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Grihalakshmi Exposed – Tamil actor Prashant`s Struggle Against False Dowry Law.

Posted by 498A_Crusader on June 23, 2007

Grihalakshmi Exposed - Tamil actor Prashant`s Struggle Against False Dowry Law.

On this Aavani Monday (Sept 1, 2005), the ‘Vaikasi Pirandhachu’ hero finally tied the knot. The Young hero Surya was first to put in his appearance. Maybe he was in a hurry and on way to a studio, so he wished the newly weds and went on his way. At the auspicious time of 7.45am, the marriage rites started. As per tradition, Prashanth was taken outside the mandapam by the girl’s family, his feet washed and so on.

Bride Grihalakshmi wore a red sari and glittered in her beautiful gold ornaments – necklace, hip belt, bangles, earrings and chutti. The bride and groom had to honor their parents a few times during the ceremony. During the homam, Prashanth tied a yellow thread on Grihalakshmi’s wrist. At the sound of the getti melam, Prashanth tied the thaali round her neck and the guests showered the couple with confetti. Maybe he is so used to doing it on screen, that he went about the ceremony without instructions from anyone!
After that, Grihalakshmi had to feed Prashanth a peeled banana. It must have tasted sweeter as Grihalakshmi was giving it to him! After the function was over, the guests lined up to wish the couple, each one armed with a bouquet. 
Many prominent Bollywood personalities and politicians including Chief Minister Jayalalitha will attend the reception in the evening.

Things Turn for the Worse
   I want to be re-united with my wife – Prashant : 18.11.2006
Prashant married Chennai based Grihalakshmi last year. They had a wonderful married life and even got a baby boy. Some differences cropped up after this and the sweet marriage turned bitter. Prashant’s wife went back to her parents.

Differences and reconciliation is a part of married life and Prashant has gone to the Family Welfare Court that he would like to reunite with his wife. In his petition he mentions, “My wife Grihalakshmi separated from me over differences of opinion. She is now living separately. I am prepared to live with her again. Please reunite the two of us.”

The hearing comes up on coming 24th. Hope all ends well.
Prashanth holds peace talks with wife in an isolated room! – 25.11.2006

Prashanth claimed in a High Court, a few days back, that there is danger for him and his family because of his wife’s relations. He had also mentioned that he is willing to get back with his separated wife.
Yesterday Prashant and his estranged wife Grihalakshmi appeared separately at the Family Welfare Court. The judge asked the couple to have an open talk in a secluded room. Their conversation lasted about an hour. On the request of Grihalakshmi’s lawyer, the judge postponed the hearing to January 3rd.

Prashant and Grihalakshmi got married in 2005, but 5 months after marriage, Grihalakshmi though pregnant moved into her parents’ home. She had a baby boy last September.In his petition Prashant has complained that he was not allowed to see his son. It’s to be noted that theirs was very much an arranged marriage! Ajith’s name in Prashant’s complaints against wife – 07.12.2006 Prashant has requested the Family Court to re-unite him with his estranged wife. It is a bit of a surprise that Ajith’s name has been dragged into this private matter.

Harmony with wife – Prashant’s kindness! – 20.12.2006
It is 4 months since the birth of the baby. Even now actor Prashant has not properly seen his baby. It is the father’s right to see the baby. To establish that Prashant accompanied by his lawyer went to the family court yesterday.

Due to difference of opinion, Prashant’s wife Grihalakshmi is living separately. On the 24th of last month Prashant went to the same court appealing for uniting them. The judge made him and his wife to speak to each other. But it was of no avail. In this situation Prashant came to the family court. He came with the idea of appealing to the court to permit him to see the baby twice a week at least in a common place, but he changed his mind. The reason: a phone call.
The call came from Grihalakshmi’s people with the suggestion to solve the issue through discussions. Following this, Prashant went back with out making his appeal.

The case between Prashant and Grihalakshmi is coming for hearing on 3rd of January. It would be good if the separated would get united before that. Prashant’s wife demands alimony of 1 lakh per month! – 03.01.2007Prashant’s New Year has started with a big headache.
Last year he could not celebrate his son’s birthday. Later in the year, he went to court seeking visit with his son twice a week as well as reconciliation with his wife.

What was the use ?

Instead of raising a white flag, wife Grihalakshmi showed a big red flag instead. Her complaints – Prashant did not take care of her properly; he was always talking about dowry; 2 lakhs was spent on her delivery; she and her son are staying at her parents’ place; so she has filed a case asking that Prashant give her a lakh a month for their maintenance expenses.

This hardly portends Prashant’s request that he be united with his wife. If at all that comes to pass, Prashant will still be in the soup!
Prashant accused of dowry harassment
Prashant’s wife Grihalakshmi has filed a case against Prashant for dowry harassment.

It’s been several months since Prashant and Grihalakshmi have been living separately. Her family has not allowed him to even see his child. Following this, Prashant filed a petition in the family court to reunite him with his wife and allow him access to his child.
The judge arranged for Prashant and his wife to have discussions but this also ended in failure.
Following Prashant filing a case, Grihalakshmi and her lawyer came to the Commissioner’s office yesterday. In her case, she stated that Prashant and his parents tortured her for dowry and the 3 of them should be punished by law for dowry harassment.
Even before the child was born, Prashant and his wife separated. It’s also about a year since Prashant and Grihalakshmi have been at loggerheads. Till now, Grihalakshmi has not filed any case against Prashant about dowry harassment, so this comes now as a big surprise and has deeply affected their relations. There is no information till now if any action will be taken against Prashant and his parents.Prashant wants to be reunited with his wife – 31.05.2007
After the complaint filed by Grihalakshmi about dowry harassment, Prashant, his parents and sister Preethi applied for anticipatory bail from the Chennai court. Yesterday, Prashant and Grihalakshmi were asked to appear in court. They did so at 2pm and the judge asked them questions. From their answers, it looks like Prashant as well as Grihalakshmi expressed desire to live together again. A decision will be taken regarding this at the family court on coming 18th.
Following this, Prashant and his family were granted bail for 3 months on certain conditions. Grihalakshmi had brought the child to court and left it with the family members. Prashant played with his child for a few minutes.

Since both wish to live together again as a family, it is expected that the matter will be settled amicably.

But Prashant found Marriage certificate of his Beloved wife Grihalakshmi with other man before him, which was never disclosed ……

They got married. They got separated. Then Prashant filed a petition to be reunited with his wife. Grihalakshmi filed a return petition that she wants to live with her husband again. When things were about to be settled amicably, she threw an atom bomb that Prashant is a cruel man and the family was demanding dowry. Prashant and family got anticipatory bail.

Now Prashant has revealed shocking news that his wife is an already married woman. He got a call on 12th saying his wife Grihalakshmi was an already married woman. With this one sentence, the line was cut. Prashant did not believe this but on making enquiries, he found that it was true. Her first husband is Narayanan Venu Prasad. His address is Bupegam St in Anna Salai. They got married on Nov 9, 1998 at VM Kalyana Mandapam in Alwarpet.

They have registered the marriage on Dec 12. Prashant has a copy of it now! So they have duped Prashant. In this regard, Prashant has filed a police complaint along with the accusation that her family was demanding 50 crores from him.

Grihalakshmi’s family is shocked saying none of this is true. They want to see the marriage certificate that Prashant is having. They plan to file a case of slander against Prashant.

If Grihalakshmi is already married, what about the child? “The child is mine,” says Prashant.

Now you know…. Truth behind, all this drama…. and what went wrong.

Source : Honor Network

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81 Responses to “Grihalakshmi Exposed – Tamil actor Prashant`s Struggle Against False Dowry Law.”

  1. sultana said

    the father and son are worst on ladies and they deserve this kind of

  2. parvesh said

    Sultana: Wait for some years before u become saas and then say what u want to say.

  3. sandhya said

    The marraige certificate cannot be false.ACCORDING to law the marriage of prashanth and griha lakshmi is illegal

  4. Sandhya;

    This marriage certificate is not of Prashant and Grihalachumi; but its belongs to Ghihalakshmi and Venu Prasad, her 1st husbands;

    so she cheated Prashant,now she want money from him, as most of the Indian women do.

  5. sandhya said

    That what i meant.butwhat do u mean by generalising Grihalakshmi with common Indian women who asks compensation as a last measure to survive after all surfering not only from husband but from his whole family
    Do u mean mostof Indian lie like Grihalakshmi

  6. Sandhya;

    If you see current trend; for most of indian women, they want husband just to pay thier bills, and if divorced she want husband money,but do not want husband.

    As we seen most of the divorces happens today because of women only.
    coz todays women think working within four walls is a PRISON.
    Ask todays girls how many of them know cooking,if not how mnay wlll pay all the bills if her husband do house work.
    this is for your info only as this is not matter of argument here;
    and you yourself admited, with your own words lie like Grihalakshmi that means she is wrong…..
    still you support her…!

  7. sandhya said

    u first understand my point i am not supporting Grihalakshmi but why did this happen to Prasant he was intersted in marring a rich girl but enquired other angles that what most of the men want marry a rich girl status problem but they HAVE A BIG HEART to enjoy beauty in slums also where they expect to be faithful to them. lot of men cheat by marrying several times u consider it common in Indian society then why make ahue and cry for this

  8. Indian said

    We are not here to argue that men cheat or not…

    to sleep with someone they need a women too.

    Matter of fact Prashant is more rich than Grihalakshmi,with self earned money but he did not cheated her, like she did.

    It is not girl from slum or villa,flirting natures is in women flesh since EVE.

    Men hardly trade thier BODY for money,thats why when u say Prostitutes, we remember women only, who are ready to spread thier legs for few Rupees.

    • Maya said

      “Men hardly trade thier BODY for money,thats why when u say Prostitutes, we remember women only, who are ready to spread thier legs for few Rupees.”
      This is a ridiculously ludicrous statement! I can’t believe it was just ignored! Do you realize men probably don’t trade their body for money, instead they rape! So when you say rape, who do we remember?

      Every case is unique, we should NOT be sexists and viciously attack the other gender bc of personal unjustified histories bc a female is not only your wife but also a mother, a sister, etc just as a man is not only a husband but also a father, brother, etc.

  9. CHIA said

    Well she did not cheat on Prashant because she did not sleep with anyone while they were married. She did however, LIE and WITHELD information on having been married before. I think had she told Prashant she had married once before, they both would have come to an agreement whether to get married or not, and avoided this whole drama. But no one knows the future, nor their partners entirely. It depends on each person to be honest and fair with each other and themselves. Now, just because part of a culture, or some people within a culture or race do something wrong, does not mean ALL the people in such culture or race will do wrong. So not all Indian ladies are after the husband’s money and that also means not all Indian men cheat. IT’s the same with ladies and men in other cultures. Not all are the same, so we should never generalize a problem to a certain person. That is, we should not STEREOTYPE people. At least, that’s my opinion on it.


    • chia chan said

      how do u know that she only slept with prasanth but not anyone else. was u with her al night to see her sleep with some one else. make sense please. and talk the truth.i hope u r not a lawyer ur judgement is wrong. girls like u will cheat indian boys because u love money and xxxx.

  10. Jack Daniels said

    The news that Grihalakshmi is already married is a real shocker! When I first heard it I could not believe it, it was like Hollywood scandal.

    I think Prashant better check the DNA of the baby, to be 100%sure, never now what new shocker awaits him. For the innocent baby’s sake, I advise him don’t wait until the boy is 10 or 15 and if people start commenting the boy looks like Mr.Narayanan Venu Prasad! At least let the baby call his true Appa!

  11. Sandhya said

    I totally think that the marriage certificate which prashanth claims to have is false. It is just a ploy to tarnish his (ex)wife’s name so as to clear him off his faults.
    Even if she was married before so what? Now he has a child with her…he should be thinking about the three of them not what happened nearly 8 years back.

  12. lyla said

    Hi This is not fair for both prshanth &grahalasmi. they should talk to each other and get united.because the baby is going to suffer in future. it is not good to make the baby suffer.

  13. info said

    Guys read abt Prashant from Kannada prasads diary to know more abt him

  14. hemq said

    grika, u r really stupid. actually u r gifted to marry prasanth.
    u do not know hw to make use of him.

    for wt u need dowry nw. according to marriage certificate is notyours. u really cheated prsanth alot.

  15. [...] Exposed – Tamil actor Prashant`s Struggle Against … 498A_Crusader created an interesting post today on Grihalakshmi Exposed – Tamil actor Prashant`s Struggle Against [...]

  16. Rajesh said

    Sandhya you are so disgusting. Maybe you are also one of these prostitutes like Grihalakshmi. How can you say its ok to be get married before and not disclose that information while get married again. So, you are saying women must be allowed to cheat before and after marriage. Most women who file false dowry cases are adulterous and this is disgusting.

    I think instead of filing false dowry cases women must take up prostitution. It is a much nobler profession. Atleast you work hard for your money. These false dowry case filers are worse than prostitutes in my view.


    • saleem said

      I agree with you Mr. Rajesh
      false dowry case filers are those who like to enjoy more number of men, they file the case when they are bored with one

  17. Biju Gangadharan said

    I am sure that the plot against prashant is absolutly false, That family of Prashant cud never have harrased even thier enemies.Afterall she is the Daughter in law…..

  18. RR said

    I strongly agree with Biju. Prashanth is very rich and he would not be asking for dowry and if he is going to produce false marriage certificates it would jeopardize his status in the society. I know Prashanth personally and he is a gem of a guy, very polite, respectful and down to earth kind of a person. I think his ex-wife has given all false accusations.

    Most of these women give gifts while getting married (like Jewels/money/property) and if something goes wrong they change the plate upside down and start accussing that the groom’s side are harassing for more dowry….who the F*** ask them to give gifts during marriage.

    Eventually every guy is going to get scared to tie the knot and human beings would lead a life like street dogs without getting married to each other.

    I hope Prashanth gets out of this crap very soon and lead a peaceful life after winning custody of his son. I wish him good luck!

  19. anil said

    if that slut is lying we must ensure that she goes to prison. this will we a lesson for all the remaining sluts

  20. brindha said

    lets hope the best for the new born baby…yar grow up guys…everybody does a mistake ok its all about us how we would take it and just make things easier for them…preshant who actully suppse to disclose his wife story has made an havoc about her and almost every body has got to know about her and now he want to patch up with her after bog havoc…what do u think…if u in these plac you would love to be wy preshant is it?and while our ghriha also did a biggest mistake to hide thngs from her huby yet ist all about ther relationship yar…they shldnt have disclose it to the public…so let thm make thir dcsion and lets hope that they child have a good life…please wt all these havoc dont spoil a kids life…

    // when women do wrong, she ask husband to forgive,men to forget; if man do something wrong, will she ready to forgive and forget…? No way she try to take Revenge with all women favor laws. Thats Indian Women — Editor

  21. c.perumal said

    In india women can do any thing they want .but when man has do some thing good to the parents and others DV ACT & 498a will be tied with
    all family members.and then man is created as bad image..

    pls indian man dont tink about others.GOD will helps us soon

  22. shruthi said

    Both Prashanth and his Father deserves this. They are very wealthy people, and he has had his share of affairs with actresses (latest being Sneha). Only because all that never appeared on papers doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. Even after all these issues, he has connection with Sneha, and even though there are so many actresses in the field that he is close with he decided to invite Sneha for the inaugural function of diamond cave at Prashanth Towers. They always use their wealth to deal with things.What guarantees that they didn’t use money to come up with such a certificate? Money does everything in India, and I won’t be surprised if this was a certificate that is indeed government document BUT paid for by prashanth! People there will do anything for money (I agree there are some sincere officers, who are exceptions to this. So its unfair to draw conclusions about his wife (I’m not supporting her) without knowing the very truth behind the certificate.

  23. vkj said

    i think that family is really very fishy….something not right about them…sure what grihalaxmi did is not right but there should be some truth to her allegations…i think prashanths father is a pigggggggg…..and prashanth is an ass for always accepting all the crap his father throws in his face…prashanth be a man yaar…stand up for yourself …make your own decisions… i know that you did not want to marry grihalaxmi from the start…

  24. EveryoneHere said

    Hi all,

    Let me be clarify all ur doubts. Prashanth is a liar. His dad told me already (even before his divorce case commenced) that he is not satisfied with his sons marriage to griha lakshmi. And he said he regretted to have married his son to a fat lady and said she looks older than him. FYI, this is the real reason why prashanth ditched his wife. Moreover, as shruthi said prashanth is behind sneha. He is often spotted with her in many functions and these two really have very intimate affair between each other. I believe u all r aware how sneka ditched nagaravi denying the fact she has affair with him. And when prashanth is close to bitches like her, its always possible prashanth is a big liar too. We cannot trust any celebrity as they work merely for money. Dont spoil an innocent woman life by talking rubbish about her, dears. I know exactly whats happening as i am watching from the very start

    • anjali said

      Yes u r rite! I also heard that father and son are flurters . Surely griha does not cheated them. As like in movies , she might have got married venu prasad later her family and prasanth married her knowing all these before. After he got money as dowry and still he wanted to harass her. Thats y griha must have gone away from him when she is carrying. Hope u all must remember after his marraige only he opend a big showroom for joy alukas. This has to be taken in consideration. If husband gets bored are does nt like his wife then he can give false statement by any plans. I also was prasanth fan before but after his divorce i really hate him.

  25. Thomas said

    He is a most popular international figure. But their life is so sad .
    I will pray god to relieve prasanth from the problem very soon .
    And now i am eagerly waiting for the movie RUNWAY …


  26. thetruth said

    SANDYA FOR UR INFORMATION ggrahalaxmi is MUCHHHH MORE WEALTHY than prashant everyone knows anybody in chennai knows that! and secondly her miney is also a result of her familys efforts .and they have known wealth and class for generations! prashant does not want to see his son.and only listens to his father..who lays down the rules. prashant was the one who dropped graha off after he heard she ws pregnant (one wonders why–wifes pregnancy side effects too much to take prashant?!) prashant approaches the press and doctores everything al the statements..and alleges things falsely to work his case. and of course his already flopped cinema image needs some touching up! but graha has been discreet and decent abt it. u ppl dont know the inside story but trust me… he s not the innocent one! ——— very reliable source.

  27. Chennai Guy said

    People, God knows who is right and who is wrong.

    FYI, Dowry case should be revisited. Many, Many, womens in india are misusing it and threatening Guys. One of my cousin brother got arrested for dowry harrasment thru the girls relative a police man.

  28. sid said

    Yes I accept there are some black sheeps and exceptions in both gender but it is actually we who exploit the women more. So those who spoke bad about all our Indian women…Just Shut up.

    I dont know what exactly happend with Prashanth’s marriage, but one thing I feel is his father should not intrude so much. Prashanth is not a kid. I dont know if he really loved her or just married her for his father’s sake. Guess her previous wedding issue was a good reason to get rid of her. Wat ever it is …Prashanth pls wake up frm ur dad’s lalaa bai…hez too bossy n stupid.

  29. Everyonehere said

    THE TRUTH, what u r saying is perfectly correct. The lady Griha has maintained more patience in this issue even after being ditched by these rogues in film industry. I know these rogues and griha family very well. Griha and her family is very innocent and are very traditional people. Prashanth and thiaga are flirts and go behind bitches like sneka. Prashanth even put necklace for sneka as sign of his affair with her. Everyone knows who is really bad . Prashanth will face for what he sow against his wife to ditch her in order to marry sneka.

  30. star said

    We must never think bad for anyone when we don’t exactly know the truth.What we must do is to wait till the truth is exposed.And according to me, Prashanth is not at fault at all.If grihalaxmi would tell the truth about her first marriage to prashanth before her second marriage all this would happen.

  31. star said

    sorry i meant to say ‘would never happen’Just missed it

  32. star said

    Everything that happened was not right.We must not blame anyone.But if Griha was really married, she should have told the truth before her second marriage.In that case she has to be blamed.
    If prashanth is lying,what’s the reason?

  33. clara said

    ooo my prasanth your wif is very bad the day or you to marry is finished for you are life I am sad for you

    but I thinks that to marry you well to another girl and that to continue you played of film as jeans jodi …… you fil better

  34. D Gangatharan said


    I am applying for divorce this Wednesday. The first hearing will come in about 2 months. I want to see my child before that (my child is with his mom at present). Please give me idea how to see my child before hearing. Once the court hearing comes I can get the support of court to see my child.


  35. Ravi said

    Loosada nee Prashanth ?

    Oru ponna kattikitta avalodaya backgrounda kalyanathukku munnadi verify pannanum .Ippo pullaya pethukittu ippo en pondatti eemathitaanu sombu madari polambunna eppudi ?. I never see you playing role as Manly charecter I am watching you from Vaigasi porandachu …you dont seems to be a team player or has any friends makki choosee .

    Un pullaya pathi konjamavadhu yosichaya ? un pondatti enna kevalama irrundallum u should have the capability to bring her in your way . Ada vuuttutu ennamo ivaru ulaga alagi yoda dance adi puttaram udanee ella ponnungallum eeee mokiira madari vandu sutthuvangannu ninaicha eppudi ? Velaikavadhu thambi.

    Konjam yosi pulla pethikaradhu appudingaradhu rembo periya visayam just forget all nonsence and just say that you will be there to gaurd your wife and kid. even if she rejects you just get away from her still respect her for giving birth to your child and ensure your child grows well. One thing is for sure only if u take care of your wife your wife will take care of your child well.

    Or else your entire life is of big question mark . You cannot be sure how many marriege you will do and end up in finding nothing new in any girl.

    Be a man dear . This might be bitter to read , but better read and digest the truth.

    Marundunna kasakka than seyyum sappudu vali aaarum.

  36. oviya said

    I feel very bad for them! Poor prashanth! His STUPID wife!!!

  37. Mary Sinappan said


    Prashanth, You came out of all these stupid problems. Dont worry. God Bless you!!! Your child will be with you very soon with God’s Blessings. Graha is realy a stupid lady who spoiled your life and happiness. She can realy hurt people. What goes out will come back!!!!

  38. Suresh said

    just now saw the video of prashanth stating about his marriage. He says his wife just wanted divorce and money from him and nothing else which i think is far from reality. He says they stayed together only for 45 days or so. If she does not love him, why will she give birth to his child? I don’t think she would like to get back to her ex-husband as he too married someone else now. Then what must be reason for filing divorce? Just for money sake will women go for divorce? It is absolutely rubbish. If she wants only money from him, she can be his wife and enjoy pleasures and wealth instead of asking a lakh a month for maintenance expenses. I think prashanth has created this certificate and like a movie created characters of her ex-husband and witnesses etc. Though he is not a good artist on screen, he is really playing role of innocent man off screen very well. He can go for oscars.

  39. suganya said

    she is 22222222222222222222222222222222222222 bad.

  40. Mohammed Iflal said

    If you are in a crrect way you dont worry about that.I think that all the persons are trying to get maximum benifits from u.At these situation you should hadle it carefully.Think your child future and take a good decetion.

  41. L.Kasthuri said


  42. mona said

    yeh stupid amma griha laxmi if u cannot lead ur life with prashanth its better u give child to prashanth & get out of his life… dont trouble & die ur self

    Prashanth dont worry everything will be alright its better u get marry to somebody who is good & known person to u.

  43. jegatheswary marda pillay said

    Dear Prashanth,

    I wish 2011 will be a good year to you & family. Hope you overcome all the problems and have a peaceful and happy life.May God bless you in your future undertakings.

  44. priya said


  45. priya said

    prashant do good movies forget past n get marry to a tamil or karnataka girl. grihi is a big bitch , u n ur dad is having a good name in industry . so maintain it pra.

  46. Real KNOWER said

    Fine, I shall clarify everything now because I am the only TRUTH KNOWER in this matter

    1) Prashanth movie with Sneha – Virumbugiren. STORY starts only here.
    2) Prashanth had very strong illegal affair with sneha. Everyone know this very well.
    3) Prashanth was hunting for marriage in So no suitable girl approached him. Even his crazy malaysian fans
    didnt suit him because all were not that good.
    4) He finally found a girl, whom he wanted to marry. But it didnt work. He tried to get that girl at any cost, but it didnt work. That girl hated him to extreme.
    5) Finally, he had no choice, so married a girl in a hurry because he crossed 32 years. But he didnt like the girl he married. He didnt like her because she was not upto his expectation.
    6) Even after marriage, he tried to get the girl he wanted to marry, but she didnt bother about him, instead made fun of his marriage & film life irritating him
    7) Prashanth couldnt control his feelings for that girl he loved. He wanted to get her atleast to revenge her.
    8) So he planned how to do that. He sent his wife to her home after knowing she is pregnant.
    9) Only from there, all problems started. She tried to come to his house but he & his family didnt allow her at all. She made a complaint she is being ditched by prashanth & his family.
    10) Then slowly all problems arose. All know what happened in his marriage life. She filed 498A case on him & Prashanth, who was already in plan to ditch her forged a marriage certificate on her saying she already got married.
    11) Well, before all these problems arose, prashanth & his dad spoke to the girl prashanth is after regarding prashanth marriage life. Prashanth dad said she got a 9 inches cyst in her womb & thus doctors advised his son to stay away from his wife. He further told the girl, her parents cheated them hiding this cyst problem.
    12) Now, all know prashanth almost divorced his wife.
    13) Even now, his love story continues. He can still marry someone else, but he didnt want. He wants only that girl because he want to revenge her as she has insulted him to extreme. But the joke he still got very big illegal affair with his favourite actress sneha
    14) Because of his affair with sneha, not only this girl, no other girl in this world will marry this prashanth
    15) This is good lesson for all ROGUES & CHEATS. Grihalakshmi is really a very very inocent lady. I will pray for her forever.


  47. Real KNOWER said

    Its ridiculous to see Prashanth breaking marriage life for the girl he wanted to marry. But I swear here that he will NEVER GET that girl forever in his life. He will have to consider either re-joining his ex-wife or marry someoneelse. I am sure Sneha will suit him because both are FLIRTS.

  48. Viewer said

    Hi Real KNOWER,

    Can you please tell me the girl name or details to whom prashanth wanted to marry? hehhe….so curios to know that who will be that or some clue will help

  49. Michael D said

    All of u making this whole thing into a drama to debate over … What happening to ‘Indian values’, huh ? U guys starting to adapt to the western culture now … Geez …

  50. Mathumitta said

    Go To Hell Real KNOWER. its wil happens in ur life

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  52. ananya said

    hey real knower….how can u say prasanth treacherd her….i nevr believ this…as far as i knw him hes innocent sneha is a good frnd of him..shame on u man….girhalakshmi is a whore…

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  61. First of all, let me expose the most secretive issue here about Prasanth. He is a closet Gay. He sucks almost every white Caucasians that he comes across. This is an absolutely True Statement. When he was in Royal Trinity Music College, London, apart from studying he sucks penises especially from white Caucasians, he dislikes black men. I was studying in the same college and we [ me and the rest Tamilians ] had on many occasions tried to advise him against his peculiar Lust for white men. He avoids us and never follow our advise.
    He Prasanth is a very strong gay, strong in the sense that, if he likes anybody especially Caucasians, he would try his utmost best to suck and taste the white man’s penis and semen.
    If anyone out there ever doubt of this statement of mine, you just check with the librarian Mr. Casey about Prasanth and his strong gay habits. Just show his photo to Mr. Casey and you will get all the details of what the so called [ LOVER BOY, SORRY LOVER GAY] is all about. Mr. Casey is one of the college’s students affair councilor who was present and also chaired Prasanth’s extreme gay harass case at the college.

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  65. shilpa said

    wonder who is that girl he wanted to marry.

  66. shilpa said

    whatever it is he was my favorite actor and still is

  67. Real Knower said

    No Need to Wonder Who is that gal.. She is not going to come & reveal who she is.. I am her close friend.. And I know every detail of that gal & prashanth. Lots of actors r there. Why should I specify prashanth & talk? Know that first.. Btw, I dont think he really wanted to marry that gal.. I guess he is playing with her life. But she is very strong minded person who doesnt trust anyone that easily. He wants her to propose & he shows his attitude because he is an actor n wants others to propose to him.. What if, the gal let this info out? He is afraid of her. And thus he tried other methods & it didnt work. So he need to try other gals.

    I am sure she ll escape from this great danger, I pity only Grihalakshmi. She got this fate just because she is fat.. I wish noone gets her fate.. May I ask u all this? If Prashanth was really a good guy, he would have accepted his wife even if she was already married. But he didnt.. His intention was to ditch her & he made it really possible.. Anyway, God only should save the gal he gonna marry in future… Hope he doesnt ditch her also..

  68. Real Knower said

    Dear Gals, try ur luck to marry him. Am sure, the gal whom I mentioned will never ever propose to him or marry him. She really hates him to that extreme. His dad is another big rogue. I am sure this gal will never go to their place. Prashanth is wasting his time to get this gal or any other gal (which I am not very sure). Its better he marries the gal who loves him & get settled. There r lots of rich gals for him. But I am sure noone will ever dare to marry him because of him & his dad. Anyway, to his fans, I request u get a suitable gal for him & make him settle.. He is already nearing 40years.. He will need to wait another 20 more years if he need to wait for this gal. (hehe)

  69. Real Knower said

    Ananya, Sneha is a good friend for all those who have lot of money… (hehe..) everyone know she is a whore.. She was caught red-handed @ park hotel with a telugu producer & with sons of saravana stores @ residency towers. If u want to check in detail TYPE “Actress caught in police raid” in google

  70. Real Knower said

    REASON why I messaged over here is because I saw many people bashing Grihalakshmi too much. Please take note that she is also a human being. The way people bashed her seemed as though she is at wrong & prashanth was too good. NEVER NEVER. You can ask anyone in film industry how good prashanth & his dad are. They would tell the truth. Don’t abuse a gal without knowing anything about her. Also look @ this issue logically.

    Assume yourself, WIFE OF SOME CELEBRITY. Would you have married a celebrity if u were already married? Won’t u be afraid that anyone else would complain to the celebrity thro someway? And ur marriage with that celebrity would never even happen if u were already married.. THIS IS LOGIC.

    Think before u abuse anyone, when u really don’t know them. Grihalakshmi is not a celebrity. She is like any other traditional woman of Indian families. Her entire family members are very traditional people. Her grand mother did marriages for 1000 people. And now, look at her fate .. She is totally collapsed..

    As a celebrity, Prashanth can do anything to any extent through money & influence. Thats what happened. Remember, last five years were the period of DMK. Prashanth n his dad were very close to former CM M Karunanidhi. Anything might have happened during that period. Its difficult for a common man divorce his wife this way but it was very easy for any celebrity who has power, influence & money.

  71. Rashmi said

    Real knower,thanx for enlightening…always had a feeling something’s not quite right in this case…

  72. Serah Roupa said

    Serah Roupa Said,

    He is a great actor. Nobody has the rights to comment on his personal life.

  73. RAM said


  74. Boby said

    prashanth….is..a..good..human…i saw his eyes..full..of..honesty……

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