes an Innocence Project client is confirmed to be guilty by DNA evidence, but the group doesn’t make the number of those cases available. Theoretically, If key DNA material in a case is properly preserved, there’s no time limit on revisiting old cases, according to the Innocence Project.

Critics accuse the group of denying closure to communities and victims’ families by giving new life to old cases. To that, project spokesman Eric Ferrero said, “Victims are not served by the wrong people being convicted.”

Perhaps the most important victory for the project has been its role in sparing the lives of 15 people condemned to death. In 2000, 13 condemned prisoners were exonerated by a group of Northwestern University students affiliated with the Innocence Project.

Some of the innocent prisoners were freed through DNA testing, others were exonerated after new trials were ordered by appellate courts.

Those spared lives prompted then-Illinois Gov. George Ryan to declare a state moratorium on all executions and later, a blanket clemency of all 167 death row prisoners.

The moratorium remains in effect while Illinois authorities consider proposed reforms to the system.

Back in Georgia, during the ten months since Williams’ friends and family welcomed him home with hugs and kisses, he’s been taking his time rejoining society, attending electronics classes and dealing with his top complaint: 21st century traffic.

Williams has found a home in a church congregation and plans to join its choir, holding on to the spiritual anchor he formed in prison.

Money is tight for Williams, and, according to the Innocence Project, only 45 percent of those exonerated by DNA evidence have been financially compensated. He expects some compensation from Georgia, although the state has no law guiding such cases.

Regaining his freedom has renewed Williams’ belief in the power of prayer, but he said it has done little to repair his faith in the nation’s justice system. He wonders how many other Americans are still suffering injustices like his own.


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Family against woman

Posted by 498A_Crusader on October 26, 2007

It should women against Family // Editor note

A year after the law to protect women from domestic violence was enacted, it continues to be defeated by social prejudice and blindspots

October 26 marks the first anniversary of the Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act. The law was conceived as a civil law as distinct from the existing criminal law: Section 498A IPC. It was often said that criminal law had no space for settlement of disputes and could give no relief beyond a conviction. It was to meet this need that the new law was passed.

It provided for the right to residence in the shared household, the right to protection orders, gave power to courts to restrain alienation of assets, mandated return of stridhan and other significant reliefs. It defines violence in all its dimensions, from the physical to the sexual and economic. This definition was taken from the UN Model Code on domestic violence and from the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Violence Against Women, to which India is a party. It applies not only to married women but also women in live-in relationships, daughters/mothers facing violence in domestic relationships.

One year is an appropriate time to evaluate the functioning of a law. However, there are no systems to do this on a systematic basis since there are no computerised data bases of orders and judgments. Given this, the Lawyers Collective, which was largely involved with this law in its formative stages, undertook the task of evaluating enforcement, using available data. The chief justice of India facilitated the collection of data from different high courts. Our report, ‘Staying Alive’, is based on this.

The report shows that the law’s main users are women in matrimonial relationships. A few widows have been able to prevent dispossession by using the law, and some young girls have prevented forcible marriages by fathers. The major breakthrough the law achieved was the declaration of the right to reside in the shared household. Surprisingly, it took independent India 60 years to ensure this right. The law makes a clear distinction between the ownership of the shared household and the right to reside in it. What the law does is to grant the right to reside and not to be dispossessed, except by authority of law. It thus prevents forcible dispossession.

This provision suffered a major setback at the hands of the judiciary. The Supreme Court, even before the ink on the Act was dry, declared in a judgment that a woman could claim this right only in relation to a household owned/ rented by her husband. This means that even if her husband lives with his parents and she has her matrimonial residence there, she cannot claim right to residence there. The judgment not only overlooks the law itself, it also overlooks the existing social reality of the joint family, which continues to be the predominant pattern. The report documents how several courts have been refusing relief to women based on this judgment. It demonstrates that in India women have lesser protection than tenants, who cannot be evicted except by procedure established by law.

There have been major protests around this law. Organisations to ‘Save the Indian Family’ have been formed; women who campaign for the law are being told that they are ‘frustrated’ and are ‘home breakers’. It is obvious that respect for human rights of women in domestic relationships — the premise on which the law is based — is not something intrinsic to the ‘Indian Family’. The right to live with dignity is not conceded to women in the private domain. These attitudes predominate at all levels, particularly in the upper classes, among bureaucrats and decision-makers. They have determined the terms of this debate ignoring the Constitution’s egalitarian values. It is therefore not surprising that the law is not implemented, even when the conferment of rights is explicit in letter and spirit. One of the major recommendations of the ‘Staying Alive’ report is that the Supreme Court judgment be reviewed, to restore the right to residence.

The number of cases filed in different states varies greatly. If 3,440 cases were filed in Rajasthan, Haryana had only 235 cases till July 2007. Manipur, Meghalaya, Nagaland and Arunachal Pradesh have none in the same period. Some states have figures varying from 5 to 65. These figures may or may not reflect levels of violence in the state against women. They may reflect a combination of higher levels of violence combined with greater awareness of the law. Certainly, in Rajasthan, that seems to be the case. The Northeast continues to use tribal customary forums and has not used the law. No data is available for UP, since the high court there did not send the information.

The law envisages the appointment of protection officers on a full-time basis to record incidents and support women in distress. Interestingly Rajasthan, which has the highest number of cases, has not made such appointments and continues to rely on the police to perform this function, defeating, to a large extent, the need for a multi-agency response to stop violence. Other states have simply designated health workers as protection officers. Most states have appointed protection officers only at the district level, leaving a big gap between the users of the law and the courts. When asked to explain this shortcoming, states have claimed there is no budget for this.

Middle and upper class women continue to be the main users of the law. Working class women are not using it or are unable to access privatised services or lawyers. Also, every state has reported dowry as a major factor in the breakdown of relationships.

By far the most interesting example comes from Andhra which, early on, put in place multiple agencies to activate the law. The police have been sensitised to inform women of their rights. Protection officers work full-time to record complaints of violence and file applications. Legal aid is being given invariably. Why has this not happened in other states? Difficult to say, but clearly Andhra has a better system of management of case work and documents.

All said and done, freedom from violence in the private domain still remains a distant dream for women in domestic relationships, a year after this revolutionary law came into the statute books.

The writer is director, Lawyers Collective, Womens’ Rights Initiative and a Prostitute.

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Forced Marriage Drives Indian Woman to Suicide

Posted by 498A_Crusader on October 26, 2007

London, Oct 26: An Indian woman from Punjab set herself ablaze after her parents allegedly forced her into a violent marriage, an international conference was told here.

Jasvinder Sanghera of Derby said her sister Robina was driven to suicide after she was told she could not leave her husband because her family would be ashamed.

When her sister killed herself, Sanghera was on the run because she had refused to marry a man her parents had lined up for her from the age of eight.

She told the EU Forced Marriages Conference in central London on Wednesday October 24, that she still held people accountable for the death of Robina. The two-day conference, hosted by the Foreign Office and the European Commission’s Daphne Fund, is to allow the UK’s Forced Marriage Unit to share its experience with other countries.

Robina was taken out of school at the age of 15, forced to marry, and then to move to Germany with her husband. But at the age of 24 she sought help, Sanghera said.

She told delegates at Lancaster House: “She suffered horrific abuse in her marriage – physical, mental abuse. “I begged her to leave her partner but she said to me: ‘It’s ok for you to say that but you don’t have the authority because you are disowned’.”

“She was right. The people who could make the difference were my parents, family and community leaders. That’s where she went and they sent her back, saying she should make the marriage work.

“Was she driven to commit suicide? I would say so. She set herself on fire and suffered 80 per cent burns. I still hold people accountable for her death.”

Sanghera, 42, whose family is originally from Punjab, told the conference that South Asian women in Britain had a suicide rate two to three times above average.


Editor Note.//Her parents forced her to marry someone else, other than whom she was in love, and she was acting weird at husband home; she was not clever enough to file false dowry case on her husband than commit suicide. now who is responsible for that innocent husband, and his ruined marriage. These indian girls have Pre marital affairs,but are not bold enought o face thier parents.

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Class 11 boy dies after being punished for coming late

Posted by 498A_Crusader on October 26, 2007

Ahmedabad, Oct 26: A Class 11 student of a well-known school here died Thursday after he was apparently asked to circle the school grounds seven times for coming late.

Milan Jashwantlal Tanna, 16, a student of Narayani Guru Vidyalaya in Satellite area, collapsed out of sheer exhaustion after two rounds.

He was taken to a private hospital, Sanjivani, where the doctors declared him dead on arrival, said vice principal Sudhir.

His body has been sent for post-mortem and police are questioning the teacher who allegedly punished Tanna.

Though the principal could not be reached with authorities saying that she was busy in a meeting, Sudhir said Tanna had “inflicted the punishment on himself” and also had a history of heart problems.

“He had completed the rounds and was returning to his class when he became unconscious,” he said.

Sudhir said the ground was not very large because most of it was used up to park at least 1,000 cycles.

On hearing the news, Tanna’s parents rushed to the school. Several other parents also gathered to demand action against the teacher.

Doctors at the hospital said the boy seemed to have a congenital heart problem and could not take the pressure.


//Boy,Student was killed by school, and Lady Principal was busy in meeting….If a girl dies…..?

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Man burnt alive by in-laws

Posted by 498A_Crusader on October 26, 2007

Bihar, Oct 26: BA young man was burnt alive in a Bihar town, allegedly by his in-laws following a family dispute.

Sambhunath Jha, in his 30s, was burnt alive in his in-laws’ house at Adarsh Nagar locality in Begusarai town, about 126 km from here, reportedly following a heated argument he had with his father-in-law and brothers-in-law.

“Jha succumbed to his injuries in hospital,” police said Thursday.

Jha in his statement to the police before death said he was badly treated by his father-in-law and brothers-in-law due to his poor socio-economic condition.

Police have registered a case against Jha’s father-in-law and three brothers-in-law.


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UNI News : Harassed men to celebrate first Barsi of Domestic Violence Act

Posted by 498A_Crusader on October 25, 2007

This October 26, as the much touted Domestic Violence (DV)Act completes one year in force, Men cell, supported by Save Family Foundation and MyNation, will stage an all India protest at Jantar Mantar against the biased women laws in the country.

It took 10 years for the DV Act to come into existence on October 26, 2006. Celebrating the first barsi of this Act, these organisations will raise their voices against the abuse of the pro-women DV Act and Section 498-A of the Indian Penal Code(IPC) in marital discord.

Interestingly, unlike Section 498-A IPC, which provides wives with the right to move court against any act of cruelty for dowry, the DV Act covers not only wives and live-in-partners, but also sisters, mothers, mothers-in-law or any other female relative living with a violent man, who can be jailed for a year for beating, threatening and even shouting at them.

While the DV Act provides yet another provision for a woman with ulterior motives to initiate criminal proceedings against the husband, a major loophole in the Act is its Section 14(5). The section reads that the respondents shall not be allowed to plead any counter justification for the alleged act of domestic violence, a clear flouting of Human Rights.

”This world-wide first barsi of the DV Act is being celebrated by the harassed husbands and their relatives, tortured, blackmailed and implicated in false DV and anti-dowry cases all over India and abroad by their unscrupulous wives and daughter-in-laws for ulterior motives,” said R P Chugh, Supreme Court advocate and President of Men Cell.

”These so called women laws are entirely biased and unconstitutional. More than 90 per cent dowry complaints are false.

As observed, they are verdict before trial, laws of legal extortion and violative of basic human right of equality before law. In fact, men are the victims of domestic violence,” he said.

The state women commission of Orissa had said that men were being harassed under these laws, he added.

The members associated with these organisations and victims of these Acts (the NRIs) in the US, Canada, UK, Australia. Japan, Norway, Germany, UAE, Russia and New Zealand will protest at their respective High Commissions.

”We are not against women but these dowry prohibition laws have become more like legal terrorism,” Swarup Sarkar of the Save Family Foundation said.

Various demands on the agenda of these groups are that Section 498-A be made bailable and non-cognizable and it, along with DV Act, be made gender neutral as domestic violence is not gender specific and those misusing these provisions should be penalised. ”These men groups came into existence due to the growing abuse of section 498-A IPC and the DV Act has just given them another reason to continue their fight for justice and amendment in the women laws,” says Mr Chugh.

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Killer mother ends life in Delhi jail

Posted by 498A_Crusader on October 24, 2007

NEW DELHI: A 23-year-old undertrial prisoner accused of murdering her 28-day-old daughter, allegedly committed suicide in her cell in Tihar Jail on Tuesday morning.

The deceased, Alka, reportedly used a dupatta to hang herself from the ceiling fan in the cell – Chakki number 13 – in Tihar’s Jail number 6. The incident was first noticed by Alka’s cellmate Premvati around 10.30 am when she returned to the cell after filling up water from a common tap in the prison compound.

Alka was alone in the cell at the time of the incident as the third prisoner lodged in same cell had gone to court to attend her trial. According to prison officials, the deceased committed suicide between 10.20 and 10.30 am. She was last seen by other prisoners in the compound just about 15 minutes before Premvati found her hanging in the cell.
Alka, according to the other women inmates lodged in nearby cells, kept to herself and was suffering from depression. She was also undergoing counselling in the prison. “It seems that depression drove her to take the extreme step,” said a prison official.
The prison authorities informed the local police about the incident. “A judicial enquiry has been ordered into the incident to ascertain the exact cause of death. There is nothing that points to any foul play,” said Sunil Kumar Gupta, Tihar Jail’s law officer.

The deceased’s family, which resides in Trilokpuri, was also informed of the incident but the police messenger arrived at their home only in the evening. By this time, her husband Vikas and mother-in-law Premvati had come to know about the death from media persons.

Alka was brought to Tihar soon after her arrest on June 28 this year by the Kalyanpuri police and was facing trial for the murder case. She reportedly confessed to having strangled the infant with a ribbon “because she didn’t want to give birth to the child and was forced to do so under family pressure”.

She got married to Vikas in November 2005 but was never happy and wanted a divorce. “She was more educated than me and had completed second year college. I have only studied till class 8. She wanted a divorce and wanted to go back to her parents house,” Vikas, a scrap dealer, told TOI .

He added that Alka even asked nurses at the hospital to give away the infant for adoption soon after the delivery. “We eventually brought the child home and named her Tulsa. On June 28, Alka killed her while I was away at work. Since then, we have nothing to do with her and have not tried contacting her even once in prison,” said Vikas.

Vikas had even lodged a complaint with the police alleging that Alka had not taken care of the baby. Alka’s mother, Madhubala, who reportedly visited her in prison, said: “My daughter was depressed in jail. She was treated very badly by her in-laws. They beat her up for not getting enough dowry and then giving birth to a girl child. I’m sure they drove her to a situation where she first killed her child and then herself.”

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Woman poisons kids, kills herself

Posted by 498A_Crusader on October 24, 2007

SULTANPUR LODHI: A woman, along with her three-year-old daughter, committed suicide while her three-month-old son has been admitted to a hospital at Jalandhar in a serious condition.

According to police, she was harassed by her in-laws and this drove her to take the extreme step.

Sultanpur Lodhi SHO Lakhwinder Singh said the deceased, Sukhwinder Kaur (30), had on Monday taken some poisonous substance and gave it to her two kids also.

He said she was married to Suba Singh of Maini. She was harassed by her father-in-law Kashmir Singh, mother-in-law Beero and brotherin-law Manga, while her husband was staying at another place due to his job.

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Marriages make wrecks of 58 pc women

Posted by 498A_Crusader on October 24, 2007

AHMEDABAD: Women in the city are under severe mental stress. And you guessed it right, marital disharmony is the leading cause of emotional distress suffered by women!

A pilot study conducted by Ahmedabad Women’s Action Group (AWAG) under the ambitious ‘Mental Health Care Pilots in Gujarat’ project undertaken by the Indian Institute of Management , Ahmedabad (IIM-A ) revealed that a whopping 58 per cent of women in Ahmedabad suffer significant mental distress.

The study was conducted on 1,500 women between the age group of 18 and 45 years, which also revealed that 33 per cent women admitted to being victims of domestic violence.

The study revealed horrendous forms of physical violence which include slapping, punching, biting, kicking and even branding with cigarette butts!

The abuse extended to the bedroom too, where 50 per cent women admitted that they were forced to engage in forcible sex amounting to marital rape! The study also revealed that sex was a double-edged sword, with men assaulting 56 per cent women by depriving them of sex!

“Women in Ahmedabad are under severe mental stress. Though this study primarily studies women from the lower-economic social strata, middle and upper middle class women are equally worse off,” Ila Pathak of AWAG said.

“For poor women, employment and poverty are the issue. For the educated and moneyed, lack of identity and aspirations beyond means is the issue,” Ilaben said stressing the need of adequate mental health services to women.

Women complained social violence was especially hurtful as an average 65 per cent women conceded to being abused in public and in front of neighbours!

The study, which was supported by the state department of health and family welfare and Royal Netherlands Embassy, asserted that children becoming mute victims to domestic violence . 35 per cent women reported that their children, especially girls, were victims of violence and were physically and verbally abused by the father.
About 27 per cent children wished for a different father! “I want to become a police inspector so that I can beat all those who drink,” an abused son of an alcoholic father said.


One in every two married women in Ahmedabad is subjected to torture everyday by her husband, the man with whom she took the seven vows till death parted them. But men seem to have broken these vows. A survey on 1,500 women in Ahmedabad revealed the following:


Sexual violence

50% were subject to forcible sex (rape)

50% were deprived of sex *Social violence

76% abused before family

69% before neighbours

60% before friends

67% in public places

Emotional violence

70% report verbal abuse, threats

62% report lack of support, appreciation

Intellectual violence

69% excluded from decision making

Acts of physical violence

Slapping | 68 %

Kicking | 62 %

Punching | 53 %

Hitting with hard

objects | 49 %

Biting | 37 %

Choking | 29 %

Branding with cigarette butts | 22 %

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First case of domestic violence heard

Posted by 498A_Crusader on October 24, 2007

PUNE: The sessions court has accepted an application from a Pune school teacher against her husband under the Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act, 2005.

While the Pune rural police had registered Maharashtra’s first case under the newly-enacted Domestic Violence (Prevention) Act, 2005 in November, 2006, the school teacher’s case is the first under the act to be filed directly in the sessions court in Maharashtra, according to advocate Rama Sarode of Sahyog Trust.

Although the Act specifies that a complainant should file a case under the domestic violence act before a magistrate, the aggrieved party can directly approach any other court if a previous case is pending before that court.

While the case was filed in the sessions court in Pune on October 19, additional district judge R.Y. Shaikh, who accepted the application from the teacher of a reputed school in Pune, has already issued notices under section 12 of the act to her husband and other family members.

The petitioner had earlier filed an application for divorce under section 10(1)(x) of The Indian Divorce (Amendment) Act 2001. “The court has now tagged both the applications,” Sarode said, adding the next date of hearing is September 26.

“People are unaware that they can directly file a case of domestic violence before a civil court, family court or a criminal court, and not a magistrate, if there is a previous case pending,” she explained.

She said that there is a need to understand the urgency of the case and interpret the law without losing the spirit and its essence to give the aggrieved woman interim and immediate relief.

It may be recalled that in September this year, a family court had refused to accept an application from a seven-month pregnant woman and directed the aggrieved party to the Shivajinagar court, on the plea that the case can only be filed in a judicial magistrate’s court and not in the family court. Later, however, the court authorities decided to admit the application.

In her complaint, the petitioner has prayed for relief as applicable under the provisions of the Act. She has alleged that her husband, an IT professional working with a reputed firm, was a chronic alcoholic, and would often abuse her and their 8-year-old daughter.

Advocate Asim Sarode, the petitioner’s counsel, said on September 24 that the petitioner’s husband allegedly came home drunk late evening. “He not only pushed her to the wall, but also physically abused her, following which the petitioner suffered a hair-line fracture,” Sarode said.

The petitioner, in her complaint, has stated that she is not only facing constant threats from her husband, but even her 8-year-old daughter is facing sexual abuse from her father.

“The petitioner and her daughter are fed up of the regular beating, ill-treatment, and physical and sexual abuse, and have sought the court’s intervention to provide them relief,” Sarode said, who has also been counselling the petitioner.

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Wife wants magistrate axed

Posted by 498A_Crusader on October 23, 2007

Oct. 22: When “cruelty” for dowry is the allegation, a six-month imprisonment is simply not enough. And if the accused is an executive magistrate of a district, the punishment should be nothing less than suspension from services — at least that’s what Rumi Deb thinks.

Wife of executive magistrate Dhrubajyoti Deb, Rumi accused him of torturing her physically and mentally for dowry within months of their wedding in January 2000.

After four months, Rumi came back to her father’s home, promising never to return. In February 2001, Deb and his brother called on Rumi outside Nehru High School in Singeri, where she teaches — and tried to pressure her into returning to their house. They left when all their threats and coaxing failed to move her. Rumi then rang up her father, who promptly came with the police. Deb, however, had left by then.The next day, Rumi filed an FIR with Silchar police, but they told the court of chief judicial magistrate that they had not found any evidence of torture against Deb.

The chief judicial magistrate, however, refused to accept the police report and decided to continue the case under Section 498(A).

Deb took the case right up to the Supreme Court in 2004, but it was returned to the chief judicial magistrate’s court for review on April 16, 2004.

Rumi, however, feared that Deb could pressure or influence the case, using his clout as executive magistrate.

In 2006, she wrote to the Prime Minister describing the entire episode and appealed to him to ensure that Deb was dismissed from service.

The Prime Minister’s Office wrote to the chief secretary’s office in Dispur. Deb was transferred from Cachar to Karimganj district last year. After a prolonged legal battle, the court finally sentenced Deb to imprisonment and imposed a fine of Rs 5,000.

“The informant was subjected to “cruelty” under Section 498 (A) IPC by her husband in his house. Accordingly, the accused is held guilty and has been convicted U/s 498 (A) IPC,” the judgment read. Rumi, however, is already consulting lawyers in Silchar to file a case seeking his suspension.

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This is no dowry case,it’s extortion

Posted by 498A_Crusader on October 23, 2007

Tuesday October 23, 01:11 AM
Exercising its extra-constitutional authority, the Delhi High Court on Monday quashed a dowry harassment case registered in Ajmer, Rajasthan, concluding that it was an attempt by the complainant to extort money from her husband.
Justice S. N. Dhingra said the wife had misled the petitioner, marrying him with an intention to cheat.

She misinformed the man about her background and lineage by claiming to be a retired High Court judge’s daughter and a gynaecologist by profession. “It is settled in law that normally the court should not quash the FIR and should allow the investigation to proceed and come to a logical conclusion. The court should quash the FIR only in rarest in rare cases. It is also the responsibility of the court to see that the provisions of law are not used as tools of harassment by impersonators and cheaters for extortion,” said Justice Dhingra.

The complainant got married to the petitioner in 2000 after she responded to an matrimonial advertisement, in which he desired for a partner who was not willing to have a physical relationship. In her response, the complainant had claimed to be the daughter of Justice S. N. Bhargava, a virgin and a doctor. For more than a year after the marriage in Ajmer, the couple lived at their respective hometowns. In 2002, the complainant moved to Delhi to live with her husband. After the two started living together, the complainant learnt of the fraud played upon him. He learnt that she was a divorcee and had two children from the first wedlock, that she was not a judge’s daughter and that she had studied till tenth standard only.

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