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Posted by 498A_Crusader on February 4, 2008

It’s shocking but it’s true. The union minister of women and child development ministry Mrs. Renuka Chowdhury had deliberately lied  [ CHECK VIDEO BELOW] and mislead the people of this great nation , especially the people of Gujarat . Congress party manifesto and the honourable tall leader Smt. Sonia Gandhi too were made to lie by her. They all had said that – Domestic Violence act is not being implemented in Gujarat while it is being implemented in entire India . Modi is not implementing it in Gujarat .

Friends , now let us look at some real facts.

1. Law came into force in October 2006. (Well it took 14 years for DV to become a law.)

2. Gujarat govt. passed in their budget of 2007-08 a sum of Rs. 10.34 lakhs immediately to help implement this law. Note : Centre has not given a single rupee assistance so far though it is a central law.
3. 25 protection officers were appointed in Gujarat within 4 months and training provided to them.
4. 21 shelter homes were notified one by one .
5. Gujarat was the only state initially to translate the entire DV law into local language for better understanding and application , which was appreciated by Smt.Deepa Jain Singh , secretary ,WCD ministry.
6. Gujarat stood 6th in entire India in filing the number of cases when records were collected.
7. Many states had no protection officers even for many many months. Forget the shelter homes.
8. Many states have a very poor record of filing the cases under Domestic Violence Act and some have even not filed a single case.
9. In some cases , judgements too had been given in Gujarat .
10. Many genuine records show that Gujarat has low crime against women.

Dear Friends , see the related Renukaji – Gujarat video 2-3 times and see her body language. Renukaji acts very finely as if she is really very much worried about the ladies of this country. You may even feel like crying. Well if she and congress are really worried about the women of India – kindly explain the 1.3 lac maternity deaths of India last year. 25% deaths of the world in India alone ? After 50 years of congress rule ? Please explain this national shame to the nation.

It is surprising and shocking that the national media and the people are silent on maternity deaths. The concerned minister should be hanged for this figures next time ?

In the land of GREAT Mahatma Gandhi , can such lying politicians be allowed to flourish or should be punished ? You decide what to do with such lying ministers ? Take necessary actions if you feel so. We the people should not keep quiet and tolerate lies of ministers , for a better tomorrow. Expose them and show them the door permanently. Remember an english saying – [Also check here Girija Vyas Lying >> ]

Once a liar is always a liar. [ CHECK VIDEO BELOW]

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  1. Businessman Want to sue Minister : Express News Service
    Request all our Gujrat memebrs to come forward and support Vijay and Stop the WCD minister’s continous Male hater agenda and promotion of family Braking Propoganda just to fulfill her dream to earn more and more money from Goverment and corporates by making false statement and stastics.
    More than 52000 Married Husbands are ending thier life every year as per crime bure report, but not a single wife had been questioned forget about any punishemnet and more than 2.3 lacks widow every year in this country as per WCD report , menas more than 2.3 lacks indian husbands died every year more than wife, but our Goverment and WCD ministers think that killing the Indian Husabnds is to be termed as social service in this country.
    Vadodara, January 28 After filing a case against Union Minister for Women and Child Development (WCD) Renuka Chowdhury before the Election Commission for misleading the people during the December poll campaign, city-based businessman Vijay Wadhwani has now sought permission from the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) to file a court case against her.
    Wadhwani has objected to Chowdhury’s remarks made during the Gujarat Assembly elections that the Domestic Violence Act is not being implemented in the state.

    In his four-page application to the PMO, he said, “Union Minister Chowdhury had deliberately lied to the people of this great nation, and especially to the people of Gujarat. As per United Nation Development Fund for Women (UNIFEM), in October 2007, Gujarat had appointed 25 protection officers as part of the process to implement this Act.”

    He has now asked the PMO for permission for filing a case under Section 197 of the CrPC and under Section 500 of the IPC and other related sections or a PIL against her. The businessman has also requested Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to guide the EC to make necessary changes in its laws pertaining to the violation of the election code of conduct.

    Wadhwani, who runs a chemical business, said, “Renukaji is handling an extremely sensitive ministry. Hence, the concerned people of India are worried about the honest functioning of the WCD ministry under her leadership, as the impact on males is extreme under the Domestic Violence Act.” He added that she should have apologised for hurting the sentiments of the people of this nation.

    In his complaint, Wadhwani further said: “Even MP Rahul Gandhi during his election speeches had said that Gujarat had promised to achieve total literacy but still 30 per cent people were illiterate. After elections, we will give you a new government, which won’t be based on lies. Rahul’s another speech said that the Modi government hides behind lies.”

  2. Sanjana said

    A Man is known to stand by his words not a woooman which is what Renuka is, a step further she is a Minister too which gives her the license to lie, scare, abuse, change stand including organising for women to be molested by Ministers.

  3. Swarup Sarkar said

    It is shame that even our Prime minister of India want to safeguard such type of liers in his cabinate.
    She should be thrown out of this coutry, she does not deserve a place in this coutry. Indian had not wittnes a single minsiter earlier,who is so bad mouthed , who even say , do not trust man, trust condom, Now it’s turn to man to suffer, even she abuse the husabnds mother’s by terming that she will teach men , what thier mothers had forgot to teach.
    But she forget that those MEN Had honest mother milk, their mother tought that even refuse to shit such type of bad mouthed women , they are wosre than a …Pro..( no need to mention).

  4. Rdy said

    Seriously it is a total disgrace to call her a Minister, this women is
    vindictive, deliberately vengeful, and vexatious coodhi. In one word
    she is the Devil, itself.

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