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A help line for harassed husbands, just a call away

Posted by 498A_Crusader on April 10, 2007

A help line for harassed husbands, just a call away

[b]A help line for harassed husbands, just a call away[/b]

Bangalore, Nov.29 (ANI): If you are among those husbands who spends sleepless nights worried about the recently introduced Domestic Violence Act, which empowers women to protect themselves from household violence, help is within your reach.

A group of computer savvy husbands in Bangalore, reportedly harassed by their wives, have joined hands to form a social forum named Save Indian Family Foundation (SIFF).

The Save Indian Family Foundation (SIFF) intends to prevent intimidation by female partners against men and their families.

Formed just over a year and half ago, SIFF has emerged as a platform for harassed male software professionals fighting against false dowry harassment cases.

Till date, the SIFF has over 5,000 members across the world and has counselling facilities and help lines in the United States and the Middle East.

“Threatened by false cases of dowry harassment, people have joined hands. Internet was instrumental in this movement, as it provides a scope for anonymous identity. Thus, the harassed husband could connect each other and evolve a solution. Later, with the help of Blogs and internet chatting option, the effort gained momentum and we felt a need to coordinate it. Hence we formed an organisation “Save Indian Family,” said Anil, a software personnel and founder member of the Save Indian Family Foundation.

The lifestyles of married couples have changed in the last few years. In India, many people have sensed that often social and legal concerns are expressed only for wives in the case of matrimonial disputes. Husbands and their family members are usually labelled ‘criminals’.

According to members of Save Indian Family Foundation, anti-dowry laws are often misused to extort money.

“We have seen that Section 498 of Indian Penal Code (IPC) and other anti-dowry laws have been heavily misused. In the last one-and-a-half years, we came across many such cases where anyone can find out that the charges framed are nothing but forgery and maliciously intended,”aid Panduranga Katti, a software personnel and member of Save Indian Family Foundation

“The existing laws to protect women against crime are being misused to abuse decent families. Experts’ opinion also held that the laws need a change. At least, the dowry law can be made an bailable offence,” Katti added.Save Indian Family Foundation has free helpline telephone numbers for seeking counselling by men/husbands and their family members in distress in eight cities across the country. In Bangalore, it is 55334135 whereas, in Delhi, the contact number is 9871150860( Mobile No is wrong , typical mistak)

[b]Correct No. 98110611534 , 9911119113.[/b]

A Bangalore-based NGO (non government organisation) Asha Kirana is also part of the SIFF.

A recent survey by the International Institute for Population Studies showed 56 per cent of women justifying wife beating in India in certain circumstances.

The reasons varied from going out without the husband’s permission to cooking a bad meal. (ANI)

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73 Responses to “A help line for harassed husbands, just a call away”

  1. Nirmal said

    hi kindly give me the contact details and address so that i can come personally…

    • I am Rajshekar. My family members and I have been abused,mentally harassesed,tortured,insulted and even threatened with murder by my wife,daughter and sister-in- law (my wife’s elder sister) for no fault of mine(honestly)and also driven to suicide from the past 15 years. I have been suffering in silence all these years not knowing whom to contact. A chance browsing of the net I found to my great surprise and extreme happiness to know such organisation like yours exist for distressed people like us. It would be of immense help if you could kindly inform me the way out of this harrasment and a way for normal way. A

      Awaiting your reply at the earliest

      Thanks and regards

      • I have not received any comment or solution to my problems as of date. Could you please kindly look in to the matter?

      • Rajshekar said

        I have lost contact with this help line for a long time and could not locate. By chance today I happened to find and felt extremely glad about it. As requested my contact details are as follows: C.R>RAJSHEKAR MY MOBILE NO 09141577881, HOUSE NO 9/C , BFHIND KARNATAKA MEDICALS, SHUBASH NAGAR, K.R.PURAM, BANGALORE 560049


    • My wife and her parents filed the case against me and whole family. Under section 498, 406, and all otherrelated. I am living zambia form Oct,1, 2011 to till date.
      She was living in my house, in dec,11 his father came in my house, after few day she told me, she is going her father house, my brother froped her on 25 Dec,12.
      After few day she got sickness, I told to her I send my brother to come back and go hospital. But she denied, stop picked the phone, I tried many time, I was so frustrated, so I sent message for what he wants, or live her father if she wishes, or should I died , Lule this.

      So didn,t give any answer, after few day she was admitted in hospital. I sent my parents for to take back and admit in hospital, but her parents denied to sent her. They start fighting in hospital. ,y parents come back, after few days she got more illness, doctor told her, spinal tuberculosis, after back she got paralysed, when she was admitted in hospital, my sister went there, she talk to me after a month in feb,12. After that she got more illness , she admitted in Jaipur, rajasthan. There my parents also look after she. I was also talking with her. In March she got discharged, but she doesn,t inform us. After 2 day she, she is living hospital compound, my brother look after her, after one month her parents left The place, we are fully look after her, all was going well, in monrhbof june her parents came again, told to us, u can go, we can handle all thing.
      Due to the MRI report was no progress in her health. After that my brother left the place, after few day the take her home, without inform us. I told him should go aims, delhi, but she is agree, but due to pressure of her parents, she making accecuse to go there. I told her must to go. After few day I got a call by her Uncel, don’t distrube her, other we will see u, we knew, ministry of affairs and other political personal, the I told him u can do, what they wants. After that there is no communications between us. I have send my friend and relative to come back, hit her father is not ready to talk with them, he closed the door, they come back.
      After june,12 to Feb,13 no communication between us.
      Now. March,13 he filed the case against my family for dowery, Astoration, hareshment and all other.
      Pl save me my life, carrier and family against these flase cases.
      My no. Is +966583798, my mail

      We told him if she wants divroce, we are ready to give, but her father wants to destory my life and carrier. She is using that msg which I sent in jan,12.

      I am so much worried and tension, whatwill happend, whatever I never talk to her parents for family member after marriage and never go her home. I never asked her dowry, never touch or Abushed. Her.

      In month of March,13 she has come to zambia with me unfortunately she got sickness, she blamed me.

      My contract will be end in month of Oct,13. Before I can,t go due to contract.

      Pl give me contact no. of japur, rajasthan, so we can meet and discuss the case, how to come out.

      Harish bhardwaj

  2. Gurdeep Singh said

    I have gone through the article on net regarding harassed husbands from their wives. I want to share my problem with u, if you can help me out. Given below is my problem in brief:-

    Name : Gurdeep Singh
    D.O.B. : 24th June 1980
    Education : Mechanical Engineer.
    Occupation : Working as Industrial Consultant in a local Consultancy.

    I was married on 25th Dec 2005 with a girl, 8 years elder then me but, I was not told about this age difference before. This issue opens up when I demanded her certificates for immigration purpose & she started fooling me by telling fictitious stories. The problem slowly grown up & my wife & her parents started irritating me with there activities & finally she left my house on 14th June 2006 with her father in greed to go abroad with the help of her younger sister’s in-laws who are NRI’s of United Kingdom. I tried to contact them several times by several means but in vain. They disconnected there phone numbers at which I was able to call my wife and shifted to some new house somewhere nearby.

    Now days, they are again coming in contact with my parents & relatives so as to close the issue as soon as possible, but, when we had 2nd meeting with them the scene was totally changed, they started shout-abusing at my maternal relatives home by saying that we are not going to send our daughter back and started demanding 5 Lakh Rupees in cash to have silent & out of court divorce and if we don’t agree with them then they will file a case on 498a to arrest me & my family.

    Me & my family’s life has been disturbed a lot due to this problem. We are not able to handle the issue because my wife itself don’t want to come back to me and we are not able to pay them even 5 thousand.

    I want your help, because yet they have not filled any case and there is no law which can provide shelter to me & my family. My life is being exploited.

    Warm Regards,

    Gurdeep Singh

  3. Victim said

    It is not a fight of male vs female. In the current age a male is releated to a female as father, brother, son, husband, grandfather, friend etc. Similarly a female is related to a male as mother, loving sister, daughter, grandmother, friend etc.
    The extra support for women in the law who are victims of male dominated society through dowry, rape, beatings etc is justified for the advantage of the society.
    But the trend has turned upside down. Dont forget that there are females who are as cruel as Mantra, Kaikai etc.
    So there as cruel females who can use the law to do the unlawful.
    I am victim of that nature. It the wife’s mother who is doing lot of interference and spoiled our relationship.
    Now almost in point of no return. Lot of frustration, anger burning my health.

    • Dr. Vikas Sinha said

      I am also the victim and after few months of frustation and crying and cursing mu fate , I started Yoga ( Though never believed on it) But it definitely worked and now I do no\t cry for my wife but definitely miss my 2 daughters. I also started learning music and it definitely diverts my attention and thought process
      My cell no 09879579193
      Dr. Vikas sinha
      M.B.B.S., M.S.

  4. Amit said

    JUNE 16, 2008 at 3.55PM
    I have gone through the article on net regarding harassed husbands from their wives. I want to share my problem with u, if you can help me out. Given below is my problem in brief:-

    D.O.B. : 23rd January,1971
    Education : M.Tech Electronics Engineering
    Occupation : Working as a Faculty in a private Institute.

    I was married on 17th June 2005 with a girl, 10 years younger then me . After one year on 31st May,2006 born a girl child.My permanent resident and working place are in different state in India. WE are staying at my working place but my parents are staying at our home town . Our Family life is going on.On 25th Jan,2008 my wife joined a private school as a music teacher.After that sudden change occurs.She went for school at 7am and return back to home at very late night around 11 pm.regularly. Because of that she did not take care at home and child.I have to tracle all these things.After that her parents always threten me by phone.Finally she left my house on 1th June 2008 and went to her father`s house which is nearby my hometown.On 13th june,2008 my wife and her around 20 family members attack in our family and
    they started shout-abusing at my maternal relatives home by saying that we are not going to send our daughter back and started demanding 10 Lakh Rupees in cash to have silent & out of court divorce and if we don’t agree with them then they will file a case on 498a to arrest me & my family.

    Me & my family’s life has been disturbed a lot due to this problem. We are not able to handle the issue because my wife itself don’t want to come back to me and we are not able to pay them even 5 thousand.

    I want your help, because yet they have not filled any case and there is no law which can provide shelter to me & my family. My life is being exploited.

    Warm Regards,

    Amit Ganguly

    • Prashanth said

      Hi Amit, I feel u should not go to any harassed husbands association. They are just interested in getting divorce thats it. Instead surrender to your wife completely. Be a slave to her there is nothing wrong. This is required to save ur family. If required u can even fall at her feet and request her to b with u.

  5. Kundan Prasad said


    After reading your website, i have got few hopes…

    i got married 3 years back at Ranchi and my wife belongs from small town near by called Dhanbad…I was happily married for one year then my wife started working in a big firm Dell and there she met a guy and get involved with him…he use to come to my home in my absence but she never informed me and i got these information from people living near my house…One day she fought with me without any reason and then called the police, i spoke to police and settled everything and went to office, now when i came back at 9 at night and i saw no one at home, looked her and tried to fine her but could not so went to police station and wrought a report…next day police called and told me that she is in Bagalore with his brother…after a month she came back to me and said that she needs all the her belongings (including all her jewellery, which i gave to her…now she had send me a notice, where she want a divorce and asked for 2 lakh and all her jewellery…she made few more allegations that my parents and myself use to abuse & beat her for dowry…I am really in trouble and needs your help….please call me or my brother…at 9910108184…its urgent

    thank you

    • harish said


      • Narayana prasad said

        I am facing horrible situation by my wife.She is staying separately with children since 10 years not allowing me and my mother to talk with them. Actually I think she doesn’t have belief in married life. can you kindly provide any help line number in Vijayawada, Guntur, etc. Thank you.

  6. atul said


    I have gone through the article on net regarding harassed husbands from their wives. I want to share my problem with u, me out. Given below is my problem in short

    I was married on 03/05/03 with a girl, which was 5 years elder then was love cum intercaste marriage .she is in job and getting handsome salery,,the problem is everytime she send her salery to her family without my permission,i m also getting good amount and dont care for this,,but problem is her family persons interfare im my family’s matter,she is regularely in touch with them,and every little talk /issues of my family is in there knowledge,,now finally i opposed with all that and on 30 june 2009 she left my home with the help of her brother.
    i visited her home next day to take her but clearly she refused to come with me.
    now she is asking for divorce and demanding rs 8lakhs to clear the matter,
    otherwise she says that she will file a case of act498a againest me and my family.

    Now days, they are again coming in contact with my parents & relatives so as to close the issue as soon as possible, but, when we had 2nd meeting with them the scene was totally changed, they started shout-abusing at my maternal relatives home by saying that we are not going to send our daughter back and started demanding 5 Lakh Rupees in cash to have silent & out of court divorce and if we don’t agree with them then they will file a case on 498a to arrest me & my family.

    Me & my family’s life has been disturbed a lot due to this problem. We are not able to handle the issue because my wife itself don’t want to come back to me and we are not able to pay this amount
    I want your help, because she has not filled any case till date and there is no law which can provide shelter to me & my family. My life is being exploited.

    Warm Regards,

    atul saxena

  7. Dr. Vikas Sinha said

    My wife deserted me after 18 yrs of my marriage ,I have 2 daughters aged 17 and 14. They stay at Ahmedabad with my wife at our joint named bungalow .I got tranferred to Jamnagar by my pramotion .They stay in the house at Ahmedabad which was jointly built by the money of both of us and house name is also in joint name( Thank God) Since I shifted to Jamnagar due to my servise , My wife has changed the lock of the house so that I can not enter the house . In the afternoon when my chilren come from the school, the door is open so I enter the house. But my wfe keeps the main bed room locked and I am beeing denied the entry into it. Because of her threat to get me arrested and continuas taunnts etc, I stay in Govt, Circuit house when ever I visit Ahmedabad for my official work
    I really do not know what I should do. She had also withdrawn all the jewellary from the bank locker in my absence including my golden ring and chain etc and my mothers last jewellry after her death. My sallary around one lac per month ( Govt Job) and my wife sallary must be aroung 80-90 thousend ( Govt. Job)( I do not know after the 6thy pay commission)
    My mobile no is 09879579193

  8. gayathri said

    I wanna talk to somebody, its abt a friend who is sufferng for no fault of his – The contact numbers provided here are not valied , request you to pls provide us the valid contact number.

  9. Manojkumar C said

    I have been married for 16 years. Was working for CISF (Central Industrial Security Force) ASI. Based on complaint from my former lover, an eneuiqry was initiated against me and I am removed from service. In order to make my livelihood. I joined with my friends sister and my friends and started a new office. My wife who is a mentally disturbed lady made an issue about the the girls in my office and started fighting everyday. She had left my house on several occasions and returned back after convincing. My children stand support to this statement. I have 13 years and 8 years old daughters. I have been suffering from traum for quite some years. On 12.04.10 she made a complaint with local police regarding attempt to her murder by me and police have taken the complaint. Iam afraid of the destiny of my children. Please help me. I am in police custody and made this report through my friends. Please help me. I am afraid I may die of suffocation and police harassment. My wife is acting too smart in presence of police personnel. I do agree I do not have cordial relations with my wife for many months. Please help me. I beg you. I am in deep trouble. I am presently in K.G. Halli PS under Bangalore east division (DCP Ulsoor. I amafraid I may be booked by the gimmicks of my wife. I want my children. I want a peaceful life. Pleae save and help me. 9900425481 / 9900418274. My brother and mother’s numbers. Help me quickly.

  10. Amol Kurhe said

    Hi, after going through the article on Net even i want to share my problem with u, me out. Given below is my problem in short.

    I had married a girl call Nayana who is from Akola on 3rd May 2009.
    Also I have a small baby which was born on 16th Feb 2010. Now the issue is that my mother in law interferes a lot in our lives. We had issues in our lives quite a few time. My wife left my home twice stating that myself and my family us to trouble her. Then we tried to involve her other relatives, but none of them got involve to resolve the issues. But for my wife and my pre born baby I went at her place to recall her to my house. But at the same time her mother refuse to sent her. Any how my wife came with me. On the same grounds I denied my wife for going home for Delivery.

    On the same base her parents and my wife has filed a case against me and my family. Now she is with her parents along with my daughter.

    Will you please guide me to take a divorce and my daughters custody.

  11. Amol Kurhe said

    My wife does not have any faith in my Love, always tries to irritate me using unfaithful questions. Even always mis communicate the words spoken to her either by me or my parents.

  12. AK said

    Here I’m posting my story and the pain which we are suffering due to the false complaint filed by my in laws on 11th April 2010.

    Sir, I got married to a girl on 3rd may 2009. Things were moving right till my wife visited her place after our honeymoon. She went on 2nd June 2009, we had allowed here to stay here at here place for 15days. But her parents didn’t drop her by the said date. I have to go personally and bring her home on 4th July 2009. Then her attitude for my parents changed drastically. My wife was misguided and was not giving any respect to my parents. She was not showing any interest to get involved in the household activities/marital responsibilities. After I leave to office, she gets inside our bed room and spends most of the time talking to her family members through mobile phone. All my effort to make behavioral changes in my wife went in vain because of the interference from her family members. Every time I tried to resist their interference in my marital affairs which was to be decided by me, I was threatened by my MIL stating that she is not capable of taking the decisions. She use to not obey the things directed to her also she use to fight with me for unnecessary reasons. Then when i didn’t pay attention she uses to pinch me. Then due to this furstations i slapped her once. She reported this slapping to her parents. And also she use to misunderstand & create screens.
    We have 2 floor house in Pune and the upper floor was ours. She use to sit there. Every time my parents had to call here. Also, her mother use to interfere in our personal life. She use to question me on my sex life.

    This was well conveyed to her other relatives which were involved in arranging the marriage. But they refuse to interfere as they stated that; my wife’s parent didn’t involve them in this case.

    When I brought her home on 4th July 2009, she did the same thing going and sitting in the room. My younger brother was suppose to leave for Chennai on same day and she didn’t even cooked food for anyone. So my mother scolded her for the same. On the same day she stated that she wont live in my house. So I again called her parents and relatives to some to the aid, but no one turned up.

    Then she started touchuring me to send her home. She stopped eating Food, talking to anyone. Also she was pregnant so I asked her to eat, she stated that if she didn’t eat neither she nor my child would die. So I hitted her on this sentences.

    Then I asked her dad to take her away, her dad promised us that he would bring her within 7 days.Her Dad took her on 14th July 2009. But again the same happened, for three months she didn’t come back. When I used to call her, my mother in law use to pick the call and used to abuse me. Then I stopped ringing her.

    Then she herself asked me to come and take her home again. Which I refused to do so, then for my unborn baby I got her back. Everything was running smooth. But it started again as the delivery was scheduled. Her parents started asking me for taking her back to her place for delivery which I refused.
    My wife got delivered on 16th Feb 2010, giving birth to a baby girl. Now, at the time of delivery we had called her mother for her aid. After coming her mother started abusing my parents on the delivery which was a cesarean. Her mother quoted that If she would have been in Akola, her delivery would have been normal etc, she didn’t even touched my baby. She had quarrel with my mother so we asked her to leave the hospital and return back to Akola. They when I refuse to send her along with her on 4th day of delivery, she asked her daughter ,my wife not to sit quite and abuse my family members.

    Then there were continued efforts to take her back home. As in Marathi, it’s not permissible to send newly delivered mother for 1 and half month, again her family members her MAMA, uncle came at our residence and abused my parents.
    When I asked them regarding the abusement they have done, they started abusing me and threaten me to be taken to court. On the entire issue my wife was silent.
    Then on 11th April 2010, FIL logged a complaint in Police station and took my wife and my daughter along with them. The entire complaint lodged is false.

    Pls help me and guide me for further actions.

    • vivek mishra said

      The things are really difficult. One thing I can say that she is not going to respect you in future also. You can never change their attitude and behavior. Be confident and strong.And never give up, make some strong decisions . May God help you.

  13. k.balaji sukumar said

    Respected sir, this is balaji from AP of kadapa dist. My wife leadind a adultrus life and bron a baby. Earliar i had one by me who is having 15 years, and he is the eye witness for her adultruss life. last year oct 09/ I went to lok adalat for seeking justice but she insted of comming to court she break down the lock &/key of my house and entered into my house and thirft all valuble things. She is now settled in my house and demanding for 15 laks . Her brother and she is thereting me to pay the amount. I applied for DOP in Nov 09 and the DNA pitition also allowed. to escape and to divert the case they forged my signature in a fake bond stating that I made a debt of Rs 5 laks to her mama. By this they got attachment to my house through court. Meanwhile i mabd a private complaint that my wife is leading adultrus life wit the certain person but the si of polise denied this and put 498A on me and harassing me , what to do plez
    My mobile no is:

  14. Maltesh C Chitragar said

    Sir Here in Belgaum My court case is going on I had filed for Restitution of Conjugal rights and subsequently filed Execution of Petition as she did not obeyed the orders passed by hon’ble court to accomplish restition of the marital life. But even after 3.5 yrs this case did not turned out into any results instead Hon’able Judge directed me to bring all the property documents belonging to my wife as this property will be attached in my name but I am not intersted in property and neither I cannot force force her to join me on the contarary I submitted a Memo in which I refused her property and demanded my 2 beautiful kids But Judge passed the orders that, in this perticular court session childerns cannot be handedover under my custody Now sir as it is 3.5 yrs has been passed and since from 3.5yrs I has not seen the face of my kids So if this is the law in Hindus then I and my such hindu friends will change our religion infront of the media Because Law people are strubban and always late so why we should loose our precious life we did not asked god to make us born in hindu religion so law should be ammended as fallows
    1)As the family court and Hindu law is made in the favour of women So when any women says no infront of Hon’ble judge then Hon’able judge should give her only 30 days time to think over it and take decision the case should not be kept pending years togather as the couple may go in wrong way to satisfy their sex gratification and simply family court will be wasting GOVT. money and time and also Harrased Hindu Hubbies
    2)In case if there is any dispute between Wife and Hubusand then court should register such cases only if the couples are stayig togather as in most cases the dispute are not sex related Why should the natures law to be stopped or else couples may find wrong way in satisfying their sex gratification and end up with 21st century’s top rated epidemic HIV AIDS. Govt is spending Cr. of Rupees in making our citizen into deciplined sex culture but Judicial Dept is not allowing it

    Plz Help Harrased Hindu Husband

  15. nirajshanthakumar said

    it has been really frustating after having married, somehow coped up got seperated again friends and well wishers got us together, but things have gone to such an extent that the way my wife has shouted and threatenedmymother that she collapsed and had to be hospitalised for around 20 days, though i have not taken dowry, i have been repeteadly treathened by my wife of using 498a, and my mother is being asked to give up her property just dont know how to face this situation

  16. S.V.Desai said

    I need to know the developments in free DNA testing and also free legal support to bring a logical end to a relationship. Thanks.

  17. S.V.Desai said

    Good. Waiting to benefit from your services. Thanks.

  18. ahmad said


  19. Ranjit said

    I want to share my problem. me out. Given below is my problem

    I was married to Vaishali Aarte on April 29, 2007, 7 years elder to me and ours was a love marriage cum interstate marriage. She had started the harassment after our marriage itself, but due to our social image I did not tell this to anybody. Initially she was not able to get accustomed at house and I tried to satisfy her requirements. But slowly problems started growing up and my wife & her parents started interfering in our personal life. I did everything to please her and tried to keep her happy.

    However she was not happy and used to get very hostile for small matters and used to abuse me and my parents. She used to lock her self in bed room and threatened to kill herself by hanging duppatta to fan or cutting her veins by knife. This used to happen at regular intervals (3-6 months). We used to call her parents in order to make her understand but they in turn used to blame us . I tried to take her to counselor to help her out but she didn’t follow what was counseled to her.

    As time passed by, things became worst. Her attitude and behavior towards me worsened and her aggressive nature intensified to such an extent that she started physically abusing and shouting at my parents and maternal relatives. Since she was not happy staying in the family with my parents and unable to adjust with them, we mutually decided to take a house on rent.

    Accordingly, I have taken a house on rent on February 15, 2011 by paying 3 months rent as advance and shifted to new place. But to my surprise, she was not happy in staying here also and used to curse me by telling that you have bought me forcefully here for your personal gain. Every time she is abusing me and not co-operating with me for the family way of living. She didn’t used to provide food for me and at times used to make me wait for hours whenever she comes late from office as the key was with her. Always she is threatening me by saying she will cut her vein in her own hand or demanding money for dowry and make police complaint.

    On March 18, 2010, I came late from office as I had work and she picked up a quarrel with me. Further she yelled at me and told that fed up of everything she will kill her self. To my shock she went to kitchen and tried to burn herself and started shouting for help. Within couple of seconds fire blaze spread rapidly on her body and i blazed out the fire with the help of water. She sustained 10-15% burning injuries. She refused to take medical help fearing of police complaint but I had to take her to nearby hospital with police help for treatment. Currently her injuries are getting healed and also she is under the treatment of counselor and psychiatrist for distressed state of mind.

    Now I am in a very disturbed state of mental condition and unable to concentrate on my job, due to her cruel way of thinking. I & my parents life have been disturbed a lot due to this problem. We are not able to handle the issue.

    I want your help, because this incident can be interpreted falsely and there is no law which can provide shelter to me & my family. My life is being exploited. Pls help me.

    • ankush said


      I dont know the entire thing but if she is behaving like you stated and undergoing psychiatrist treatment that immediately file a divorce case against her and first inform local police that this all is happening otherwise if any single time she is successful in her suicide attempts, you will be in big trouble and no lawyer can save you, also try to collect as many evidence of her mental unstable behavior.

  20. Dear sir, i got married on march’2007 a arrange marriage and every thing was clear that she has to take care of my parents we have joint family my parents and three younger brother she was good but only for few months after that she starts toruching me for sepration i convienced her that this is not the right time let my brother marry then responsiblites will be shared and every body is in the family cooperating you then there is no any issue, but do’t want to convienced i take patience, but every day she creates each evry issue in the family and starts abusuing my parents during that period my father frustated due to misbehaviour of my wife in my absence he fell ill and hospitalized for 12 days ,my wife dont want to allow me to go to hospital in nights. My father died on 8th June’2008 after one and half year of marriage.i take lot of patience but even till date the attitude of my wife never changed I ahve 3 year old daughter my wife evn dont allow my bay to paly with mother and brother. at this time of stage I suffering from high blood pressure due to my wife please help me I dnot want to die I want to live I want a paramnet solution I want to stay together she wants sepration but I can not trust on her because her behaviour and attitude not so good she loose her mental balance immediately without any reason I am affraid of her attitude. when ever I approach her parents she cry in front of them that he is beating me. they also could not sorted out this issue. Please let me know what to do

    Bharat Bhushan from jammu

  21. manoj said

    I am also facing the same type of problem.
    But this is not the way for a solution.
    It is a national issue and should be discussed at higher level.
    A law should be brought to protect the males who are harassed.
    Sometime they tend to commit suicide too….A loss of life out of nothing.

  22. nilesh meshram said

    i filed restitution for conjugal rights on 12 may 2010. My wife filed for intrim maintainance that was ordered by hounarable judge in jan 2011 of Rs.5000/ per month. uptil now i have paid Rs.40,000/-. Now my wife have lodged complaints at four places for dowry 498a in women cell (NGO), Women cell (Police Station), Police station, Bhandara & Police Station, Nagpur..
    the police officials are now harrassing us for the same due to which me & my family are under mental stress..
    I dont ned her back and i want to ammend the ongoing Restitution u/s 9 to Divorce…
    how could i implement this and plz give me some parallel cases as example to file the same.
    thanx in anticipation..
    plz help me out…

  23. Kiran said

    Dear Team,

    Please provide the contact number and address in bangalore, as i need to discuss my problem and to protect my parents.

  24. Kundanshah said

    Friends,a law for Men is finally required.These women are simply taking us for a ride,with no fault of us & why is the blind to not make a law for Men? is it blind seeing so many victims.Women have not remained as per Indian traditions.Equal rights is fine.Men do job with a sense of responsibility,women do it as a arrogance & feel they are favouring.When nature has created each of us for some specific action,why change it !

    Save the Man

  25. Subramanya said

    Can anyone here provide me the correct contact details for the association of harassed husband in Bangalore. I am desperately trying to get the details. Kindly provide the details


  26. Sunil Palkar said

    I need help. My wife threatens me of Section 498A. Please help me. Please let me know where to contact. My contact 9930515546. (Dombivali, Dist.Thane). Please Please help me.

  27. Prakash said

    Hello friends

    I read the article, I am from mumbai and have a very quarrelsome wife , sometimes i feel she is mentally sick and needs a doctor’s advice but she is not ready to come to the doctor and neither does she realize that she is being quarelsome. The most important factor is that her mother and brother – sisters are regularly poisoning her ears please advice

    • Prashanth said

      Hi Ankush,

      I too have this problem. The only way to overcome this is u dont quarrel when she quarrels. Be calm and how much ever she abuses not respond and love ur wife.

  28. Ajay said

    Dear Sir,

    My brother is married for 15 months now.2 months after marriage, his wife left our house in bangalore ot go to rajasthan. She hasnt called or talked to any of us after reaching there. After 6 months, her father wanted to come to bangalore and solve the problems, but he always made false promises and never came. After exactly 1 year, they filed a false case of Dowry and Domestic violence in Rajasthan.We came to a settlement after having signed some papers there in the police station. Now she is back home in bangalore since 5 weeks. But, she is not happy again, though my brother and herself are staying seperate on her insistence. Now, her father is trying to defame my brother saying that he has another afair & also has 2 kids from that affair. my parents are very disturbed by this & during this course my grandpa passed away 2 months ago. My Parents have gone to rajasthan and they would stay there for few months.But we are facing a social stigma by my brothers father in law. Kindly help us.How can we get rid of this and find a divorce at the earliest.

  29. Rajesh said

    Can I know the helpline contact number….I am desperatly in need of it as I have been undergoing lot of mental torture…

  30. I think that nobody can help me.

    • Suhas Amana Bansode SATARA MAHARASHTRA mo.9860448453 said

      There is God that will help for the mens like us.To be God is too easy rather than a harreshed male person from person who promisses to live (or leave?)throught out life named WIFE…………….

  31. Brijesh said

    I am going through mental stress given by my wife and her family please help me get rid of this asap…Brijesh

  32. Rohit said

    Pls tell me any good lawyer in Delhi & ncr.

  33. D.Suresh said

    i have been married for 18 years with a loving boy, who is in college now. since the 2nd year of my marriage, i have been suffering daily unwanted quarrels and arguments by my wife. any extreme measures of my pacifying her were all in vain. not about dowry and all or any others, but she has been suffering from mental problems if i am not wrong, and my requesting her to accompany me to a Psychiatrist for a solution did not work out as she was adamant saying that she is mentally fit, which she is not, and my concern is what exactly.

    of late i have lost my faith in the marriage and living together, and i want to go for a Divorce. i am presently unemployed, all my savings are in Banks mostly in her name and some in joint account.

    what should i do and who shall i approach for a case to be files?

    I am in Chennai and a native of chennai.

    any useful and urgent helps will be highly appreciated in the name of the God Almighty.

  34. Raghav said

    Hello All,
    Going through this link, I came to know that there must be hundreds of other husbands, who are getting tortured by there respective wife. And I an sorry to say that I am also a part of the troup.

    Passing year and half of married life was about all ups and downs.. But I understood one thing Boss,,,


    God give us more positive energy to have control on ourself … give us more patience and power to tackle this problem.

  35. venkatramana Naidu said

    I am venkat and i have been m running in tension from last 10 yrs and torchoured to the max by my wife , she and her friends help always threening to go out of the house and not listning to my words and doing as she likes and going and staying in her friends place days to gether and it well under stood a that she is used as a call girl by the help of her friend and they are not listning to my words and any thing asked she will say to get out or she will go out ,

    from past 3 yrs we are seperated in the house and staying together because of the children , I am so loyal and she is spoilt her self and that has become the profession , how to stop her i am not able to understand .

    please help me ,
    with regards venkat

  36. shyam said

    i’m not able to get connected to any of the phone numbers mentioned above. Please give me the latest mobile/landline number in bangalore.

    i’m recently engaged to a girl. Now i found that she and her family are more concerned about my money and not about me.

    The girl asked me how much money i will give her per month after marriage.
    She wants me to take a house next to her sister’s house and when i took a house near my relatives house which is 7 kms from her sisters house, all their family members called me and my relatives and started abusing them. The girl was claiming her rights (before marriage) on this decision
    The girl was also saying that she only has rights on me and no one in my family has rights on me
    Girls sister, brother-in law and brother called my relatives and spoke very badly about me
    They were threatening me that if i dont get married to her, they will see my end
    Her brother called my uncle (80+ years old) and threatened him saying a group of us will stand before your house
    Please help me in this regard
    I need your help immediately
    Please call me on 9008911522 or 9900044775

  37. bhojraj gite said

    iam bhojraj hassaed gtom my wife gtom last 8 years .my broyher in law misuse his police job for this he is woreing in surat cantrol room .in this matter i want help last frw day i am give applicatio against my wife asha ippar
    fayher in law trabak ippar
    sunil sapkal is cinnecting with my wife vai money transper .many times iam insullted by above nsme sp not taken proper action against mahesh ippar
    all above person kill me any time & show suside it accident
    mahesh said me on road iam do your accident othre wise divorse his mo no 9714011553 my mo no 9537029958 pl any hrc call me oyher wise i will death plan by mahesh & his sistet she is primary teacher at kosmadi kamer pl help me pl pl

  38. Harish Mahajan said

    Any helpline for harrassed husbands at Pathankot (Punjab). I have been beaten by my in-laws for not living at her parent’s city and according to her wishes

  39. oldsonggallary said

    Hi I married one and half year ago live in mumbai.
    I am engineer by profession. My parrent want house wife so they married me with village girl (not so qualified).
    After 3 month of marrage she demand to separate living (not want my mom n dad). When I refuse she leave the house breaking mangalsutra and throw it on my parent face.
    After two day she come home saying sorry for what happen.
    After that she start to use abusive language with me and try to pressuried me for seperation but it didn’t work as I am the only one son of my parent.
    Now she leaves home again without asking for about 3 month n more n till continues … threating me to either leaves parent or I will go to the police n make false complaint against u. and she also demand money for her mother as she got breast cancer.

    Please help I dont want to leave my old parent. n why should I pay for her mother illness.

  40. piyush m shah said

    any contect or office in mumbai for suggestion against false dowry complain

  41. Narayana prasad said

    Hello friends,
    On seeing this site, I got new hope in my life.I am feeling few drops of water are sprinkled on this dying plant. Being harassed by staying together is one thing and the harassment facing from a wife staying separately with the children with out any concern for the family is the second thing. I am facing the second one. I am facing severe depression and inferiority complex in the society due to her. She do not stay with me nor give divorce. The children are treating me like a stranger in fact they even do not talk with me. She married me 10 years back only for the sake of social status and the children for her future support. Her purpose is solved but I remained as a tree in a desert. I must look after my 65yrs old mother. She and her relatives asked me to join her in old age house. Now I am suffering from depression and lack of safety in my future problem. Slowly we will develop lack of confidence in any work we do due to our past experience. As long as she is enjoying the rights, we men should also provided with similar safety. Everyone should get alert seeing one man’s such horrible experience. Married life is a garden of affection where the children are the fruits and flowers of the trees in it. It is really an offence to make the garden dry not providing the water of affection and neglecting it. If we neglect the parasite in the the neighbor’s house, one day or other it may creep into our house also. Please let me know any guidance in Vijayawada, Guntur, etc. We should strive hard to see a smile on the victims face. Best of luck.

  42. Suhas Amana Bansode SATARA MAHARASHTRA said

    Dear Sirs,
    Yesterday i.e.on 20.03.2013 I was watching the programme ‘India Fights Back”.I was very surprised due to that programme.Our law has been made in such a way that 100 criminals can be set free ,but no any one should be punished who has not done any crime…… But actually things are completely opposite.Missuse is done by many of the people through law.I’am also in worst condition due to my mother in law and her relatives those have made misunderstanding between me and my beloved wife.We have however done marriage though her parents were not interested.After 8 years she left me alone and have suit a file in court under Domestic Voilance Act.2005.I have one pretty child named Samruddhi who is living with me without remembering mother.Her age is 8 years.She is very happy with me.She my child named Samruddhi alwalys used to say”My Father Is My Best Friend”I want my wife back to stay with me throughout my life.However I’am Renal Failure Patient.My both Kidneys are damaged.Every thing which I have is her after my death.My wife is good one but due to others that are thaughting her in wrong way she left me.I do not have any brother except friends like you.Also I do not my father he died after 85 age living my mother who is also old.We were only four persons in our family.I can write endlessly but sorry I’am unable to continue further.

    • gautam said

      there are countless cases like yours my friend;i can just sympathise with you and pray for the welfare of the whole family. I wonder how can yr wife stay without her daughter-doesnt she have any empathy. nowadays women have a convoluted idea of womens liberation and that is what is destroying the very edifice of family life in numerous homes not only in India but in many other countries too,ruining countless lives – let God have mercy on the poor souls.

  43. Abhishek Srivastava said

    I am abhishek from uttar pradesh residing in delhi rightnow,i have married on wife who is living with their parents is misguided by her parents now harrasing me and my parents by saying that she will file a case under 498a.i dont want to be arrest.she is very cruel and wildish also abuse me and my parents.what is the legal provisions to overcome this situation…..please guide me

  44. anil said

    i need support against husband harassment yr helpline number r not correct

  45. gautam said

    what protective measures are required to be taken in order to ensure similar trumped up charges are not brought against me and also to ensure peaceful existence; is there a helpline or counsel in Pune ? here also,the safety of my child(daughter) is involved,whom I love very much

  46. Gurmit Singh said

    Please help us and get out of the problem which we are facing in our recent few days. Please give us your personal contact number of Kolkata.
    Contact no.-09801286410

  47. Rohit Nimbalkar said


    I have married to a divorced woman. she is 5 years elder than me and she is harrasing me from last 1 year

  48. rajeev said

    please help me

  49. vivek singla said

    Dear Sir,
    My marriage date was 25/2/2011 at it was a simple marriage where around 20 persons from my side (Including driver, movie man, pandit) and around 50 members from girl side. In my marriage my parents in law hide the mental condition of my wife & which was highlight within few days of marriage from her behavior & her conversation & written diary of showing her relations with many persons in past. I and my parents talked with her parents about this and they reply that some times she feel tense and they talked with girl but after few days all things start going again. No husband wife relation made around 10 days from marriage and around 2-3 times she stay at my home. When I can’t understand her talking with me I record the conversation of my wife and me on mobile which in which she talk about her relations with different people and she wasn’t want to marry and her parents forcely marry her. She again and again insisted to left at her parents house and according to her wishes I left her at her parents house on 24/4/2011 (around 2 months after marriage) on that time her parents threaten me and my relatives that one of there relative is seesion judge and we will take you in false cases and spoil your life. Then I complaint about all this to SSP Sangrur on next day 25/4/2011. From where whole matter transfer to women cell sangrur and they called me and my wife around 4 to 5 time at women cell. I went there every time but she never came on calling them. Then I bring the whole matter in the notice of DIG Patiala and he refer the whole matter for investigation to SSP Sangrur. SSP sangrur send whole matter to DSP malerkotla and then SHO where they call both of us 4-5 times. I go there every time but she came only one time with a bundle of false allegation. When I didn’t got any solutions from this I file a case for divorce at ludiana. Here around more than 15 months are gone. When I go to court for divorce the court penalize me Rs.3000/- pm from my salary for maintaine her from my total salary of Rs.7000/- in keeping view my rented house & responsibility of my parents live with me. In my marriage total members from my side is 20 and from there side is around 50 but they reply in court that barat of 150 person and from there side only 50. I have movie and albumb of marriage in which total persons from both sides are around 70-75. I have enough evidence & they submitted in court like hand written dairy copy, audio conversion of us on cd & typed script of that which I subm00itted in court. I have also reports of SHO, DSP, Women cell and SSP and compies of summons send to her by women cell time to time and her family members received those summons but girl never come to women cell (I got all these document by RTI) but all these thing are watching by court at the time of evidence & I have not got justice till that because all these things a time of around 2 years & 4 months spoil & how long is it, GOD know.

  50. Arvind said

    Pls help I helpless my wife is very cruel

  51. SANTHOSH said

    please give me your contact details in bangalore, its urgent.

  52. Kiran said

    Hi my name is Kiran I have to tell about my brothers wife she got married with my brother and since she always brings something to start argue . We did not get anything from her family when she married before and after we didn’t get anything cuz we don’t believe in dowry and we paid for her ticket to came yo Usa and all other expenses and my brother send her money when she was in India now they have a baby boy and he gave her everything but she always complain she always have a problem with everybody in family she threaten us she always said she is gonna call cops and tell them we hit her and today her mom called she said to my brother now my daughter got green card she going to call cops on u and ur family she wants to live by her self . She told my brother i only married with u to came to USA now I have my green card I can call cops and tell them anything they gonna believe me cuz I m a women . We have no idea what to do . Plz help us

  53. gurinderpal singh said

    I am in harrasement by my wife and in laws I am civil engineer in a construction company I am working as a project manager in company

  54. gurinderpal singh said

    I am in harrasement by my wife and in laws I am civil engineer in a construction company I am working as a project manager in company I want help I want to register my complaint my senior told me about this society now I am in very big problem my parents are also harrashed

  55. Vikas said

    Hi, myself Vikas. I got married around 6.5 years back (apr 2007). We don’t have a child (got expired). After 5 years (may 2012) of marriage, she left me & took all the gold, cash, clothes, documents, etc when I was not at home. I didn’t file any complaint if same. Then after a year (may 2013) we decided to go for mutual divorse. 1st motion went well in court & we both agreed that I will pay her 3lakh (1.5 within 5 months whenever she demands & 1.5 on 2nd motion). But after 4 months (nov 1st week) of 1st motion, she filed a complaint against me & my family in CAW women cell @ dowry, harassment, voilence, abortion coz of my family, etc. Also she didn’t turn up on 2nd motion (nov end) & judge has given a date of jan mid. I have submitted 1st motion copy, joint statement copy to women cell. They look pretty much satisfied with that.
    But still women cell IO has asked my wife if she wants to file a FIR against me & my family. She has given in writing to do so. I have few questions:
    Can women cell file or ask local police station to file FIR against me & my family?
    Does my wife still has right to file complaint in women cell when case is already in court?
    Can I file a case of harassment against her?
    Please suggest.



    I (jitendra Bhatia) is in harrasement by my wife and in laws I am working in a Central Govt Organization I want help I want to register my complaint my friends told me about this society now I am in very big problem my parents are also harrashed.

    I have been threaten by my brother in law many times, I’m sure that they are interested in my property.

    please guide me that which case can i on them to save myself & my family from my wife & in laws.

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