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Renuka Chowdhury misled people

Posted by 498A_Crusader on December 18, 2007

Vadodara, December 14 City-based businessman Vijay Wadhwani has complained to the Election Commission, accusing Union Minister for Women and Child Development, Renuka Chowdhury of misleading people with alleged false statements during the Assembly elections. Based on news reports about Chowdhury’s December 2 statement in Vadodara, Wadhwani has sought action against the minister.
Wadhwani said, “The minister questioned why the Modi government hasn’t passed the Domestic Violence Bill-2005 yet, if it is so concerned about women? And that the Congress will implement the Act if it comes to power. She also said she wants to save women from Modi’.” Wadhwani said such comments by the Union Minister has raised questions over the ministry’s credibility and her knowledge of the portfolio she holds.

He said the bill has already been enacted by the Centre and doesn’t require further action by the state government, adding that many cases have even been filed across Gujarat under this law. He said even social worker Ila Pathak had confirmed of five cases being registered before November 4, 2006. The first case was registered in Ahmedabad in Sabarmati area, and in Vadodara, the court passed the necessary judgment in one Jagruti Jadhav’s case.

Wadhwani, who runs a chemical business in Gandhidham and Vadodara, said, “Even the Congress has got it wrong, as page-2 of their election manifesto reads – ‘Domestic Violence Act-2005 is not being implemented. If the Congress was so concerned then why it is sitting idle and doing nothing regarding more than 1.25 lakh pregnancy related deaths this year.”

In his complaint, Wadhwani also quoted the statement of Deepa Jain Singh, Secretary, Women and Child Development Ministry, at the Women Power Connect (WPC) national meet on August 18, 2007, where she had said that ‘Gujarat has even translated the law into regional languages for creating more awareness’. He said both Houses of Parliament passed the Domestic Violence Bill-2005 in August 2005 and the President had given his assent to the bill on September 13 the same year.

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