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National Level Protest – Our Demands

Posted by 498A_Crusader on August 22, 2007






  1. Make Section 498A of IPC Bailable & Compoundable
  2. Make Section 498A of IPC non-cognizable to prevent arrests of innocent citizens based on mere complaints unsubstantiated by evidence or investigation.
  3. Make IPC 498A and Domestic Violence Law gender neutral, and provide equal protection for men and women from domestic violence
  4. Impose heavy penalties on people misusing IPC 498A and Domestic Violence Law as weapons for settling personal scores in marital disputes
  5. Equal protection of the law for everyone without any Gender discrimination

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Child covered in black spots disowned, By Mother.

Posted by 498A_Crusader on August 22, 2007


Jaipur, Aug 21: Little Manish is too small to fathom the abhorrence with which people stare at the black spots covering his body or to understand their taunts. The one-and-a-half-year-old’s mother abandoned him after he was born and doctors say he could develop skin cancer.

Born to a family in Hindoli town of Rajasthan’s Bundi district, about 200 km from Jaipur, Manish was welcomed to the world with joyous celebrations. However, the revelry was short-lived when they saw to their shock that more than 80 percent of the newborn’s body was covered with black spots Manish was disowned by his mother soon after birth. The terrified mother does not let him come close to her,” the boy’s grandmother Bardhi Bai told IANS. Bardhi Bai has been looking after the boy ever since his mother abandoned him. She has now brought him to Jaipur for treatment
These spots are due to the excess of skin pigments in the body. The boy is being examined from time to time as the possibility of skin cancer in such type of patients is very high. Plastic surgery is the only treatment for this disease,” said a dermatologist at the hospital where Manish is admitted.

The boy’s father Kesar Lal said: “This is the first time we have admitted Manish in a hospital. Earlier, doctors in Bundi told us that he cannot be treated. So we kept giving him health tonics.

“We still don’t know what disease he is suffering from and doctors are talking of plastic surgery. They tell me it would cost at least Rs.100,000. I am just a small farmer, I cannot even dream of spending this much money.”
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National Level Protest Against Dowry / DV laws on 26th Aug.2007

Posted by 498A_Crusader on August 21, 2007


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Sex on pretext of marriage isn’t rape

Posted by 498A_Crusader on August 20, 2007

NEW DELHI: It is cheating and not rape when a man who has had sex with a woman after promising marriage does not keep his word, the supreme court has ruled.

The ruling was pronounced when the court partially allowed an appeal by one Deelip Singh who is charged with raping a woman on the pretext of marrying her.

A bench of Justice Arijit Pasayat and Justice DK Jain held that a woman’s consent is vitiated if a man makes representation of marriage “deliberately” to “elicit” a woman’s assent for an intercourse.

To accuse a man of rape, it is necessary to establish that at the very inception of making a promise to marry, he did not “entertain the intention of marrying the woman”  and the promise was a mere hoax, the judges said.

“Then the consent ostensibly given by the victim will be of no avail to the accused to exculpate him from the ambit of Section 375 (rape) of the IPC,” the bench noted.

Judges also said that the lady involved in Singh’s case had accepted that she had consented to physical relations with him. She had also said that she was married to Singh.

If that was so, the judges said, Singh cannot be charged with rape, an offence that has been termed as “heinous” and which “kills the self of a victim”. The judges sent back Singh’s appeal to the Patna High Court that had refused to discharge him from the offence of rape.

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Wives accused of adultery must get alimony

Posted by 498A_Crusader on August 18, 2007

NEW DELHI: Divorcing your wife may soon cost you more. Advocating big changes in maintenance law for women after divorce, including an alimony hike, the National Commission for Women (NCW) will move Supreme Court for a review of Section 125 of the Criminal Procedure Code. Amongst the provisions that the commission wants reviewed is an increase in the amount of interim maintenance.

NCW contends the present amount is paltry for a woman to meet her and children’s expenses. It has suggested the amount should not be less than 30% of the husband’s monthly income.

The commission also wants the provision that deprives a wife from claiming maintenance if she is living in adultery to be deleted. “This provision is mostly misused and adultery cases framed against a woman to deny her basic expenses,” NCW chairperson Girija Vyas said.

The commission has recommended that the section that stops a woman from recovering the maintenance amount on the expiry of one year should also be removed. According to NCW, 60-80% women do not receive maintenance despite court orders.

“The law is misused and very often women are not given even the paltry amount they are entitled to,” Vyas said. Another problem women face is that maintenance is paid for sometime and then stopped.

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Domestic violence law: Renuka gets hate mail

Posted by 498A_Crusader on August 18, 2007

NEW DELHI: Implementation of the Domestic Violence Act has put Union Minister Renuka Chowdhury at the receiving end of hate mails. “We have received a number of abusive e-mails from men after implementation of the legislation which tries to counter violence at home,” the minister said.

She was speaking at the inaugural session of the two-day “Annual Convention on Legislative Coordination for Action on Women Issues” organised by WomenPowerConnect, a conglomeration of about 500 organisations, on Friday. Chowdhury, who is heading the ministry for women and child development, said violence against women by their spouses rob the former of their self-esteem.

“The legislation has proved to be a boon for many women,” she said. On the controversial Women’s Reservation Bill, she said the government was working on a consensus for its passage in Parliament. “The government is committed to the women’s cause. We could have bulldozed our way by saying the numbers are on our side. (But) you will be surprised by the male bonding in Parliament. They say something on camera and say the exact opposite off it,” Chowdhury added.

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Man kills wife for adultery

Posted by 498A_Crusader on August 18, 2007

NAGPUR: A 36-year-old man slit the throat of his wife after finding that she had married their former tenant at Takli Sim on Monday night.The accused, Kishore Nagwanshi, has been arrested by the MIDC police. Following a heated exchange with his wife Geeta (30), Kishore allegedly assaulted her with a kitchen knife in the presence of his brother-in-law Pratapchand Bansod, who later registered a complaint at the MIDC police station.

Geeta, a mother of three, had reportedly developed an illicit relationship with her tenant Anand Sakhare and eloped with him about a month-and-a-half ago. Kishore had been looking for his wife since then.

The couple had come to the city from their native place in Balaghat in Madhya Pradesh in search of employment. After landing in the city, the couple started staying in a slum in Shivangaon.

They also managed to get some temporary work at the construction site of Shahid Gowari flyover at Sitabuldi. During the same time, the couple decided to rent out a portion of their slum dwelling to supplement their meagre family income. Sakhare — who had deserted his wife — moved in as a tenant, said police.

Suspecting an illicit relationship between Geeta and Sakhare, Kishore terminated Sakhare’s tenacy. Though Sakhare shifted to a different location, Geeta continued to have a relationship with him.

They finally eloped and started staying at a rented place at Takli Sim, introducing themselves as husband and wife.
Taking them as a married couple, neighbours of Geeta and Sakhare expressed their astonishment at the murder.

“They never fought and we did not hear any squabble between them. It is really surprising why Kishore killed her,” said Gangabai Mende, who had rushed a seriously injured Geeta to a nearby private hospital.

Having slit her throat, Kishore threw the weapon on the roof of a neighbouring house from where police recovered it later. Kishore was nabbed from his residence at Shivangaon. 

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Housewife Ends Life with Son and Unmarried Lover

Posted by 498A_Crusader on August 15, 2007

Beltangady, Aug 15: A married woman committed suicide after consuming poison along with her alleged paramour. She is understood to have even poisoned her eight year old son, at a rubber farm at Charmady village, on Tuesday August 14.

The incident came to light when other farm co-workers came to the farm. The deceased  have been identified as Shanta (35), her son Sunil (8) and Ramesh (28). They were working in the rubber farm of a certain Ananta Rao at the time of the incident. 

The reason for their suicide is not yet known, though  informed sources here suspect the affair between Shanta and Ramesh to be the main cause for the suicide. Ramesh, who was working as a rubber tapper here, was dismissed from work recently, the sources added. 

On the other hand, her two elder children Santosh and Satish who too were slyly induced to drink the poison given by their mother, stating that it was cough syrup for cough, survived the ordeal as they refused to drink it.

Sources also informed that, Shanta was married to Chidanand, resident of Puduvettu, 14 years ago. However, her husband soon deserted her and went and re-married another lady, which left her alone to take care of  her kids.

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Mai Azad Nahi hoon

Posted by 498A_Crusader on August 15, 2007

I’m a NRI, working and living outside India for last 7 years. Whenever I arrive in India, immigration and custom authorities waiting like vultures to make some money and harass innocent. I can’t take anything from my hard earned money. From top to bottom all authorities are same, you can’t give complaint also, and they will make you wait till you fed up and bribe something and go. Immigration authorities ask unnecessary questions, if you return in 2/3 months for emergency, they will ask why are returning so soon, if you tell truth they will not believe, then they will ask, why did you went, if you wanted to come back in 2/3 months.  

I came out of the Airport, and took an auto, when I got in I saw meter is already running for 100s of Rupees. I asked to stop auto, and told him to reset auto meter, he saw me with red eyes and reset the meter. Same if a foreigner comes he will be forced to pay more like this.


I saw so many people, near Bandra court when I was going to Bandra railway station, I just recalled, my situation, as my case is running for 7 years which is totally false and baseless filed by my own beloved wife under India’s notorious Penal code IPC-498A.this case was filed on one word of my wife that I demanded dowry, even I never took or demanded any. there was no enquiry or investigation, charge sheet is filed immediately, said case is going on for 7 years, even she has not came for single date [ Refer  ] man charged under this law have to spend thousands of rupees to feed hungry lawyers and just to get next date. You are guilty till you proven innocent.


Being a man in India, he has no rights, as husband he can’t stop his wife from sleeping with others. The Indian law on adultery, drafted more than a century ago, makes it a punishable offence for men alone. Its present rules that expressly state that a married woman cannot be punished even as an abettor in a case of adultery. Whether the woman is a victim of adultery or is herself an adulteress, she is completely free of being penalized for her misdemeanor.[ Ref : ] As per recent Rajasthan High court Verdict “Married woman can live with her lover” [ Ref :  ]


Divorce for a Indian man is far away oasis, for some it take 10 to 15 years, even wife refuse to have sex with husband also he will not get divorce. And slapped with Alimony for no mistake [ Ref :  ] in some cases one of the Bombay court verdict, even wife has illegitimate children, court forced to pay her husband for her lover child.

For a man Child custody is impossible dream, no need to explain why…

These are few samples…. there are many like this on

Kya mai Azaad hoon ?

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Independence Day Special – Boy punished for not learning national anthem

Posted by 498A_Crusader on August 15, 2007

Agra, Aug 15: A Class 8 student of a public school here was made to sit on his haunches, holding his ears in his hands and with a brick on his back as punishment by his teacher for being inattentive while learning the national anthem. The teacher was later arrested.

Pradeep Kumar was made to sit like a “murga” or cock-like by his teacher Kamod Singh at his school in Shyam Nagar in the Etmauddaula neighbourhood here.

When the boy’s family went to the school to protest, they too were roughed up.

According to a teacher, Pradeep Kumar was not taking interest in learning the national anthem and was therefore punished.

Pradeep went home and complained. This led to an argument and then a scuffle between the teachers and his family members. More people joined in when they saw the father and son being beaten up.

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GK-II attack: Rachna is responsible, says victim

Posted by 498A_Crusader on August 14, 2007

New Delhi, August 13: R achna Brahamvar, the main suspect in the attack on GK-II resident Tarveen Suri, was interrogated by officers of the C R Park police station on Monday evening. Earlier in the day, the 36-year-old Tarveen, who is in Safdarjung Hospital with 80 per cent burns, was interrogated by a sub divisional magistrate and Deputy Commissioner of Police (South) Anil Shukla. She told both that Rachna was behind the attack.

The police had been trying to track Rachna ever since the ugly attack on Tarveen on Saturday evening when two men drew her out of the house, doused her in kerosene and set her on fire. It is understood that Tarveen’s husband Naveen Suri and Rachna worked in the same firm — a travel company called Distant Frontiers — and both had had an affair. Rachna was angry because Tarveen, her in-laws Kusum and R N Suri met her parents in F Block, Kailash Colony a fortnight ago, following which Naveen cut off relations with her.

Naveen Suri, a deputy general manager with Frontiers, then proceeded to Goa on August 5 for a management course and was to return on August 22. Three days later, Rachna also left the Capital, reportedly for Kochi on a business tour. The police are checking records to confirm Rachna’s travel itinerary.

Naveen Suri rushed back to Delhi on Sunday morning and was interrogated by the police for the second time on Monday. He admitted to having an affair with Rachna, who had joined the travel firm two and a half years ago. He told officers that Tarveen had tried to dissuade him after she learnt of the affair. He was to sort things out with his wife once he returned from Goa on August 22. “It seems Rachna did not take the break-off well and decided to stalk Tarveen,” a senior police officer said. Officers also summoned other employees of the company for questioning.

However, the police have raised several questions on why the attack on Rachna was not reported immediately after it happened around 8 pm on Saturday evening. The local security guard nor neighbours dialled 100 though later some claimed to have been witness to the assault. A senior police officer said, “At 8 pm, after Tarveen was injured, her in-laws doused the flames and rushed her to Holy Family Hospital.

“The hospital staff informed us around 9.30 pm. This could purely be by chance because her relatives wanted her to get medical aid as soon as possible. But it still raises doubts why such a violent attack was not reported immediately.”

The nature of the attack also has the police thinking about the motive. An officer said, “Tarveen told us that the assailants did not even try to enter the house. They neither tried to rob her. If they wanted to disfigure her, they could have merely used acid. If they wanted to kill her, they could have shot her,” a senior police officer said.

Tarveen’s brother Taranjeet told Newsline that he doubted whether such a brutal attack could have been planned and executed by a woman alone. Earlier in the evening on Saturday, Rachna had called her other brother Pavneet and told him how Rachna had tried to run her over four days ago. She also said Rachna made threatening calls to her at odd hours.

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Two women held for forcing minor girls into flesh trade

Posted by 498A_Crusader on August 14, 2007

Pune, August 13: THE Faraskhana police arrested two women on charges of running a prostitution racket involving minor girls, on Sunday night. Bhagyashree Shekhya Nayak (30) and Kamala Gopi Nayak (35), both natives of Andhra Pradesh were arrested and five girls ranging from 17 to 20 years of age were rescued in the process. While three of the girls are from Bangladesh, two are from Andhra Pradesh. The women would dupe young girls, bring them to the city and force them into prostitution, police said.

They would also take away their earnings leaving them with no means of escape.

The duo were booked under the Prevention of Immoral Trafficking Act (PITA) and were charged for kidnapping. The police sought a 7-day police custody for interrogating them about the brothel owner and other agents involved. They have been remanded to police custody till Wednesday.

In another case, Tara Manbahadur Tamang (50), a native of Nepal who was had been arrested on August 10 for running a brothel in Shukrawar Peth, was remanded to custody till August 27. A girl from West Bengal, had been rescued earlier from the brothel.

Police are on the lookout for a woman named Jayanti who allegedly sold the girl to Tamang.

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Mom sets her kids on fire, killing them and herself

Posted by 498A_Crusader on August 14, 2007

NAPERVILLE, Illinois (AP) – A mother bought a can of gasoline, shut herself in her bedroom with her two young children and set a blaze that killed all three, police said Monday.

“It is tragic and it is senseless. I can’t explain why. I can’t give you the reason,” police Chief David Dial said.

Investigators believe 32-year-old Nimisha Tiwari — who police said was in a “troubled marriage” — set herself on fire, and rescuers found all three ablaze on a bed in the master bedroom, Dial said.

Also killed were Tiwari’s 4-year-old son, Vakadham, and 18-month-old daughter, Anaya.

Police have video of the woman with the children in the family van buying a can of gasoline a few hours before the Saturday afternoon fire. She then took them to a store and bought toys, including a doll and a train. The gas can and toys were found in the burning bedroom, Dial said.

Rescuers were called to the home in this suburb west of Chicago after a passer-by spotted smoked coming from the second story. Firefighters had to force their way in because the front door was bolted shut, Dial said.

The woman’s husband was not home at the time of the fire and authorities have corroborated information that he was taking business classes in Chicago.

The husband asked to be given a polygraph test and “the results of that have given us no reason to disbelieve anything that he has said in connection with this matter,” Dial said.

Dial said the husband is “distraught” over the loss of his family.

The couple married in 1999 in India and came to the United States shortly afterward. In May, both the husband and wife had contacted Naperville police about a “difference of opinion” in their marriage.

Dial declined to comment on a “medical issue” that he said the husband indicated had caused problems in the past.

No note from Tiwari was found, he said.

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Create cells for problem NRI marriages: government report

Posted by 498A_Crusader on August 14, 2007

New Delhi, Aug 14 (IANS) A government report Monday recommended that special cells be set up with Indian missions abroad to address problem NRI marriages and that all marriages be registered so that women deserted by their husbands can fight their case effectively.

There is an urgent need to set up separate cells with Indian embassies to render necessary help in cases of problem NRI marriages, said the 12th report of the Committee on Empowerment of Women (2006-2007) on the “Plight of Indian women deserted by NRI husbands”. The report was tabled in parliament Monday.

The report stressed that all marriages irrespective of religion should compulsorily be registered. In marriages with NRIs, such registration would help a woman fight her case more effectively and the concerned Indian mission would be in a better position to track the erring NRI husband, it said.

It also suggested that the Indian Passport Act be amended to incorporate a provision where the erring husband’s passport could be cancelled.

The report was based on inputs from the Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs, Ministry of External Affairs, National Commission for Woman, NGOs and aggrieved women.

The committee recommended that marriage certificates for NRIs be issued in duplicate to facilitate the deserted woman to fight her legal battle even if the original certificate was taken away by her husband on the pretext of getting a visa or updating other travel formalities.

A majority of the committee members felt that the services of various Indian associations should be utilised for getting complete background details of a prospective NRI bridegroom, including his marital and citizenship status.

The report added that of the budgetary allocation earmarked for the welfare of women, a suitable amount be apportioned for dealing with the problems relating to fraudulent NRI marriages.

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One-day-old baby found in garbage bin, couple comes forward to adopt

Posted by 498A_Crusader on August 14, 2007


Ahmedabad: For an infant, dumped in a garbage bin on an isolated corner near Hatkeshwar Circle in Amraiwadi, fate took double turns on Sunday. First, he was left to die, then he was lovingly taken into the arms of a couple eager to adopt the child.

    The newborn was found in a garbage bin close to a dysfunctional Ahmedabad Municipal Transport Service (AMTS) workshop on Sunday morning. Harshad Patel, a social worker, said, ‘‘We rushed the baby to the nearby LG hospital. Even his umbilical chord was intact then. The baby was wrapped in a white cloth and kept amidst garbage in the bin.’’

    According to passersby and people living in nearby housing societies, a woman who came in a Honda City car had dumped the newborn. However, the police did not confirm these reports. ‘‘We have just begun investigations and only after we have contacted all the eye-witnesses, will we know for sure if anybody saw the child being dumped by a woman,’’ said a police officer.

    However, the incident took a turn when a couple, who happened to be nearby when the incident took place, expressed their desire to adopt the child, in case his rightful parents did not come forward to reclaim him. Savita Nadiyad, 34, a resident of Hatkeshwar Lal Bungalows, was on her way to a temple when she saw the commotion because of the abandoned infant. She rushed to the spot and took the child in her arms and went to hospital with Patel.

    ‘‘The child is God’s gift for me. We have been dying to hold a baby in our arms. Unfortunately, we are not fit to conceive,’’ said Savita. She and her husband, Rajesh, have been childless for over 15 years. Dr Laxman Taviyad, resident medical officer, said, ‘‘The baby boy is just a day old. He is clinically sound.”

One-day-old baby found in garbage bin, couple comes forward to adopt

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What makes Delhi the divorce capital ?

Posted by 498A_Crusader on August 13, 2007

Delhi has emerged as the divorce capital of India with about 9000 cases of separation filed every year on an average. DT explores the reasons for this.

They say marriages are made in heaven. But if they have been solemnised in Delhi, we may have a problem. The city has emerged as the de facto divorce capital of the country with about 8,000-9,000 cases filed here every year. The number is almost the double of what was seen four years ago, and what’s more, it is the upwardly mobile 20 and 30-somethings who are finding their way to court rooms. Also, the number of women filing for divorce has seen a steep increase.

And for all those who thought that Delhi was more steeped in tradition than glittering Mumbai, here’s news. Mumbai sees less than 5,000 divorce cases in one year, and the same holds true for Bangalore.

Can’t fit in, walk out
Lawyers, sociologists and marriage counsellors cite one common reason for the higher divorce rate in Delhi – the rising expectations from marriage.

Divorce lawyer Anita Sheney says, “A lot of women are filing cases for divorce, which was not the trend earlier. If things are not working in a marriage, rather than working on it, couples decide to go their separate ways.”

Accepts marriage counsellor Chandan Gupta, “Marriages are breaking up today because couples can’t see each other’s viewpoint. Couples in their mid-20s and early-30s bring a fixed mindset to marriage and refuse to change it. They feel that marriage is like a jigsaw puzzle where all the pieces will just fit in but this obviously does not happen.” He goes on to say that as both partners are working these days, they are left with no time and energy to work on the relationship. “The hectic and demanding schedule of a normal working day leaves couples with no time to understand each other,” he adds. 

Delhi’s dubious status

And why is Delhi seeing such a spurt in divorce cases? Experts feel that is because Delhi is a city of immigrants with no specific beliefs and is far more materialistic than other places. Divorce is no longer considered a social stigma in Delhi, and so if there is discord in a marital relationship, couples would rather break it up than somehow drag the relationship on. Comparatively, people in cities like Chennai and Bangalore have more traditional mindsets.
Lawyer Geeta Luthra who deals in divorce cases explains, “Many couples who apply for a divorce are in their twenties and thirties. It’s easier for people to end a marriage if they don’t have children, otherwise they wait till kids grow up. The main reasons for divorces are adultery and mental incompatibility these days.”
Social mores are a-changing

As society accepts divorce, the reasons given for separation are also changing.

Says psychologist and marriage counsellor, Madhumati Singh, “Couples are very impatient these days. Earlier marriage was about adjustment and compatibility but now it’s more like a power game where both the husband and wife strive for an equal status. Women are financially independent these days and they don’t want to change that after marriage. Money matters come into play and when things don’t work out, couples file for divorce.”
As 28-year-old Seema Singh (name changed), who recently got divorced, says, “Things were just not working out. It was not as if we didn’t try. The decision to part ways was also tough but we knew that we would be happier without each other. It was an end to all the bitter fights we used to have and today we are good friends.”
Adds Madhumati, “These problems also existed earlier but nowadays youngsters have a casual approach. If a woman thinks of getting a divorce, her parents will encourage her saying that she can have a better life without her husband.”

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Bitter halves are better off on their own

Posted by 498A_Crusader on August 12, 2007

Well, at least that’s what a recent survey held in the country suggests

Gone are the days when women used to be submissive and lived with their men under any circumstance and when divorce used to be a stigma. Well, at least that’s what a recent survey held in the country suggests.

According to the survey, divorce rates are soaring among India’s newly affluent middle class, as working women with independent incomes refuse to submit to the traditional ideal of marriage. The scenario seems to have completely changed and the women no longer give a second thought when it comes to seeking divorce.

Shweta Arora is a perfect example of such a modern-day woman. Though she had a love-cum-arranged marriage, she filed for a divorce even before her first marriage anniversary. And being economically independent she also didn’t ask for any alimony, as getting a divorce was her primary concern.

Shweta shares: Soon after my marriage I came to know that my husband was a drug addict and had no intentions of quitting it. I tried my level best to convince him to join a rehab centre but failed. Once I realised the futility of it, I didn’t waste a second and filed for a divorce and soon I got divorced. Now I am a free bird.

To Shalini Mathur, secretary of an NGO for women, the survey appears to be genuine as she feels that women no more think of divorce as a social stigma. Earlier also middle class women wanted to take divorce but couldn’t because of the social pressures and also because they were dependent on their husbands for each and every thing.

Although the social stigma is still there, the scene has completely changed over the years, as these women don’t give a damn. They are self-dependent and can now afford to live on their own terms. Besides, men have refused to change and are still the same narrow minded, opines Shalini.

But on the flip side Khursheed Kanga, a trans-personal psychotherapist, feels that being self-dependent is not the only reason for middle class women going in for divorce. I feel that women today are more ambitious and give more importance to their career.

The prime example of this change is that no woman likes to get married without completing her studies. For them studies come first and everything later. One can call it the outcome of the western influence but there has been a continuous change in the Indian value system.

Lawyer Shishir Bhatnagar says that nowadays it is mostly the women who approach lawyers for separation. Women today give due importance to their security, both social as well as financial, and also they are in no mood to handle any kind of pressures from their in-laws or husband.

Most of them are independent and like to live a peaceful life and because of this if anything goes wrong in their married life they don’t give a second thought and file for a divorce, avers Bhatnagar.

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Men crib, Govt to review domestic violence law

Posted by 498A_Crusader on August 12, 2007

New Delhi: They have been accused of rape and stigmatised by society only to be acquitted in court, but they have not been able to come out of the shadows of the allegations that have shattered their lives.


Says a man who was acquitted of a rape charge (name withheld), “Because of the case, the society has a bad impression of me. My marriage is over and nobody has any respect for me”


He says that he is a victim of one of the several laws meant to protect women.


One law that is reportedly being misused the most is the Domestic Violence Act passed by Parliament just last year. The Supreme Court called it a clumsily drafted law and since its inception, it has even been slapped against some top bureaucrats.


The Government is now talking of reviewing the Act

Says Minister Women and Child Development, Renuka Chaudhary, “Yes we are sending it to the states in October to find out what all has happened in the last one year and also to find out lacunae, if any, in the existing law.”


The Government is treading with caution and two more laws for women, piloted by the Women and Child Development Ministry, in the pipeline — which were slated to be introduced in the Monsoon Session of Parliament — have been put on hold.


The Bill to prevent sexual harassment at the workplace has been sent to a team of legal experts for review, and the second one — related to dowry — is under the scanner as well.


But women’s rights groups fear that the review might dilute the laws and make them ineffective.

Men crib, Govt to review domestic violence law

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Court makes woman pay for harassing hubby

Posted by 498A_Crusader on August 12, 2007

IN A rare case of its kind, a woman was punished by a Jaipur court for trying to spoil her husband’s career.

Computer engineer Namrata Bangra was ordered to pay a fine of Rs 25,000 for making life difficult for her husband Ankur Bangra, who is also a computer engineer.

Additional district judge, Prithvi Raj imposed the fine on Namrata under the Domestic Violence Act, 2006.

The judge also dismissed an appeal filed by Namrata, now unemployed, to enhance the maintenance allowance being given to her by her husband from Rs 4,000 to Rs 23,000 per month.

The judge ruled that complainant used to work in a multinational company and earned big salary hence she could get a job again.

The judge said that Ankur produced two e-mails in the court to prove that his wife had illicit relations with another person. The court recognised the authenticity of the mails and dismissed her appeal.

The judgment said Namrata had tried to involve her husband in litigations and intended to spoil his career.

The appeal filed by Namrata alleged that her husband Ankur had demanded a Honda City car prior to their marriage and used to beat her regularly after they began living together.

She alleged that Ankur used to pressurise her to withdraw money from her bank and forced her to sign on blank sheets of papers.

She told the court that she had to leave her job and that the lower court had granted her a maintenance allowance of Rs 4,000 per month, which was too little. She appealed to the additional district judge to raise her allowance to Rs 23,000. In his defence, Ankur said his wife had lodged a false FIR at a local mahila police station, which found the charges baseless.

He said he had returned all the belongings and items she had brought with her when they married. Ankur alleged his wife was having extra-marital relations with her boss during her stint with a multinational company in Pune.

He produced e-mails to buttress his charge in court.

“When I came to know about the e-mails, my wife lodged a false FIR in a mahila police station to cover up her crime,” he said.

Sampat Singh, in-charge of the mahila police station, said “I had investigated this case and found that an FIR filed by Namrata was baseless. This has been conveyed to the court.”

Court makes woman pay for harassing hubby

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Brides dumping NRI grooms in a hurry

Posted by 498A_Crusader on August 12, 2007


• In within a week of marriage in 2002, Toronto-based electronics engineer Raghu Modi was told by his wife (a New Delhi resident) that she had married him for Visa and had no intention of terminating relationship with her paramour.

• After Modi refused to process the immigration formalities for his wife, she filed a “dowry” case against him and demanded Rs 26 lakh to “settle” the case. Unable to bear the harassment, Modi paid Rs 7 lakh to settle the case. Within a month, his wife married her paramour.

• New York-based Jaspreet’s wife — a registered medical practitioner — filed a “dowry” case against her husband and his entire family shortly after their marriage in 1998. Later, her family came up with a compensation demand of Rs one crore. Unable to bear the stress, Jaspreet’s father passed away in India, but neither Jaspreet nor his brothers were able to perform the last rites – as Interpol Red Corner Notices were pending against them. Jaspreet has been engaged in a labyrinthine process of litigation in Indian courts for the last eight years. Meanwhile, his wife has remarried in the US.

• Riyadh-based Iliyas Ahmed has a dowry case pending for his refusal to concede his wife Husna’s demand for bearing the entire expenses of her family. Husna’s family members in Bangalore have attacked his family home on several occasions and Illiyas has been unable to visit India.

• Shortly after Mandeep arrived back in Canada after his marriage, his wife Jasvinder deserted him after admitting that she had married him only for a visa. In accordance with the Canadian immigration laws, he provides financial support to his “vanished wife.”

These are samples of case studies collected with aims of presenting the converse side of the story of NRI marriages by ‘Rakshak’— an international organisation dedicated to elder abuse. ‘Rakshak’ works in close conjunction with — leading international forum engaged in researching the impact of misuse of gender biased laws such as Section 498 A of the IPC.

The phenomenon of abandoned brides is one that has received huge media attention, but a new trend of “vanishing brides and abandoned grooms” has somehow escaped attention, said Dr Anupama Singh of ‘Rakshak.’

At a teleconferencing session on Thursday, several NRI men recounted stories of having been dumped by unscrupulous wives — who take advantage of gender-biased laws by filing false cases of domestic violence and dowry abuse to harass and extort money.

Statistics, Dr Singh said, speak for themselves: Against the number of 152 cases registered of “abandoned wives”, the number of cases of “abandoned grooms” is around 700. Also, the courts have declared 80 per cent men charged under Section 498-A innocent, she pointed out. Section 498-A of the IPC is a criminal law in which the wife and her family can charge any or all of the husband’s family for physical and mental cruelty.

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Day-old baby’s body found in drain

Posted by 498A_Crusader on August 8, 2007


MUMBAI: The decomposed body of a day-old infant wrapped in a plastic sheet was found floating in a nullah at Dindoshi, Goregaon (E), on Tuesday. Police officers and fire brigade personnel after being informed by local residents rushed to the spot and fished out the body.

“The infant may have died just after birth and was probably buried somewhere close to the beginning of the nullah. However, the body got swept away following heavy rains,” a senior police official said. The police have now sent the body for a post-mortem examination to find out the cause of death.

“Local residents informed the police control room about the infant’s bod y floating in the nullah around 10.30 am. Our officers rushed to the spot at Banjara pada, near Gokuldham complex, and retrieved the body,” said senior inspector Uttam Khairmode of Dindoshi police station.

The decomposed body indicated that the infant must have died a few days ago, he said. “A probe has been launched under Section 174 of the CrPC,” he added

Day-old baby’s body found in drain

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Planning to fall in love? Think again!

Posted by 498A_Crusader on August 8, 2007

LONDON: Love is said to be the most blissful experience for an individual, but this constellation of emotions is not that pleasurable when it comes to health.

A new research has suggested that being in love does make people sick and unwell.

According to researchers at Imperial College London, the highs and lows of romance cause a range of physical reactions like dilation of eyes, sweating of palms and increase in heart rate.

“Love has some obvious physical effects,” the Telegraph quoted Professor Martin Cowie, as saying.

“Pupils dilate, palms become sweaty and the heart rate increases. Large amounts of adrenaline are running through our system which does cause problems,” he added.

Cowie says that stress related illnesses at work cropped up from near-identical physical phenomena.

“We have seen a big rise in people complaining of flu-like symptoms over a long period of time,” he said.

He added that the helplessness to acknowledge the effects of emotion on our health makes things worse.

“If people are suffering from emotional problems, they need to acknowledge the effect on their health. There is a feeling that talking about emotions somehow makes you weak, but there is a real link between emotions and health.

Prof Cowie, who has been studying the effect of emotions on humans, added that there is evidence that the loss of love can increase the risk of heart problems and death.

“We know, for instance, that newly widowed men have a 50 percent higher chance of serious heart problems,” Cowie said.

Planning to fall in love? Think again!


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Woman dupes banks of Rs 64 lakh

Posted by 498A_Crusader on August 8, 2007

BANGALORE: She hasn’t studied beyond Class X but she’s a class of her own when it comes to duping MNC banks. She conned them into giving her loans worth Rs 64 lakh. In the last four years, her victims include Citibank, Standard Chartered Bank and ICICI Bank.

Hemalatha V (27), who ran a paying guest accommodation, used forged documents to raise loans. Her loan-raising spree would have continued, but for Citibank calling the cops. She was arrested on Tuesday.

Citibank, which lodged a complaint with the Ashok nagar police, said three Wipro employees were on the run after availing loans of Rs 3 lakh each. The police reached the Wipro office, only to find no such employees were on its rolls.

Using the photograph attached in the loan application, they reached 36th Main Road, BTM Layout and cornered Hemalatha. On interrogation, she revealed shocking details.

“Hemalatha runs a paying guest house, where mostly women software engineers stay. Before taking them in, she would obtain their photos and forge documents using those photos. She has created a library of fraudulent appointment letters, salary details and other documents which look like originals,” DCP Central B N S Reddy said.

Hemalatha had been managing the P-G house for the last four years and raised loans in ICICI (Rs 39 lakh), Citibank (Rs 25 lakh) and StanChart. The police said Hemalatha was a pawn in the racket and the real kingpin is still missing. She was not involved in the printing of fake papers of Wipro and other firms. Her boss, identified as Suresh, provided her forged papers. He always called her from public phone booths, and never revealed his cellphone number.

“She had met Suresh but not contacted him over his cellphone. He used to meet her at her house and give her directions on how to approach the banks,” the police said.

Hemalatha paid Rs 27,000 as rent for the BTM Layout house. During the search, the police found about 15 credit and debit cards in different names. She also had a printer and PAN card. She even filed income-tax returns.

Woman dupes banks of Rs 64 lakh


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The Protection Battered Spouses Don’t Need

Posted by 498A_Crusader on August 8, 2007

TWO decades ago, in an effort to curb domestic violence, states began passing “mandatory arrest” laws. Police officers responding to a call for help would no longer need to determine whether one person was truly violent or out of control; every time someone reported abuse, the police would simply be required to make an arrest.

It seemed like a good tactic — at least to people who work with victims of domestic violence. (Police officers tended to be less enthusiastic, because they prefer to make arrests at their own discretion.) Arrests would immediately stop the violence and might discourage abusers from further acts of abuse.

But 20 years later, it seems the mandatory arrest laws are having an unintended, deadly side effect. The number of murders committed by intimate partners is now significantly higher in states with mandatory arrest laws than it is in other states.

Support for the laws began in 1984, after a federal district court in Connecticut ruled that the police had inadequately protected a woman whose husband had brutally assaulted her. State lawmakers decided they needed more control over how local police departments enforced restraining orders against abusers and intervened in incidents of violence. One way to get that control was to dictate how the police should respond in each case.

A small but influential study of police responses to domestic violence calls, conducted by criminologists in Minnesota in the early 1980s, found that arrests were the most effective strategy for reducing future violence. Now, 22 states and the District of Columbia have laws that mandate or at least strongly recommend that everyone accused of domestic abuse be arrested.

What the laws did not take into account was that eventually the victims of violence would come to realize that if they called the police, their abuser would certainly be arrested. And over the years, it turns out, that realization seems to have led victims to contact the police less.

I recently conducted my own study of mandatory arrest laws by comparing the rates of murders by intimate partners before and after the laws went into effect. Intimate partner homicides have generally decreased in the past 20 years, perhaps because greater awareness of the problem of domestic violence has led to the creation of more resources for victims. But in states with mandatory arrest laws, the homicides are about 50 percent higher today than they are in states without the laws.

The mandatory arrest laws were intended to impose a cost on abusers. But because of psychological, emotional and financial ties that often keep victims loyal to their abusers, the cost of arrest is easily transferred from abusers to victims. Victims want protection, but they do not always want to see their partners put behind bars.

In some cases, victims may favor an arrest, but fear that their abusers will be quickly released. And many victims may avoid calling the police for fear that they, too, will be arrested for physically defending themselves. The possibility of such “dual arrests” is most worrisome for victims who have children at home.

The situation is different in incidents in which abuse is suffered by people who are not intimate partners — children, for example. The certainty of arrest does nothing to deter the reporting of such cases, usually by teachers, doctors or other third parties. In fact, my research shows that in states with mandatory arrest laws there are fewer murders of non-intimate-partner family members than there are in states without the laws.

Despite two decades of increased public awareness, domestic violence remains a serious problem. Arresting abusers is often desirable, as are efforts to educate the police about domestic violence and effective intervention and to provide treatment and support for victims. But it makes no sense to keep following a strategy that discourages victims from reporting abuse.

Radha Iyengar is a fellow in health policy research at Harvard.

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Chennai men fight for their rights

Posted by 498A_Crusader on August 7, 2007

A group of men in Chennai have started an association to protect their rights.

The men accuse some vociferous women’s rights groups of magnifying problems and abusing the Dowry Protection Act, Prevention of Domestic Violence Act and Prohibition of Harassment of Women Act.

They say that this often lands innocent men behind bars, complicating marital relationships and ruining careers.

This body aims to render legal assistance to all such affected men.

”The authorities that are investigating the matter are not able to discharge their duties properly because of the indirect threat wielded by these organizations.”

”Because they are very scared of public protest and dharna by these organizations,” said Isaac Mohanlal, Senior Advocate, Association for protection of Men’s Rights.

However, women’s rights organizations deny these allegations and say this is just yet another attempt by men to silence them and divert the attention from genuine issues of gender bias.

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